Unhindered Liberation – Part 2/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Concluded from Part 1

Jeshua via John Smallman encourages us to ‘delight’ in the freedom we’re beginning to find.

“Delight in the freedom you are discovering within yourselves, freedom that has always been there dormant, awaiting your decision to recognize it and honor it. You were created free, utterly and completely free, and now is the time for you to rediscover that freedom and take back the power you had given away or just mislaid.” (1)

Through the ages, people have completely forgotten that a free and enjoyable existence can be lived. Most people on earth today might think a truly free existence is unattainable, but nevertheless, it’s a real and essential aspect of our life that’s been forgotten about.

Our descent into the lower realms was for the purpose of exploring and enjoying them, however dense or painful they might be, and now, we can merge the higher and lower realms by reclaiming our freedom here on earth. We’ll open our lower-dimensional perception to higher energies and ideas when we do, and we’ll make a massive effect on the collective consciousness.

Even one person reclaiming their freedom is helpful to our collective liberation, because it gives thousands of more the opportunity to do the same. With the number of people who’ve already sought and re-attained their freedom, it’s safe to say that everyone should be able to do so in no time (despite the rampant unawareness still plaguing humanity).

Jeshua continues, letting us know that we no longer have to feel like slaves to the elite.

“You are no longer in bondage, in servitude, and as more of you become aware of this the capability that some dark Ones had and used to manipulate and control you is collapsing. You see signs of this all across the planet as millions reject the autocratic and dictatorial regimes that had effectively enslaved them for so long.” (2)

Brutal, oppressive regimes that have been accepted for far too long are being questioned and rebelled against by a growing population of rightful dissidents, and I think everyone’s meant to stand up to the tyranny that plagues so many world governments.

In my opinion, an aspect of reclaiming our freedom is holding the powers that were accountable for their various and continual crimes. Beyond that, it’s important for us not to feel as if they ‘rule’ over us in the manner they’ve convinced themselves they do.

They may have done a lot to destroy society and the earth, but at the end of the day, we’re masters of our own fate who can reclaim our inner and outer freedom, which’ll remind us that we aren’t slaves to anyone. Nobody can control us or reign over us, and the cabal’s only been able to because we complacently let them.

According to the Constant Companions via Aisha North, our developing freedom isn’t hinged as much on outer circumstances as it is the growing joy we feel within.

“…As we have told you earlier, a sighting of a so-called unidentified flying object on the White House lawn or anything similar is perhaps not what you should expect, nor anything else that resmembles a scene from one of those ‘alien movies’ you all seem to be so fond of.

“Rather, it will be a more subtle feeling of wellbeing and vigour, a feeling of breathing much freer and of being able to DO things, not just exist in a sort of vacuum that so many of you are feeling like at the moment.” (3)

Even though a plethora of bold and interesting events could inevitably be caused by our rising vibration, before those things can happen, the signs we should look for are of the growing freedom and happiness we feel within. Do we enjoy ourselves and our experiences, or does life seem to be heavy and filled with unenjoyable situations?

Do we make it a point to seek and do things we enjoy (things the heart enjoys, not the mind) or do we hold ourselves to rigid and rigorous schedules and standards that make life no fun? I think it’s important to ask ourselves these questions, because we can’t lighten our vibration if we continue to accept restricted or constrained feelings.

The Constant Companions also tell us that the weight that’s kept us down for so long is starting to lift, leaving us with a greater sense of liberation than ever before.

“In other words, expect this feeling of being squeezed and pummeled in all sorts of ways to start to fade away, and a new state of feeling much freer to start to surface. And when we use the word ‘freer’, we do mean that in every connotation of the word, as so much of what used to be of hindrance not only to you, but to all of [humanity], is in the process of being removed once and for all.” (4)

Everything that’s kept us from attaining and remaining in a higher state of consciousness is being transmuted as we greet the light of our new existence, and we’re encouraged to do everything we can to dissolve the mental constructs that have kept us from feeling free and spiritually aware.

It’s very easy to succumb to the lower mind, but when we do, we leave our growing freedom behind and trap ourselves in the confines of numb unawareness. We’re being given an immense amount of support in exiting the physical matrix, but there’s also a lot of distraction and lower-dimensionality around us that could easily take us off of our paths if we let it.

Our diligence in this avenue is necessary, but reclaiming our freedom doesn’t have to be difficult, Instead, it can be enjoyable and refreshing, because we’ll have stepped into a greater, more liberated perception and long forgotten about the endless and influential woes of the mind.

The mind only can only influence us if we let it, and if we try, we can cultivate a new type of discipline that sees us exit the mind continuously as we seek only the expansive love of the heart space. Feel free to be free, fellow seekers, because our prosperous and harmonious future will be built on the foundations of freedom, joy, and unity.

Wes Annac – Excited to continue liberating myself from the oppressive matrix.


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