Remaining in a Pure, Loving, Heart-Centered Space

Channeled through Wes Annac, Oversoul Teachings

Dearest awakening starlights, being and feeling love is one of the prime purposes of your existence on the earth.

Yes, we’ve said plenty about your purpose and the reasons you’re on your planet, but chief among these reasons is to hold and anchor the love you have the full ability to radiate out to the rest of creation, drastically raising your collective vibration as a result.

You can be in a constantly loving and joyful space, and when you do, you’ll emit the loving vibration you feel within. By expressing this love to others, you help them find and feel it on a much deeper level and their ability to radiate it will grow immensely.

They’ll then radiate this love to various other people who might not have been able to open up to it were it not for your original efforts, and if every seeker were to start the process of living in love as much and as often as possible, your entire planet would open up in no time.

A lot of changes need made to the manner in which your society has and continues to function, and we can envision the conscious public happily making these changes with recognition of the fact that you’re in charge of the direction your planet goes in.

Revolution of Love

As hard as they’ve tried, your cabal can’t stop the impending and ongoing revolution of love that a growing number of seekers are empowering, and as long as you find and remain in a constant loving and uplifted space, the energetic and physical changes you want to see will be made relatively easily.

This is because you’ll feel more motivated and inspired to make them than ever, and the result will be a planet of awake and aware individuals who recognize the changes that need made and are ready and willing to make them. With love by your side, there’s nothing you can’t do or be, and commitment to finding and feeling the love of your existence when it seems to have run dry will help you in your quests and missions.

Your creativity especially will be boosted when you find and remain in a constant loving space, and if you feel particularly inspired to be creative but can’t find the greater energy or vitality you seek, request for spirit to be with you and fill you with this vitality and you can bet you’ll feel it – as long as your energy and intent are there, of course.

There isn’t a whole lot you need to do to find a higher state of consciousness, and most of it is in the avenue of personal work and work that’s required before you can raise your vibration and clear the obstructions that prevent you from doing so.

There are certain lifestyle choices and habits we recommend, and there are certain destructive choices and habits we recommend transcending, but you don’t have to act on our recommendations to find the higher realms.

Every soul will find a higher sate of consciousness in their own time, and no matter what you do, you’ll all eventually re-find the higher realms and flow with the resulting greater perception, enjoying yourselves and your existence far more than you would have if you remained closed-off from love.

Closing yourselves off from love is akin to keeping yourselves from eating food or drinking water. Love is essential – not only for your survival, but for your entrance into a higher state of consciousness. If you want to write, channel, or do anything else that’s intended to be inspired by spirit, then it has to be inspired by love first and foremost.

In every day – in every single moment – you’re encouraged to embody and radiate the loving qualities of the higher state of consciousness you want to reenter.

The work you do will go stale if you reserve your inner love for it and it only, and we note that some of you have trouble being creative when your energy levels seem low or you can’t seem to find and feel the love of your existence in the ways you strive to.

If you cut yourselves off from love, you cut yourselves off from every creative route it could offer.

Writer’s block will ensue, and many of you will wonder just what’s missing; just why you can’t seem to feel the greater energy and vitality you can otherwise feel easily. It’s because love is missing, and it needs replenished if you want your work to be particularly pure, potent or helpful.

Again, you don’t need to follow a strict set of rules to re-find the higher realms or make the connections you seek to make – you simply have to be in love as much and as often as possible. Once you’re in a loving, harmonious space, everything becomes much easier and far more enjoyable than it is when you’re in an energetically shallow state of mind and heart.

Telepathic Communication

You’re encouraged and intended to exit this state of shallowness and flow with the understanding that you are and have always been divine beings of spirit who are on the earth to bring humanity into the light, and to help your society find enlightenment, you must first feel a greater level of love and light within.

When we recommend things you can do to find a higher state of consciousness or help the rest of your society become aware, we don’t intend to make it sound like you must do these things to achieve your goals. These are simply recommendations, and again, whether you follow them or not, you’ll all eventually make your way back to the higher realms and enjoy the greater, more flowing perception that results.

Those of you who are starting to access a flowing perception are readying yourselves to exist in a higher state of consciousness, and when you’re back in the higher realms, you’ll find that any and all communication is purely telepathic and that energies and impressions constantly flow to and through your awakened minds and hearts.

In fact, every chakra will brim with energy when you’re back in the higher realms, and you’ll find that you constantly express this energy to every facet of consciousness around you who also constantly express theirs.

Consciousness is eternal, and when the physical body dies, you’d ordinarily travel to the fourth dimension and enjoy the less limited perception that results. We say ‘ordinarily’, because you’re living in extraordinary times when the playing field is different and the place you go when you’re finished on the earth is much different than the fourth dimension.

Humanity and the planet you’re living on are destined to experience a full-on collective evolution from the third dimension, which you currently perceive, to the fifth, and you’re passing through the fourth-dimensional realms at present in preparation for this collective ascension, which is ongoing.

As you make your way through the fourth dimension, you open up to a greater fifth-dimensional perception with each day that passes.

