Weekly Newsletter – Reader’s Question: Awakening the Kundalini

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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Kundalini and the chakras. Credit: Siddhaashram.net

Our question this week comes from a reader who felt her kundalini rise to her solar plexus chakra.

“One day I was lying in bed and I felt the kundalini awaken within me. It felt like a very large serpent crawling upward in the inside of my body. I was fascinated and so excited and in shock at the same time. It started in my root chakra and stopped around my solar plexus chakra.  

“My assumption is that I have work to do within that chakra and that’s why it stopped there. I’m also assuming it stopped. I didn’t physically feel it move past this chakra. Any insight would be appreciated!”

Our reader’s experience sounds pretty interesting, and I’ve learned a little bit about kundalini awakening in the past few years (though I haven’t experienced it).

I’ve learned that the goal is to raise the kundalini all the way up to the crown chakra and keep it in the higher chakras instead of letting it come back down. Kundalini awakening has a good side and a bad side, and the ‘serpent’ could cause madness if it goes back to the lower chakras after awakening.

All of the evils of the world would be magnified, and this is why precaution is necessary when the kundalini awakens. It must’ve been intense for our reader, and I think we should expect more of these kinds of things as the planetary consciousness continues to rise.

A lot of people in the conscious community seem to mock ‘new age’ ideas, but regardless of any labels or stereotypes, I do think we’re entering a new age. I think we’re creating it as we go, and it’ll result mainly from the personal evolution of each individual.

As we become more conscious and mold our lifestyle around our spiritual awareness, we receive greater and greater glimpses into our higher consciousness. This can manifest in various ways, like a partial or full kundalini awakening, and our reader can raise her kundalini higher if she keeps up with her spiritual practices.

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