Reclaiming Joy in a New Era – Part 2/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Concluded from Part 1

The Spiritual Hierarchy via Sheldon Nidle tells us about the joy that comes with rediscovering and reclaiming our oneness.

“Our wisdom comes from the supreme Source of all things. When you achieve this state of oneness, you are able to experience the thrill that comes from contributing your own essence to the whole, and your entire Being is flooded with a sense of elation at the thought of what you are to accomplish.

“This is the state of bliss that the Creator has so lovingly decreed for you, and the next period of your lives is to be focused on becoming one with this indescribable state of Being!” (1)

Merging back into a blissful state of oneness will feel better than we can possibly imagine, and this is our destiny as an ascending species. However divided and miserable humanity might be right now, we’re being called to see beyond our division and anchor a new way of life that integrates joy and oneness.

We can do it, but we have a lot of hurdles to clear.

In a message through Suzanne Lie, we’re told that the choice to believe in the higher state of consciousness we’re rediscovering will enable us to experience a heightened level of joy and bliss.

“…you need to take the risk to believe that your reality is shifting NOW into a higher frequency. If you choose (as it is a choice) to believe that you are transmuting into higher frequencies of your Self, and hence of your world, you set a state of consciousness filled with hope, joy, forgiveness, gratitude and Unconditional Love.” (2)

We anchor the qualities of the heavenly place we’re going when we choose to believe in the reality of everything we’re learning, and being in a joyful space probably enables those around us to do the same. Our joyful state of mind effects the collective, and if everyone could be in a higher space, even for a moment, the direction we’re headed in would completely change.

We’re also told about the endorphins our inner pharmacy emits when we’re in a constant joyful state.

“Within this state of consciousness your body releases, not adrenaline, but endorphins. Your Pineal Gland is signaled to open to higher frequencies of Light, which further stimulates your inner pharmacy of consciousness expanding and joyful ‘drugs.’ You feel ‘high on life’ as your body is calibrated to that experience by your own inner pharmacy.” (3)

We’re calibrated to an experience of pure bliss and ecstasy, and all we need to do to attain this state of consciousness is strive to be happy and joyful. I’m not saying we should suppress negative emotion when it arises, but we don’t have to let it bring us down or stop us from feeling joyful.

In reality, nothing stops us from reclaiming joy but ourselves. Even if we’ve been hurt by others in a big way, we can move beyond the scars their hatred has caused and peer into the infinite and unconditional love of the higher dimensions.

When we forgive the people who’ve hurt us, we release much of the karma surrounding the pain and enable ourselves to move forward.

We’re then told about the increased clarity tapping into the divine mind offers.

“Because you feel so joyful, elated and focused, you find that you focus only on that which fills you with Love and joy. Because of this choice of perception you begin to see and hear solutions, creations and new ideas for how to improve your life. Your creative channel into the higher frequencies of reality is turned on. Thus you dedicate yourself to helpful and creative endeavors.” (4)

Once our perception begins to enhance, we focus on using our newfound gifts to be of service to the evolution of the creation around us. We work to find a greater level of enlightenment, and at the same time, we guide those in the lower spheres by helping them through lessons we’ve already learned.

Devotion to service seems to be a big aspect of higher-dimensional life, and it’ll feel great to possess the artfulness, creativity, and colorful clarity a greater perception will offer.

‘Mary’ via Pamela Kribbe tells us that our natural state is joy and that the heaviness of the earth weighs a lot of seekers down.

“Your hearts are in need of Light. For all of you, this is a heavy place to be. Your natural state of being is joy, playfulness, creativity.

“You often feel smothered by the heavy energies on Earth, and you feel disconnected from Home. I want to bring the energies of Home, the original source, to you today. So breathe it in and remember who you are. I want you to bathe in the Light of your soul and the connection between our souls.” (5)

If it isn’t clear by now, embracing joy is essential to reaching a higher state of consciousness, and boredom or dullness won’t show us the way back home. We have to be willing to be playful and creative if we want to express the gifts of the heart space, and tapping into the heart will enable us to feel a heightened level of joyful exuberance that we’ll never want to stop feeling.

Humanity’s subtly returning to a joyful existence that’ll wipe the grime away from our minds and enable us to see what the rest of creation has to offer. Consciously reclaiming the joy we have the sacred right to feel will aid us in our quests to find enlightenment, and as we continue to evolve, we’ll find that each dimension is more joyful and blissful than the last.

We’re going to enjoy ourselves wholly from here on out, and as long as we make an effort to move beyond dullness and into an active, enthusiastic frame of mind, we’ll start our wonderful journey back to the most blissful realms Source has to offer.

We’ll probably continue helping others find enlightenment when we re-reach a higher place, and we’ll enjoy every bit of work we do to spread awareness in the lower realms. We’re at the very beginning of our reclamation of joy and bliss, and as long as we live in love as much as we can, our consciousness will continue to grow from here on out.

Wes Annac – Encouraging joy, because everything else is an illusion.


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