Unhindered Liberation – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

We’re returning to the freedom we’ve always been meant to have as we learn to express the myriad divine qualities that liberate us from the confining mind, and deep down, we’re all free and sovereign souls who are encouraged to reclaim our independence and the love it comes with.

To be free is to be in a state of unconditional love and acceptance, far away from the stresses of the mind, and it’s hard for most people to reach this state because they’ve been subjected to a reality of mental and spiritual confinement all their lives.

A growing number of us are freeing ourselves from the shackles of self-instated oppression that have weighed us down for so long, and we’re being guided to consciously declare our freedom by living in the liberated heart space. We’re facets of our infinite and all-loving creator, and Source never wanted us to exist in an oppressed reality.

We’ve created these lower, confined realms with the intention of exploring our creation, and in the process, we’ve unfortunately trapped ourselves in the states of consciousness we were so excited to explore. Most people would do anything to feel free again, and sadly, some don’t even understand why they tend to feel so trapped.

Most people don’t yet know that they actually do exist in a limited and confined reality that they deserve to expand so they can experience the bliss a greater perception offers, and our efforts (and those of our guides) are geared toward helping everyone find and remember their innate freedom.

Rediscovering spirit naturally leads us to open up to a freer way of life, and this is one of the reasons our effort to raise awareness is so important. I can only imagine how wonderful it’d be for everyone to feel the freedom a higher perception offers, and personally, I want to do everything I can to make sure they do.

If everyone could open up to their intuition and the greater energy they’re being given, we could easily change the world. Restoring the earth would be a piece of cake if everyone was awake and aware of the reality of their existence, and this is why we’re being given so much assistance with moving beyond our mentally employed oppression.

Mother Mary through Natalie Glasson tells us that the freedom we feel now is a partial result of our efforts in past lives to attain it.

“Freedom is the result of all previous processes and yet freedom can be obtained without conscious understanding of the previous processes. Freedom isn’t to exist without responsibility or commitments but is to free yourself from suffering, pain and chaos within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, in fact within all aspects of your being.” (1)

We can clearly discern a joyful, free-flowing existence from a miserable, mentally confined one, and if we don’t feel the love overflowing like we should, we can understand that our lifestyle doesn’t harbor the freedom we seek. Freedom’s a natural state of being, but we’ve moved far away from it in favor of oppressing ourselves and others.

This type of ego-fueled oppression has to come to an end, and as long as we keep at our efforts to help others become aware of it, the world will eventually be able to move beyond it.

Mother Mary also tells us that seeking freedom will inevitably lead us to find it.

“Freedom is to permit yourself to exist in the peace, love, consciousness and focus upon the Creator within your being and within the universe for a greater percentage of time than not existing in remembrance of the Creator.

“Gradually your focus upon freedom will allow for experiences of freedom, which is actually a joining with the vibration of the Creator, each experience will allow you to soar and fly high until this is your constant position of existence.” (2)

The more we strive to be free and open ourselves to the higher channels of our mind and heart, the freer we’ll start to feel. There’s a difference between seeking freedom and victimizing ourselves out of a lack of it, and the latter makes our ascent out of the qualities of the lower mind more difficult.

We trap ourselves in the limited perception the mind offers when we subject ourselves to its influence, and we’re encouraged to move as far beyond the mind as possible and handle every circumstance we’re faced with from a heart-centered perspective.

Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel encourages us to reclaim our power and explore the greater perception opening up for us.

“When you open to these new freedoms, you are expanding beyond the old structures of who you thought you were, breaking through into a recognition of your divinity, and shattering the casings around the pure seeds of awakening consciousness planted within your soul for millenniums.

“Now it is time to bring it forward and claim a new level of power for yourself. You are claiming your sovereignty so you can express your most authentic Divine Essence on the Earth, and bring new vitality into every area of your life.” (3)

When we start living a life of joy and exuberance that expands on our limited perception of the world around us, we make it easier for everyone else to do the same. Even if the effect of our shedding of limitation isn’t noticeable at first, eventually, everyone will be able to open up to the divine and find liberation again.

Our efforts and how we act now determine the ease or difficulty others will have in feeling free, and we’ll help ourselves and everyone else when we lighten up and attune to the freedom-promoting guidance we can find within. We’re all free and sovereign beings who deserve to have our sacred, universal rights honored, and we can reclaim these rights now.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.


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