Emotional Pain in the Spiritual Community

Credit: urbanspiritual.org

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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To begin for this week – Do you feel tired, broken or unable to keep going? Do you feel like you’ve given life everything and received little in return?

You aren’t alone, and we all want to give up sometimes. We all feel this pain (and try to hide it), and while acknowledging it is difficult, it’s the first step to healing what we thought was unhealable.

Some of us have acknowledged it but don’t know what to do about it, and hearing about love and spiritual evolution doesn’t always help. It usually does for me, but when we feel our lowest, it might not get us to a place where we can willingly explore our pain.

I wish I had a solution for the crippling emotional pain many spiritual people experience, but I can let you know that you aren’t alone. We all share this pain, even those who seem enlightened or don’t seem to have any negativity inside.

It exists in us all to an extent deep down, and we can’t avoid or ignore it. We can try, but we’ll end up frustrated and maybe even depressed when it rears its ugly head again.

There are times when we think we’ve resolved it, only to have it appear once more and remind us that we still have inner work to do. While it can be upsetting since humans naturally want to escape pain and avoid discomfort, it becomes a valuable learning experience.

It makes us aware of residual pain so we can confront and resolve it, and we shouldn’t be disappointed if it resurfaces. It might take a few attempts to fully resolve it (which can be upsetting if you aren’t in it for the long haul), and it helps to call on love and guidance from within.

This doesn’t take away our problems, but it helps us heal them and provides insight along the way. It’s empowering to know we have this guiding force by our side, and it can encourage us to stop running from our issues and tackle them head-on instead.

The Source is here for us trying to help us through the struggle, but it can’t do the work for us; we have to be involved in resolving our pain before we can be rid of it.

As hard as it is, we have to explore why we feel the way we do and what causes overwhelming sadness or anger. Negativity will continue to bring us down if we don’t, which will lead us to think there’s nothing we can do.

There’s plenty we can do, but we have to do it. It’s much easier to hide from our pain and hope that it’ll naturally resolve itself, but unfortunately, this isn’t how it works.

It can be likened to progress in society. A city building doesn’t exist until people work to construct it, and similarly, we can’t resolve our issues unless we work at them. We have to be involved, and approaching them openheartedly gives us the strength and centeredness to handle them properly.

It’ll help us a lot more than wishing them away, and however cliché this will sound, I think love is the key to healing depression (and general negativity). We all want love, and we become depressed when we don’t feel it.

We feel like there’s nowhere we can turn for warmth or understanding, but fortunately, we can turn to the Most High.

Most people don’t realize they have a direct connection with God, and utilizing this connection would make it easier to resolve sadness and invite joy back into their life. Joy is the Divine Mother’s favored emotion, but every emotion is here to help us grow.

We’ll understand how sadness helps us grow in time, and for now, we should get the most out of everything the world has to offer; emotions included.

Those who can heal their subconscious issues experience heightened joy and wholeness, and this level of love awaits anyone who’ll work through their pain and discover the bright light at the end of the long, dark tunnel.


$11.11 monthly subscription via PayPal. Credit and debit cards accepted if you have a PayPal account.

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