Those of you who are interested in channeling and other higher-dimensional practices are already dipping your consciousness into the fourth dimension, and some of you have touched upon the fifth, only to come back and use your newfound perspectives to help others along their journey of ascension and enlightenment.

You’re helping awaken others with your presence on the earth, and when you decide to use your presence for good by providing spiritually inspired works that are intended to help others, you raise the collective vibration immensely and everything you seek to do becomes more free-flowing.

The fact that much of the conscious public exists in a fourth-dimensional state of consciousness on the third-dimensional earth goes to show that physicality isn’t the only thing in existence, and the greater abilities you’re starting to rediscover are signs of your emergence into the fourth dimension.

Some seekers might wonder how you can exist in the fourth dimension but still be on a third-dimensional planet, and we’ll be happy to explain this.

As we and plenty of others have said, everything comes down to consciousness and vibration. We could easily call consciousness ‘energy’, but we’ll stick to our original term for this explanation. Everything comes down to your consciousness, and it’s indeed possible for a soul to experience higher-dimensional consciousness while they’re incarnate on a lower-dimensional world.

It’s not only possible – special provisions have been allowed by the forces overseeing humanity and the earth’s evolution to allow higher fourth-dimensional souls to exist on your planet and drastically influence the collective vibration as a result.

Accelerating the Process

Those of you who are aligned with the higher fourth-dimensional realms, and there’s more of you than you realize, are, with your very existence on the earth, raising the collective vibration and opening humanity up to the social and spiritual truths of their existence, such as the fact that you’ve been deceived and misled by an occult cabal of souls who distorted the originally pure teachings that were given by ancient, advanced extraterrestrial collectives and used the distortions for their own gain.

You’re helping all of humanity find a higher state of consciousness with your existence on the earth, and like we said above, those of you who choose to take it a step further by producing potent creative works are accelerating the process even more and making it easier for all of humanity to open up to the higher realms and the glorious perception that awaits them here.

The higher fourth-dimensional power most of you carry within is far too strong and pure for the cabal’s attempts to stp your work to succeed, and you’ll continue to be the lightworkers and wayshowers you’ve come to your earth to be, with little to no interruptions on the part of the cabal.

Their power and influence decreases by the day, and this is also a result of the potent existence of a plethora of lightworkers and starseeds on your planet, who are transforming humanity’s understanding of your physical and spiritual reality and opening the portal for a vast number of souls to step through.

Most of humanity and the conscious public hasn’t reached the fifth dimension yet, and there are the few individuals on your planet who have ascended and who are now offering their enlightened perspectives for the rest of humanity and the conscious public to open up to and benefit from.

Those of you who are tapped into the higher fourth-dimensional realms are encouraged to use your energy to help inform, awaken, and uplift all of humanity, for in doing so, you drastically increase the planetary light quotient and welcomingly invite others to access the love of their existence and flow from there with inspired work for humanity’s development.

Our scribe is wondering if finding and remaining in a pure, loving, heart-centered space is really the best way to connect with the higher realms or do anything else creative, and to him and all of you, we say, unrelentingly and with smiles on our faces: yes!!

Constantly embodying and expressing love will put you and everyone around you in a sacred, higher-vibrational space, and realizing that you have an infinite ability to be in such a heart-centered space can motivate you to act on this ability and drastically change the planetary vibration as a result.

We talk so much about raising the collective vibration because it’s an important aspect of your entrance into a higher state of consciousness, and we also mention it because if some of you realized just how drastically you could raise your collective vibration by embodying love and producing creative works that are inspired by such love, you’d be very surprised.

If all of you work together to change your planet and orient your society to the loving, harmonious way of life so many of you are ready to live, your planet would be changed in no time and all of humanity would find it very easy to live in peace, harmony and eternal cooperation.

Powerful Beings of Spiritual Energy

Your level of respect for each other would grow immensely, and the love and harmony so many of you are ready to see would be a constant factor of your eternal existence.

We want to motivate and inspire you as much as we can, because you’re very powerful beings of spiritual energy who can use your perspectives to produce a plethora of wonderful and uplifting creative works. Even if you choose to simply exist and embody the love energy, you’re doing a great service and this service is duly noted and greatly, greatly appreciated.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with an outpouring of love from our one heart to yours.

We look forward to the time when all of humanity realizes that every facet of creation shares the same spiritual heartbeat, and when you do, love and unity will skyrocket on your planet and everyone will seek to live harmoniously, respecting each other and working together like never before.

You’re endlessly encouraged to pursue the deepening love you’re finding within, and when this love doesn’t seem there or only seems there in small fragments, remind yourselves that finiteness is an illusion and do everything you can to move beyond the ego and connect with this infinite, constantly replenished love in whatever way you can.

It’s very important to your sustainability on a higher vibration, and the more love you show, the higher of a vibration you’ll reach. It really is this simple, and you don’t need to follow any rules or recommendations to find the higher realms. You only need to find what works best for you and go from there, and we’re confident that you can do this.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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