Who is Our Universal Family? – Part 1

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Our Universal Family is a general label for the souls and collectives comprising the higher dimensions who actively communicate with humanity and have assisted in our evolution for centuries.

A lot of material about and from them is available these days, and a lot of people believe that they speak with humanity regularly through channeled messages.

Our Universal Family is comprised of every evolved collective who’s grown to understand themselves and each other as aspects of the Creator. Souls from the higher dimensions have been identified and given all types of labels on our planet – angels; archangels; galactics; I could go on.

It’s generally believed by those who endorse the idea of our Universal Family that spiritually evolved galactic and angelic deities have actively visited our world and tried to help us along our evolution many times in the past.

It’s believed that their existence and presence has been largely misconstrued by religion and deemed fantasy by science, and that they continue to assist humanity to this day.

As I’ve mentioned in other writings, humanity’s freewill sees us create our reality and enforce whatever veil or limitation we desire. Ultimately, claims of galactic and angelic deities existing and communicating openly with anyone who can open up will sound crazy to some, and if we can’t or won’t open up to the possibility that this could be real, we won’t be overwhelmed with its reality.

Humanity’s Ability to Communicate with our UF

The belief in many spiritual circles is that active contact with humanity on the part of various galactic and angelic deities is ongoing and that we can open up to a connection with them if we wish. It’s believed that we possess a latent yet accessible telepathic ability, and that we can use it to communicate with the higher dimensions.

It’s believed that spiritually and technologically advanced extraterrestrial humans have visited humanity routinely in the past in an effort to help our various civilizations, and that we can connect with certain spiritual “guides” and receive assistance along our evolution.

Accompanying this is the belief that much of our history has been hidden from public view and that we’ve been conditioned to grow up in an artificial reality.

While much of our history is believed to have been suppressed and contact with enlightened extraterrestrial humans and ascended angels and archangels has fallen prey to that suppression and to misinterpretation, our UF hasn’t given up their effort to continually and routinely contact humanity.

Many believers in the idea that our planet has been routinely visited by “ancient astronauts” who’ve sewn greater understandings of mathematics, science, art, philosophy and other things, point to the pyramids and other ancient monuments as potential evidence of ancient advanced technology. (1)

We have the Cahokia Mounds here in Illinois. The largest of these mounds is Monk’s Mound, which stands at 100 ft. tall. In Egypt and other places, ancient pyramids have been discovered that seem to have been built independently by civilizations on all sides of the world who otherwise had nothing to do with each other.

Some seekers believe that the ancient pyramids were much more than monuments to Egyptian rulers (or rulers of any other civilization), and were actually pieces of advanced technology built to help people find enlightenment. It’s believed that many of the leaders of the civilizations that might have experienced contact with enlightened extraterrestrials went on to distort and suppress the teachings they were given to be in their favor.

The spirituality of the Illuminati is said to be distorted from genuine truths given by the extraterrestrial collective RA to the ancient Egyptians regarding the Law of One. (2)

Again – various other ancient civilizations in various time periods have also built pyramids and other interesting monuments such as Stonehenge (the Cahokian civilization had woodhenge) and endorsers of the “ancient astronaut” theory believe that those monuments and some very suggestive ancient art are results of contact with enlightened star people.

Don’t take my word for it – do your own research on the pyramids, Stonehenge and the ancient art that suggests contact with otherworldly astronauts. The belief in ancient ET contact goes hand in hand with that of our true history being suppressed.

Contact Continues

Accompanying the belief that star people have visited our planet many times in the past and offered advanced technology, insight and assistance, is the belief that they haven’t stopped contacting humanity.

It’s believed by some that as recently as the 1950s, star people were making individual contacts with humans. (3)

While the “Roswell” event is perhaps the most famous UFO phenomenon with retired officials claiming to have dealt with small extraterrestrial craft and bodies, it’s believed by some that the galactics have continued to make nearly-routine contact for generations.

Just why would they choose to visit humanity so routinely? The drive to assist any lower-dimensional planet in its evolution is believed to be very strong in the higher dimensions, but this isn’t the only reason various galactic races are believed to have contacted us.

Their closeness with us and the role they’ve played in helping steer our evolution is believed to breed their immense desire to make continual contact with humanity.


(1)- Here’s a short article about the “ancient astronaut” theory:


(2)- A note from David Wilcock about a section of RA’s Law of One material concerning this:

[Note: Full study of the Law of One series reveals that a majority of the scientific and spiritual information that Ra gave 11,000 years ago has been subsequently distorted and rewritten into negatively oriented material … which now forms the basis of a belief structure secretly held by many of the world’s most powerful people, (consider the pyramid-based design of the Great Seal of the United States on the back of the dollar bill as one example,) which seems to include a group commonly known as the “Illuminati.”

(There may be a suggestion of this in the above quote since Ra said, “only ILLUMINATED somewhat.”) Hence it is difficult for Ra to fully balance the extent of karma that was created by their message being perverted. The politics and policies of the “Illuminati” and other such groups stand in stark contrast to Ra’s teachings, since Ra states that honoring the free will of others is the most important principle in the Universe.]


(3)- See “1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age — Videos, Documents!” by David Wilcock, at:


Image: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-MupI6kjaCTI/UOjw4PF6RaI/AAAAAAAAUmU/WaiogdOELB0/s320/02-heaven.jpg

Continued in part 2 soon.

2 thoughts on “Who is Our Universal Family? – Part 1

  1. It is funny … or maybe complete, that I dreamed of the pyramid last night, the bottom of the pyramid begins with four sides and then transcends to one, or none. Thank you for your post perhaps the golden light will touch you as it has me.


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