The Spirit World Chronicles: The Presence of Deceased Friends and Family – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Previously, we examined the idea that some people are taken out of their bodies prior to the moment of death. We heard primarily from Mike Swain, who informed us that violent deaths are nearly always preceded by exiting the body, and here, I’d like to look at the idea that initiates are guided by their departed friends and loved ones when they pass on.

The material we’ve examined in previous Spirit World Chronicles installments has repeatedly alluded to the presence of departed friends and family at the time of death, but we haven’t yet focused on this topic specifically. Like everything else we’ve learned so far, it’s a very interesting topic that our fourth-dimensional sources have said a lot about.

To begin, Frances Banks tells us that people who live basically good lives are given all the love and care they need when they pass on.

“A good man or woman, kindly, unselfish, seeking God during life, yet without knowledge or understanding of survival, has nothing to fear, His good deeds have already attracted those who can guide and help him to adjust to these new conditions.” (1)

As long as we help others (or at least make it a point not to hurt others) we’ll be receptive to the immense love and assistance we’ll be given when the time comes. The more we strive to live a good life, the more assistance we’ll be able to receive, and even lost souls are eventually able to open up to their departed relatives and spiritual guides.

Julia Ames tells us that the wicked are cared for just as much as anyone else at the time of death, but many of them are unable to receive this care.

“When the loveless soul comes here, as much care [is] taken to welcome it as when the soul of love arrives. But the selfish soul is blind and dark, and shudders in the dark.” (2)

A ‘loveless’ soul probably doesn’t want to open up to the light, and he/she might be more comfortable in the darkness they didn’t realize they were feeding on the earth. When it comes down to it, some people will be more eager to explore what they’re familiar with than an unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory, even if it means staying in the dark.

Donald MacLeod tells us about his initial reluctance to leave his incarnate loved ones behind, which was replaced by the joy of seeing his departed family.

“When my astral sight was opened, on leaving my body, I was rather perplexed and very reluctant to leave all my dear ones. As I looked up, I saw the smiling faces of my dear father and mother who were waiting for me….

“Behind them I saw the happy faces of my friends and relatives who had gone over long before, and they assured me that my travails and troubles were over. I was approached by three entities, dressed in gleaming white…. They assured me that the family would be cared for, guided and protected.” (3)

Donald probably learned soon after that he could actually guide his family on earth, and I’m sure he enthusiastically did. Understanding that his family was safe and that he could explore his new state of consciousness with ease enabled him to leave them behind, even though he wasn’t really leaving them behind.

In reality, nearly everyone who passes away likely assists their family from the other side, and their perspective is obviously much greater and sharper than it was on earth. They’re able to do amazing metaphysical things to help their family and, in some cases, let them know they’re around, and most of them happily do all they can.

Mike Swain, who’s death we learned about in our previous installment, tells us that his departed uncle was almost immediately there for him to explain what had happened.

“When I first arrived here, I felt no sudden jar at my passing. As I told you, we were lifted in the air and I took Heather’s hand and together we saw the cars collide. Then Uncle Mark was suddenly standing beside us. He explained that we had been through such a terrible collision that we were no longer in the land of the living.

“I was too surprised to ask him how he knew, although I did have a hunch I was dead and it seemed perfectly natural that he had come to take charge of us.” (4)

It makes sense that a close, departed family member would be there for the initiate at the time of passing, and it made Mike’s death, which could have been chaotic for him, much easier. His uncle, along with plenty of other etheric guides and helpers, was able to be there for him and Heather (who I’m guessing is his sister).

Mike also tells us that ‘elders’ in the fourth dimension will appoint transition guides to help initiates experience an easy passing.

“One of the elders always tells [the transition guides] by [telepathy] who to help … This is usually ten to fifteen minutes before the final moment occurs; then we have enough notice to meet the soul and escort him to wherever he is meant to go.” (5)

I’m sure there’s plenty of ‘time’ in the fourth dimension to get to a soul who’s about to pass on, because time isn’t experienced there like it is here. A transition guide could probably take all the ‘time’ they needed to prepare themselves, and no matter what, they’ll be able to be there for the soul they’re appointed to.

Every soul is given assistance with experiencing as easy of a transition as their karma will allow, and even if the circumstances surrounding their death are chaotic, eventually, every bit of pain will fade and they’ll be left with the bliss of the higher realms.

The only exception to this rule is if someone has been lost in darkness on the earth, in which case they might surround themselves with negative energy and make it harder for their guides to contact them and help lighten their pain or trauma.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.


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