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law-of-one-book-i-the-ra-materialBy Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

We hear a lot in the conscious community about the healing use of crystals, but is it just a fad? Are crystals little more than neat, colorful rocks that only appear to offer some sort of healing, or is there more to them than meets the eye?

As we’ll learn here, crystals serve a specific healing purpose, and it has a lot to do with our chakras (or ‘energy centers’) and the chakras of the earth.

I used to channel, and one of the subjects that was always touched on was that the earth has chakras that we can align with to receive a pure stream of healing energy. This energy can rebalance us and help us become purer instruments for the expression – creative or otherwise – of our Christ consciousness.

This is where crystals come into play. They can help us align with the earth’s chakras and receive a clear stream of creative/spiritual energy, but the person who uses them has to be relatively attuned and clear in mind and heart to begin with.

An instrument like the guitar doesn’t sound good if it’s out of tune, and similarly, any healing we attempt to use crystals for will fail to meet our expectations if we aren’t already somewhat aligned within.

When Ra speaks about the importance of being aligned, I think they refer to people who use crystals to heal or rebalance others instead of themselves. I’m sure we’ll benefit from using crystals to rebalance our own chakras, but if we want to help others, we have to be somewhat aligned to begin with or our efforts might be in vain.

Credit: Esotericonline.net

Ra tells us that different crystals serve different purposes.

“I am Ra. The principle of crystal healing is based upon an understanding of the hierarchical nature of the structure of the illusion which is the physical body, as you would call it.

“There are crystals which work upon the energies coming into the spiritual body; there are crystals which work upon the distortions from spirit to mind; there are crystals which balance the distortions between the mind and the body. All of these crystal healings are charged through purified channels.” (1)

As I said (and as Ra affirms), a crystal healer who helps others has to be aligned themselves if they want their work to be effective. Not only do they have to be ‘crystallized’ in mind and heart – they have to be connected with the earth’s chakras.

“Without the relative crystallization of the healer working with the crystal, the crystal will not be properly charged.

“The other ingredient is a proper alignment with the energy fields of the planet upon which you dwell and the holistic or cosmic distortions or streamings which enter the planetary aura in such a manner that an appropriate ratio of shapes and placement within these shapes is of indicated aid in the untangling or balancing process.” (2)

It’s important to choose the right crystal for the right healing/rebalancing agenda, Ra reminds us.

“The delicacy, shall we say, of the choosing of the crystal is very critical and, in truth, a crystalline structure such as a diamond or ruby can be used by a purified channel who is filled with the love/light of One in almost any application.”

“This, of course, takes initiation, and there have never been many to persevere to the extent of progressing through the various distortion leavings which initiation causes.” (3)

Credit: Sickinparis.com

In a nutshell, very few crystal healers can empty themselves of enough distortion (i.e. raise their vibration enough) to use the ruby or diamond for virtually any application. It takes a lot of diligence and perseverance, just like the enlightenment process as a whole, but it isn’t impossible.

Nothing’s impossible, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Ra’s questioner asks if an experienced healer could build a pyramid of their own and use it, along with crystals, to rebalance or reenergize a person’s chakras. Ra responds that the energy is so high right now that a structure like the pyramid is no longer needed.

Question: “My question then would be, are there individuals incarnate upon the planet today who would have the necessary inner disciplines to, using your instructions, construct and initiate in a pyramid they built and then possibly do it again? Is this within limits of what anyone can do on the planet today, or is there no one available for this?

I am Ra. There are people, as you call them, who are able to take this calling at this nexus. However, we wish to point out once again that the time of the pyramids, as you would call it, is past.

It is indeed a timeless structure. However, the streamings from the universe were, at the time we attempted to aid this planet, those which required a certain understanding of purity. This understanding has, as the streamings revolve and all things evolve, changed to a more enlightened view of purity.

“Thus, there are those among your people at this time whose purity is already one with intelligent infinity. Without the use of structures, healer/patient can gain healing.” (4)

I’m sure a pyramid would help in the reenergizing process, but with how intense the energy is and has been for some time (these channelings from Ra were brought through in the eighties; imagine how intense things are now), we no longer need pyramids or any other kind of structure.

As long as we do the necessary inner work, we can become the healers we once looked to the pyramids to provide. We no longer need a structure that’s specifically aligned with the earth’s energy points, and with a willing mind/heart and chakras that are opened and aligned, we can heal people with crystals.

We have to have some experience if we want to become healers, however, and it doesn’t just happen overnight. Rebalancing our chakras and practicing our healing abilities with crystals will help us develop the skill, but we might not want to practice healing anyone, except maybe ourselves, until we’ve gained a knack for it.

Credit: Cauldronsandcupcakes.com

In this passage, Ra asks us to consider two things – the complexity of a mind/body/spirit complex after many incarnations (as opposed to its simplicity in, say, its first incarnation), and the concept of ‘wanderers’ coming to a lower sphere from the higher ones to share their healing knowledge and abilities.

Question: “Is it possible for you to instruct healing techniques if we could make available these individuals that have the native ability?

“I am Ra. It is possible. We must add that many systems of teach/learning the healing/patient nexus are proper given various mind/body/spirit complexes.

“We ask your imagination to consider the relative simplicity of the mind in the earlier cycle and the less distorted, but often overly complex, views and thought/spirit processes of the same mind/body/spirit complexes after many incarnations.

“We also ask your imagination to conceive of those who have chosen the distortion of service and have removed their mind/body/spirit complexes from one dimension to another, thus bringing with them in sometimes totally latent form many skills and understandings which more closely match the distortions of the healing/patient processes.” (5)

Some people, whether they realize it or not, are here from higher dimensions. They came here to help awaken humanity in this crucial time in our collective evolution, and they’ve brought with them deeper knowledge of the mechanics of spirit as well as more enhanced healing capabilities that humanity as a whole hasn’t yet discovered.

These people are usually ostracized by society with labels like ‘New Ager’, but they push through because they know they’re here for a reason. We’re all here to assist in this widespread awakening, and we have to let criticism bounce right off of us and do what we’re here to do.

Some wanderers and healers feel too different from the rest of society to fit in or accept the societal illusions that are passed off as reality, and fortunately, this can cause them to embrace their work even more.

Some of them are happy not to be accepted by a society that’s clearly been misled, and the people who are rejected the most usually end up to be the most brilliant minds of their time.

With that said, those of you out there who feel rejected for who you are should embrace your role in this evolution, because you’re here to do a lot of good and your work is desperately needed.

Credit: Crystalinks.com

We might learn more about crystal healing in our next installment, because Ra has plenty more to say about this fascinating subject. Personally, I’ve never known a lot about crystals and healing, but I have a crystal or two and I’ve noticed the effects when I place them on or around certain energy centers.

It’s a strange, almost healing or rejuvenating sensation, and I felt that sensation long before I learned anything about them or the idea that they can sync with our personal and planetary chakras to provide healing.

My interest in them will probably pick up, because they’re one of many tools that have been placed here to help us spiritually excel. All we have to do to get the most out of them is get past our own socially programmed trepidations and open up so we can see what they have to offer.


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  1. Only such person who has spent time in understanding the working of each crystal and how they affect individuals can give Crystal-healing treatment. It needs time and dedication to understand the chakras and crystals related to human chakras.


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