Stay Committed to Your Tasks

Channeled through Wes Annac, Oversoul Teachings

You can each connect with spirit and flow from there with the resulting energies and impressions, and you’re encouraged to tap into your creative and meditative flows as much and as often as possible.

Opening up to the loving guidance you’re being given through your expanding heart space will help you assimilate and radiate the increasingly pure energy making its way to you, and we watch you assimilate this energy with the might of incredibly skilled higher-dimensional souls who are on the earth on a mission.

Your mission on the earth entails raising consciousness and awareness to new heights, and if you keep at your efforts to reach a higher vibration and help everyone around you do the same, you’ll find that your work is much purer and more potent than it would’ve been if you remained closed-off from the influence of spirit.

Basking In the Glow

Connecting with spirit can be very enjoyable if you let it be, and successfully connecting with us entails being willing to see beyond the influence of the striving ego and let yourselves bask in the glow of your opening heart space.

You’re opening and expanding your heart space as you ready yourselves to great an influx of increasingly pure energy that’s helping awaken you to the reality of your existence as spiritual beings, and you can absorb and assimilate this energy in a powerful act of service to yourselves and the planet around you if you make a simple effort.

You can use the love you feel within for myriad important and helpful purposes, and when you do, you’ll realize how infinitely able you are to create and be all of the changes you want to see.

The purpose of many of you is to decode and transmit the frequencies of light you’re being given in every moment, and there are various ways you can do this. Many seekers offer themselves as channels for the expression of a higher facet of themselves, such as their higher selves and guides, while others use writing, music, and plenty of other creative routes to convey the energetic impressions they receive.

No matter how you choose to do it, you’re acting as potent energy assimilators who are doing a great service to the rest of your planet, and there are plenty of ways you can decode and transmit this energy for everyone to feel and benefit from.

Picking up on this energy is a very potent practice that’ll help the seekers who do it attune to a greater state of consciousness every day. If you practice decoding and bringing this energy through every day, you’ll put yourselves on a nearly constant higher vibration and you’ll be able to find the daily clarity you seek in a much easier and more free-flowing way.

We note that many seekers are very interested in finding and anchoring the higher state of consciousness you’ve heard so much about, and as long as you stay committed to your tasks and understand that you’re capable of everything you’re willing to realize you’re capable of, everything you seek to do will flow easily.

Your minds and hearts have to be relatively focused if you want to be pure and potent energy assimilators, and if you aren’t willing to express the energy you’re being given, it’ll build up in you and cause blockages and feelings of unhappiness.

You may feel as if you aren’t living up to your true potential when you don’t express this energy in some form or another, and since it’s infinite and you receive it in every moment, you never have to feel depleted or as if you’ve suddenly run out of energy when you realize just how much of it you carry within and just how pure it’s becoming.

In reality, you can’t run out of energy or creative inspiration – your physical brain or body can only convince you that you have by tossing up feelings of depletion. These feelings are illusory and can be transcended by the seekers who recognize their distorted nature, and many of you are starting to understand that your creative energy is infinite and can be used for an infinite amount of purposes.

Honing Your Creativity

One of these purposes is to connect with the energies and impressions of the higher realms, and those of you who are particularly interested in doing so are encouraged to understand that you might not make the connections you seek overnight.

You might find it difficult to use your inner love for a productive, creative purpose at first, but with effort and practice, you’ll hone your creativity and get it to the level you’d like it to be at.

We encourage focusing on developing your creativity more than focusing on the things that result from it, and we’re happy to let you know as often as we do that you’re doing far more than many of you realize or give yourselves credit for.

Your assimilation of the energy you’re being given will increase as this energy continues increasing in purity, and with all of the energy and inspiration you’re being given, we hope for your creative works to flow in the manner so many of you have always wanted them to.

Any creative work requires effort, of course, and any ability you want to master has to be worked toward before you can experience its flowing benefits. If you’re willing to put in the work that’s required before you can enjoy the lively flow so many creative pioneers are able to access, the work you produce will reflect this and you’ll enjoy the things you do much more.

Your work is as pure and potent as you let it be, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement not to take your creativity or the lives you live too seriously. No matter what happens on the earth today, you’ll eventually be back in a higher state of consciousness and all of the stress, pain, and drama so many of you are involved in will have completely faded.

The fact that you’re incarnate in a dense place makes your enjoyment all the more important, and you can enjoy yourselves and your lives instead of succumbing to the pressures of your lower-dimensional existence.

Enjoy yourselves as much as you can and live in love as much as you can, for this is the greatest path back to the higher realms. You can succumb to the strife and the stress if you want, but to do so is to hold yourselves back from the wonders that sit around you, waiting to be noticed and enjoyed.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings,The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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