The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter: New Sixth Month and Yearly Subscription Options Added

One of my previous posts about The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter generated some recommendations that I offer more options than a monthly subscription, and for this reason, I’m happy to announce that I’ve added two new subscription options: A sixth month option and a yearly option.

I’ve tried to be as cheap with the new options as possible, and you can now subscribe either for $11.11 a month, $59.99 every sixth months, or $122.22 a year.

Newsletter payments are processed via PayPal (credit and debit cards are accepted as long as you have a PayPal account), and I’m looking into getting a P.O. box for those of you who’d rather send a check than deal with PayPal. I’ll let you all know when I get the P.O. box so those of you who want to send checks can start doing so.

The newsletter continues to develop, and I can’t express my appreciation enough for the support you’ve all given it so far. I look forward to continuing to write it for the growing audience of seekers who’ve come to appreciate it, and it goes without saying that you all have my love and gratitude.

The three subscription options (as well as the unsubscribe option) can be found below. Much Love!

Monthly Subscription ($11.11 a month):


Sixth Month Subscription ($59.99 Every Sixth Months):


One Year Subscription ($122.22 a Year):




One thought on “The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter: New Sixth Month and Yearly Subscription Options Added

  1. I love the varied methods of being able to contribute; however, even when I tried 2 different credit cards, since my PayPal Account is screwed up, it wouldn’t put them through. I shall have to wait until I call PayPal and do the code number security thing and change my password. Such a bother, since I really don’t like any outside corporation controlling how and why I do things :(. But I shall do it to support you. As you know, I channel myself, so I am doing this solely to help a fellow spiritual traveler 🙂 Should you get a P.O. Box anytime soon, I will contribute that way instead.


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