Dethroning and Forgiving The Powers that Were

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

I wrote the following for the “Powers That Were” page of The Aquarius Paradigm blog.

There’s a force out there working actively to stop the spiritual development and progression of humanity, and this force has amassed the world’s wealth for themselves and built the security state much of the world (and especially the US) has become.

This force works to disrupt the progress we seekers are making in helping everyone remember the existence of spirit, and they’ve put themselves in positions of power and influence in an attempt at full-on world domination. This is the force you’ll hear so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ talking about, and needless to say, they’re far realer than most of the world understands.

Not only are they real – they’re bent on the outright destruction of humanity. I’m talking about the cabal; the powers that were; the ‘elite’; the Illuminati. Plenty of names have been given to this group, but no matter what you call them, they’re very real and they work actively to subvert the progress the awakening humanity is beginning to make.

I could write all about the things these individuals have and continue to do, but instead, I’ll focus on the importance of exposing and, eventually, forgiving them after they’ve been brought to justice. I think exposing and uprooting the cabal is essential, and once we do, we’ll be tasked with coming together to build the world of our dreams.

At the end of this article, I’ll direct you to some writings that explain the cabal and the things they’ve done in depth, but I’m going to write this article with the assumption that those of you who read it already know those things. And most of us do.

It’s easy to hate the cabal for their endless, grotesque actions against humanity, but in my opinion, they’re playing the exact role they were meant to by representing our collective negativity and complacency. Our complacency has kept us from questioning their actions and motives, and our negativity has enabled and fed the hatred that underlies such motives.

It might make sense to hate them, but I think that if we want to build a new world, we’ll need to be able to move beyond the tendency to hate and condemn other people – even people who’ve done a lot of awful things to the rest of the world.

The cabal has done a lot to distract, pacify, and corrupt humanity, and when they’re inevitably exposed, we’ll be tasked with moving beyond our lower, separation-driven ways.

The cabal’s only been able to do the things they have because of our collective negativity, and if we don’t want to see another negative force rise up and dominate humanity after they’re exposed, it’ll be essential that we move beyond our deeply-rooted ways that feed negativity and hatred.

In general, I think we’ll need to move beyond the divisive mindset the cabal’s encouraged the rest of humanity to adopt if we want to build a new world that’s free of their influence or the influence of any negative, self-serving force. Humanity will have to welcome a new way of life if we want things to change, and if we don’t, another ‘cabal’ could easily sprout up.

Another force that’s bent on humanity’s destruction could easily arise if we let them, and instead of letting this happen, I think we should move beyond our deeply-rooted ways and anchor a new way of life that’s much better and freer than our current.

We need to take the needs of every citizen into account if we want to build a new world after the cabal’s exposed, and as I said in “A New Paradigm”, we’ll need to be willing to work together in joy and harmony to create the positive future we want to see.

If we don’t, another self-serving group could easily take the reins and start distracting and pacifying humanity like the cabal is. The cabal has created various occult groups throughout the ages that were bent on world domination, and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t start another one if they were given the chance.

Once they’re exposed, humanity will need to be able to work together to create a standard of living that never allows any person or group to secretively assume power or control of this planet again. We’ll need to create a society that runs against any elite control or domination, and we’ll need to do it in a manner that rejects division and accepts unity.

The powers that were are on their last legs, and the conscious public is readying ourselves for their exposure and downfall.

The purpose of this section of the blog is to provide articles that are related to the cabal and their ongoing exposure, and even though I don’t usually have as much to say about it as I do other subjects, I think it’s an important aspect of our creation of a positive future.

We can’t create a new paradigm if the forces keeping the old one in swing continue to ravage the earth and humanity, and this is why we’re meant to do everything we can to expose these forces and see to it that they or anyone like them never regain the control over the planet they currently have.

Feel free to do everything you can to expose and put an end to the reign of the powers that were, because we’re ready to enter an era of collective harmony and cooperation that goes against their control and suppression.

We’re ready for a new society that doesn’t function based on the divisive mindset we’ve been used to for so long, and we’re ready for the forces who’ve kept such a mindset instilled to be ejected from their self-made thrones.

Thanks for visiting this section of the blog, and feel free to pursue the exposure and downfall of the ‘elite’ if it resonates with you. We have a lot of spiritually inspired work to do to build a new world, and it’s essential that the forces working to subdue such work are exposed, brought down, and eventually forgiven by all of humanity.

I advocate forgiveness because I think it’ll bring us into the new world we want to see, and however easy or enjoyable rebelling against the cabal is, when they’re brought down in front of the whole world, collective compassion will be important. We have a lot of work to do to get to this point, though, so let’s get started!

Wes Annac – Calling on the conscious public to dethrone a force that has humanity’s destruction in mind.

Below are a couple of articles that detail who the cabal is and what they’re doing.

  1. “I Accuse”, Written by Steve Beckow, 2008, The Golden Age of Gaia,
  2. “Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time” Written by David Wilcock, January 13, 2012, Divine Cosmos,

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