Spiritual Guidance: Out of Darkness Comes Light

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

The higher dimensions are unlike anything we could easily describe through even the most willing and receptive channels. It’s easier for fourth-dimensional souls to describe what their realms are like, because even though they’re etheric in nature, they’re relatively similar to yours.

The fifth dimension entails a level of bliss that’s very difficult to express, but many of you carry latent memories of this bliss because you can unconsciously feel and remember your previous experiences in a higher state of consciousness. Many of you have come to the earth from the fifth dimension to be of service to the awakening humanity, and some incarnate souls have come from dimensions much purer than the fifth.

All are united in our endless quest to help humanity and every other lower-dimensional civilization evolve, and no matter our state of consciousness, we work together to raise awareness and bring light to the darkest and most lost places. The light of Source can’t be avoided or stamped out for too long on any planet, and eventually, the pull toward the light is irresistible, even for the ‘darkest’ soul.

‘Darkness’ as defined by some seekers is something to dread and stay away from, but from our perspective, it’s necessary for the growth and facilitation of the light. This isn’t to say we’d readily incarnate in your realms, because we’ve already completed our lower-dimensional experiences, but while you’re in the state of consciousness you are, darkness is a necessary catalyst to your perception of the light.

Some seekers have experienced darkness in very intense forms on the earth, and this has led them to root themselves more fully in the light and a greater, purer perception.

In that sense, darkness has been necessary for your growth as a soul. Every developing soul must spend some time and energy in the lower realms before they can progress to a higher state of consciousness, and no matter how difficult moving beyond darkness and lower-dimensionality seems to be, you’re being given every opportunity to do just that.

Never Give Up

You’re being given more assistance than you realize with the transmutation of density and the welcoming of a new way of life, and if you could see how much help we’re giving from these realms, you’d understand that no force is looking upon your planet with complacency.

We’re very driven to help your planet and civilization evolve, and we’re here for you as an answer to the clarion call Gaia made when she was in an immensely unhealthy state. Since the days when Gaia made her call, fearing for her life as a planet, consciousness on her surface has risen extraordinarily and we couldn’t be happier with our and your efforts thus far.

As long as you continue your diligent missions and never give up on your quest to leave the woes of the mind behind in preparation for your complete and full entrance into a higher state of consciousness, your evolution and service alike will continue to flow smoothly.

Those of you who feel inspired by spirit to write or channel but don’t feel the flow that enables it are encouraged to move beyond the woes and distresses of the mind and seek the essence of your being in as pure and undistorted of a way as possible.

You no longer need to let the mind stop you from accessing the brimming and infinite gifts of the heart, and if you do, you’ll only continue to experience the limited reality your frame of mind has kept in place.

The lower dimensions have been kept in place by the minds of humanity, and by this we mean that your lower will and intent, which have been fed by the mind and ego, have kept your creative powers focused on lower, destructive, and ultimately unimportant things.

You came to the lower dimensions to get your fill of experience before you moved on to the higher spheres, but many souls have been unwittingly trapped by their own creation and now subconsciously seek assistance with embracing the sacred heart space again.

Beneath their surface, some people on earth are very sad and feel ready to move beyond the pain around them and back into an existence that makes more sense to their developing souls. This is why so many starseeds, wanders, etc. are incarnate on the earth, sacrificing their leisure in the name of serving humanity.

A vast amount of people are subconsciously unhappy with the confinement they exist under, and the light of each awakening seeker is helping them break the dense and rigid structures around them, which have been kept in place by the mind and ego.

When the journey to re-find a higher state of consciousness begins, one sees the mind for what it’s really meant to be and subdues its influence as they live and speak from a joyfully heart-centered space.

Your ‘destiny’ if you wish to use such a word is to return to the higher dimensions wherein joyful ease is the rule of the day, and as long as you continue to look beyond the influence of the mind and focus on opening each of your chakras, you’ll reach these realms in no time.

You’re only on the earth because you’ve chosen to be, and even if you were to pass into Nirvana before humanity’s ascension was attained, nothing and nobody would force you to reincarnate except yourselves. Some of you feel an undeniable and irresistible pull to be on the earth, and your immense drive to be of service has led you to the lower realms.

Physical and Spiritual Restoration

You’ve willingly and lovingly taken on the densest, most limited and confining experiences the lower dimensions have to offer, and you’ve come out of all of your experiences as beautiful, shining, divine beings with the potential to completely heal your planet – physically and spiritually.

Many seekers have come to the earth to help physically restore her environment, while others are working more on the spiritual side to bring awareness of the higher realms back to humanity. Our scribe, for example, took it upon himself to work closely with the higher realms by bringing through and promoting our messages, and this is only a facet of the overall mission to restore awareness.

You each have specific yet open-ended earthly missions that you’re intended and encouraged to define further as you continue to learn and grow, and even though a general life path and method of service is planned out, your earthly experience (just like your higher-dimensional experience) is being created moment-by-moment.

You’re creating everything you’re going to experience with your actions in this moment, and you’ll eventually come to rediscover the illusory nature of time and the fact that every moment in ‘time’ is actually a moment of the infinite and never-ending Now.

With the time and energy you’re able to have in the lower dimensions, you’re encouraged to do whatever you feel inclined to do for the enlightenment of others. If you feel inclined to restore the earth’s environment or raise awareness of the unfortunate ways in which her health has been ravaged for humanity’s gain, feel free to do so.

If you feel led to take up any specific issue that you feel is important to the raising of consciousness and the restoration of the planet, feel free to passionately pursue it. As long as your burning flame is lit and you’re working actively for the betterment of others, your service will be an immense and valuable contribution to humanity’s awakening.

Everything we’re doing is geared toward helping humanity evolve, and like all of you, we’re evolving as we help the rest of creation do so.

Relish Your Experience

The level of soul growth you’ve attained on the earth is incredible to say the least, and this is the reason some of you chose to incarnate. Some of you chose to be on the earth for the opportunities for learning and soul growth it offers, and you’ve learned almost every lesson there is to learn in the lower spheres.

You’ve done everything there is to do, and now, you’re ready to see what the realms beyond have to offer. Embrace your unfolding perception and make stern efforts to live in love and diminish the influence of the mind, because the mind and ego will only hold you back and block your developing perception of everything you are and can become.

Our scribe has seen the dreariness the mind provides firsthand, and we encourage him and all of you to move beyond it as much as you can and into the exuberance of the open heart. Your evolution is slightly stalled when you’re idle, and doing things you enjoy and feel passionate about will make your growth and learning much, much more rapid and efficient.

Like other channeled sources have said, you went through a lot to get to the earth and a lot more to get to your final lifetime in the lower-dimensional cycle, so relish your experience and the amazing opportunities you have to create change and reintroduce humanity to spirit.

You have a greater opportunity than most of you realize, and if you get to work now, you’ll enable yourselves to experience the karmic gifts your work offers as you feel the wholeness and fulfillment so many of you have wished to feel.

We notice that many earthly souls seek material things to cover the spiritual void they feel within, and when you do so, you feed the mind and temporarily halt the progression and growth of the soul. This, among many others reasons, is why we encourage full and active absorption of the pure energy you’re being given, which takes you out of the mental desires that trap you on a lower vibration.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with the growing love you (and we) are feeling within. Our perception is expanding as we help humanity learn and grow, and even though we’ll be on a higher sphere than we currently are by the time you reach our realms, we’ll all work together.

Like they’ve always been, our efforts will be geared toward helping every lower-dimensional planet and civilization evolve. We’re working together to help the earth ascend now, and in the future, we’ll help other planets who’s evolutions are integral to the ascension of the universe.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.

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