Happiness Is Natural

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

We don’t have to struggle to find happiness, and the difficulty lessens when we learn to live from the heart. It can be hard to be happy or heart-centered when we have so many responsibilities and life throws so many curveballs our way every day, but despite our circumstances, happiness is here in every moment and we can always call on it.

With the exception of being in a bad mood, which usually does take some effort to depart, the key to true and lasting happiness is to stop searching for something we already have. We won’t find it in material things that only give us a fleeting glimpse of joy before we’re unsatisfied again, and we won’t bring it up from within if we try too hard. Whether we realize it or not, love and happiness are effortless and we only need to stop forcing them and let them express themselves naturally.

Instead of looking for joy in that dinner out, the newest movie or the latest video game, let’s understand that joy is already here and allow it to come forth organically. We don’t have to base it on external circumstances, and we can just be happy. Only when we try so hard to find happiness does it seem so elusive, and if we could just stop and take a look around, we’d see that we have plenty to appreciate. We tend to close ourselves off from the everyday gifts life gives us, and sadly, it makes us miss out on the kind of life we could be living.

If you want happiness, sit and watch the sunset some time. Go out to a nature spot (or sit in your backyard), and listen to the birds chirp their beautiful songs. Watch the bees, butterflies and dragonflies fly around in what seems like perfect synchronicity, and feel the warmth of the sunshine. If you have kids, watch them play with their toys and let their imagination amaze you. Kids might seem stressful sometimes, but they remind us pretty often that they truly are a gift.

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We can find happiness, joy and fulfillment everywhere, but we have to open our eyes (and our mind and heart) to find them. We have to break out of our shell and allow life to amaze us with its countless miracles, and we have to get comfortable living in a way that terrifies the ego.

The ego isn’t as bad as everyone says, but it is the most mechanical, robotic, mind-centered part of us. If we let it influence us too much, we’ll resist any kind of change that expands the mind and helps us find joy or satisfaction. Instead of being influenced by it or hating it for serving its role, we can see it for what it really is and calmly step outside of it and into a new way of life.

When we do, we’ll understand that trying so hard to be happy is what causes our unhappiness. Instead of just relaxing and letting their love and joy flow, most people try so hard to feel ‘happy’ that they doom themselves from the start. Why? Because happiness isn’t something we can buy or force – it has to come forth freely and genuinely, and we have to be willing to choose it over anger, depression or anything else. As soon as we stop searching, it’ll be available in abundance.

It’s time to access this free-flowing, abundant joy for our sake and the sake of our family. I mentioned earlier that our level of love directly affects the people around us, and we’ll want to pay attention to how our emotions impact our loved ones. We have a responsibility to our family to be heart-centered and available when they need us, and we can’t help them if we’re feeling low or negative all the time.

We have to be there for them, and we really need to be emotionally available if we have kids. Our children are impacted for better or worse by everything we do, and they rely on us to be emotionally stable enough to not only help them when they need it, but to show them how to function in life. They pick up on everything we do (and on a deeper level, everything we feel), and we’ll want to keep this in mind if they’re ever around when we’re feeling low.

Triumphing over negativity. Credit: Thehappymindbook.com

We don’t need to feel low anymore, and all it really requires is a calm and gentle (yet powerful) shift out of the mind and into the heart. Depending on how we use it, the mind is usually a place of thought, fact and analysis, whereas the heart is a place of centeredness and understanding. There’s nothing wrong with the mind and we’ll continue to rely on it in some ways when we’re heart-centered, but it won’t influence us as much. We’ll use it, but it won’t use us anymore.

Let’s finally make the crucial shift into the heart, because it’ll allow us to see life through new eyes. The things that once brought us down might make us laugh or appreciate how small they are in the grand scheme of things, and we’ll be able to make life better for ourselves, our family and the world at large.

Everyone will benefit when we stop looking for happiness and learn to let it be (which is easier when we’re centered in the heart), because we’ll help others shift their perspective on life, love and anything else that’s relevant to our spiritual evolution. We can use love to change the world, but we have to get out of our own way and let our joy flow unconditionally.

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