Heal Yourself, Heal the World


Credit: katrinamayer.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

It’s easy to ignore our personal issues by focusing solely on what’s wrong with the world, but in doing so, we enable our shortcomings to continue and avoid crucial lessons that contribute to the growth of the soul.

We should obviously raise awareness of the dysfunction in society, but we can do it without ignoring our own issues. If our personal choices affect the world like some say, then we can enable the changes the world needs by making personal changes of our own.

In my opinion, the best way to help the world is to match our personal changes with dedicated activism. We can strive to become better and make the world a better place, and one of them doesn’t have to replace the other.

The ideal world-changer recognizes their flaws and works to resolve them, and the hole in our hearts will grow until we look within and discover that beyond the pain we subconsciously cling to exist nothing but love, divine emptiness and inspiration to change.

We don’t have to be perfect, but maybe we should aware of our imperfection like we are the problems in the world. The world is a school with the purpose of facilitating spiritual evolution, and as we learn, we should improve the learning experience for those who have it rough.


Credit: tinybuddha.com

Evolution doesn’t have to take a back seat, and neither does activism. We can live for spiritual evolution and social transformation, and by doing so, we’ll make the evolutionary experience more worthwhile for others.

Enlightenment will be bittersweet if we gain it at the expense of those who suffer, but those who attain higher stages of enlightenment may have more compassion and may be in a better place to help people.

I can’t stress the equal importance of striving for personal and social change, and in a way, one enables the other.

There are people who can’t even come close to enlightenment because they’re so busy trying to survive, and this gives us a reason to focus equally on helping the world.

You can’t be open to a higher consciousness if you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, and this is one of many reasons the power structures want to keep so much of the world in poverty and starvation.

When you’re in lack, survival becomes more important than enlightenment and you’re effectively distracted from your purpose. Therefore, when we help those in need, we help them in a physical and spiritual sense.


Credit: yogainternational.com

We enable the world’s suffering by turning a blind eye to it and enable evolution by helping the world, so I would never suggest we replace activism with personal growth.

True awareness is awareness of everything; including our personal issues and the world’s issues that seem unsolvable.

We can only truly heal by healing the world, because we share the world’s suffering and to heal ourselves without addressing it will be to keep others from discovering the wonders of a higher consciousness.

Similarly, to try to help the world with no regard for our own issues will be to create misery by never making time to explore our consciousness. Both of them combined will have the greatest effect, and it won’t just help us; it’ll help the rest of the world.

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