The Spirit World Chronicles: The Presence of Deceased Friends and Family – Part 2/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Concluded from Part 1

According to Mike, transition guides are granted a special power to comfort the souls they’re assigned with helping come over.

“[The newly-departed soul] may not know that we are with him, but the Great One gives us the power to comfort and console, which we then transmit to the soul we are protecting.” (1)

This power is used to help initiates experience an easy passing, and even if their deaths are particularly gruesome, the pain could be lifted and the transitions could be graceful and enjoyable. Some of our discarnate sources seem to have experienced blissful and ecstatic deaths free from any pain or fear, and in my eyes, that’d be the ideal way to go.

No matter how an initiate experiences death, they’re lovingly greeted by myriad guides who seek to help them adjust to the new and awe-inspiring realms they reenter.

A spirit teacher through Betty Bethards tells us that our guides (as well as our departed friends and family) know about our transition ahead of time and prepare themselves to greet us with open and loving arms.

“Always when you’re coming over, [your loved ones] know ahead of time. There are no accidents. They are prepared and waiting for you. They are all joyous and happy that you have been released.

“And all of your teachers gather together upon your crossing over. Whether you have meditated or not, there will be teachers there. People from past incarnations also will be there to greet you.” (2)

Our family, friends, and guides make it a point to be there for us when we initially reach the realms beyond, and if one of us was to pass on before our collective ascension, we’d be able to enthusiastically greet the very friends and family who’d prepared to greet us.

They make it a point to be there for us, and we can openly accept and embrace them when we’re back with them – whether this happens by way of death or evolution. From what’s been said here, it seems as if our guides work pretty hard to prepare for our passing (out of excitement, I’d imagine) and the more aware we are, the less they need to prepare.

How do our guides and departed family know when we’re about to pass on? Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson answers this question, filling us in on the exchange of telepathic information that takes place.

“The knowledge that a transition is about to take place, together with its precise location, is the result of a remarkable conveyance of information, passed from one to another, commencing with the important functionary, the individual’s personal spirit guide, and terminating with us who undertake the work of escorting folk from the earth world to their homes in the spirit world.

“Between the former and the latter there is a clear concatenation of minds, if I may so express it, an exchange of information carried out by thought transmission, accurately and rapidly.” (3)

Our guides and departed family communicate with each other at the time of our passing, and since their minds are linked together in a sense, they’re easily able to telepathically convey instructions for a transition that’s about to take place.

In doing so, a guide can gather one’s family, friends, and a few transition guides to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible.

Like we’ve learned in previous installments, older folks who die of gradual illnesses tend to experience a much easier transition, but in the case of young people who are ripped away rapidly, a lot of preparation and coordination probably needs to take place.

Benson also tells us about the fourth-dimensional ‘office buildings’ that, among other things, keep records and transmit information related to the imminent transitions of people on earth. He then tells us a little bit more about the telepathic communication that assists family, guides, etc. in coming together to help an initiate.

“In the city there is an immense building which exercises the function of an office of records and inquiries. (In the earth world you have your multifarious offices of inquiry. Why should we not have ours?) …

“Among its many important duties … is that of knowing beforehand of those who are about to come into this realm. This information is accurate and infallibly reliable. It is collected through a varied process of thought transmission, of which the inquirer sees little or nothing. He is merely presented with the required information. The value of this service can be readily imagined.” (4)

Transition guides are given as much information as they need to help a soul who’s about to cross over, and likewise, departed friends and family already know everything they’d require. The whole picture doesn’t necessarily have to be known, and even a little bit of information can help everyone play their part.

In some cases, it’s probably a requirement not to have the whole picture, because certain souls are assigned to certain transitions who might not need to know everything about the individual’s passing. I’m sure there are a lot of factors to take into consideration – one being the initiate’s comfort level with unfamiliar souls knowing so much about their death.

In our final quote, Benson tells us about the importance of the aforementioned ‘office buildings’ when it comes to mass causalities associated with wars.

“In normal times upon the earth-plane, when transitions maintain a fairly steady level, it is valuable enough, but in times of great wars, when souls are passing into the spirit world in the thousands, the advantages of such an office are almost incalculable. Friend can meet friend and together can unite in helping others who are passing into spirit lands.” (5)

I’d imagine there has to be an immense amount of coordination to help initiates who come through in massive numbers, and in such cases, some recently departed souls are able to connect with their friends and loved ones on the other side and use that connection to help the waves of people who are also crossing over.

A lot of people are dying in this age, given the widespread war and chaos playing out, and by now, our fourth-dimensional family is probably used to having to widely coordinate the help they’re giving the millions of initiates who come through every day.

It goes without saying that war needs to come to an end – not just for the obvious reasons, but for the sake of our family beyond who work very hard to minimize the trauma associated with wartime deaths and help the departed find a positive state of consciousness despite the chaos that brought them over.

We’ll continue this discussion in our next installment with material about the presence of departed friends and family before, during, and after the moment of death. That material probably won’t be much different from what we’ve absorbed here, but it’d take a huge report to discuss all of it at once. For now, I’m more comfortable with writing in smaller doses.

We still have a lot to learn about life after death and the realms beyond (in this series’ case, the fourth dimension) and I look forward to continuing to learn about the work our guides do to help us become aware of spirit when the time comes and the body ceases to contain our consciousness.

Needless to say, we’re being actively observed and assisted in the realms beyond, and I, for one, appreciate the assistance and love we’re being given en masse.

Wes Annac – Filled to the brim with love and appreciation for the endless efforts of our guides, higher selves, and departed friends and family.


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