Who is Our Universal Family? – Part 2


Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm, Continued from Part 1

I haven’t yet discussed channeling or channeled messages in depth, but they’re believed to be one potent way our Universal Family communicates with humanity.

As we expand our perception and begin to evolve, so does our ability to pick up on and bring through energy from the higher dimensions expand. We become able to maintain an active and fruitful link with the higher dimensions if we let ourselves believe such a link is real, and as a part of this process, some people will open up to what’s been called “channeling”.

“Channeling” is a term for connecting with an individual or collective of entities from the higher dimensions or the planes of nirvana and communicating with them. It’s believed that we can open up to the higher dimensions and specific individuals and collectives comprising our Universal Family as we open our heart and third eye chakras, though of course, we should focus on the development of every chakra.

There are many different types of channeling, and one of the most popular methods is “automatic writing”.

Automatic writing sees the channel reach a state of connection with the entity/collective they intend to bring through, usually with affirmation, and have the entity convey a message through them with writing. Channeling via automatic writing has caught on quite a bit, though admittedly, it’s not as direct of a method as vocally bringing an entity through.

Automatic writing sees a small portion of the consciousness of the channel still intact, whereas direct or vocal channeling sees the consciousness of the channel depart from the body while the entity/collective speaks.

The channel’s mind interprets the flowing impressions that are received with an opened and brimming heart with automatic writing, whereas the entity/collective directly comes through and temporarily occupies the temple of the channel as they speak with vocal channeling.

Automatic writing could be seen as less effective, but it’s a softer method that doesn’t see the channel completely leave their body for another to come through, which could be dangerous if not properly trained for before doing.

More Channels Sprouting Up

Simply searching for channeled messages on the internet will render a host of results, and messages from our Universal Family have flooded the internet in the past decade. More people are opening up our UF and the messages and assistance they’ve been offering, and as this happens, more channels for them sprout up and offer continual messages.

An infinite amount of higher-dimensional souls are believed to comprise our Universal Family, and it’s interesting to think that they’re all fixated on our little planet because of the big collective evolution we’re experiencing.

Channeling can help you along your path of opening up to the higher dimensions, because our guides will help us through every lesson we experience and every challenge we’re presented with. They’ll also offer brimming insight about the higher dimensions and our evolution back into them.

Not Everyone Believes in Channeling

Despite my support for channeling and channeled messages, I should point out that some people don’t believe in their validity or credibility.

Some people think that only certain direct forms of channeling can be valid, while others think that the very idea of communicating with entities beyond our physical realm is too wild to possibly be true. Some have discredited channeling after witnessing predictions or similar ordeals that didn’t pan out, but personally, I recognize the necessity to bring about the future discussed in a host of channeled messages ourselves.

There’s a lot of stereotype surrounding channeling, and this is a big reason it isn’t credible to some. Some people believe channeling to be another new age “trend” that’ll ultimately fade away, despite the fact that it’s been practiced for centuries, and some see today’s channeled messages as little more than intuitive information sprinkled with fairy dust.

Of course, I exaggerate with the term above, but it almost adequately describes the belief in some that the level of love and joy expressed in many channelings discredit them rather than display that the source is on a higher vibration.

Personally – if I existed on a constant vibration of love, bliss and harmony, I’d express the resulting joy to whoever I communicated with. The “fairies and unicorns” connotations my expression could be given by others who are situated on a lower vibration and who don’t understand what it’s like to feel that level of love just wouldn’t matter to me.

So it may be with higher-dimensional sources, and while some people think channeled messages are a bit mushy, others have found genuine benefit, insight and growth because of them. I don’t think I’ll ever stop endorsing channels or our Universal Family, because they’ve helped me plentifully along my growth.

Potential Channeling Pitfalls

Of course, there are some pitfalls regarding channeling, and the biggest one is the possibility of connecting with an entity of lower consciousness or intent.

The best way you can avoid such a lower connection, beyond keeping your temple healthy and pure if you want to channel, is to make continual affirmations that only guides who are of the highest and purest Christed consciousness and intent be with you, at the time of channeling and at all times.

You can find an uninhibited connection with the higher realms if you can keep your vibration relatively high, and you can directly call on higher-dimensional guides to put a layer of protection over you that ensures only beings of a certain vibration can connect with and speak through you.

Affirming such a connection will keep you away from the influence of entities with lower intent; again, as long as your vibration is generally pure. As with any ability, it’s important to practice channeling if you feel particularly drawn to it. You may not bring through a brimming or flowing message at first, but if you stick with it, you could end up connecting fruitfully and channeling long communications.

Of course, the aim isn’t to channel a long message; it’s to connect with an entity of higher consciousness who you feel close with, or with your higher self as a whole, and bring through the guidance our Universal Family is starting to become known for.

Channels on Contemporary Affairs

Beyond the assistance with our evolution, some channeled messages discuss contemporary political/geopolitical matters unfolding on our planet.

Channeled entities can be very direct when discussing contemporary matters, and some people use channeling only for spiritual advice and insight while others seek the truth about various things happening politically, environmentally, etc. Perhaps an equal balance of discussion of the two aspects of our evolution is necessary, and some of the most know channels tend to employ such balance.

Continued in Part 3 soon.

Image: http://www.net-voyance.fr/images-voyance/channeling.jpg

5 thoughts on “Who is Our Universal Family? – Part 2

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  2. I love this post! I’m starting to believe that, with this global ascension happening and so many people channeling, soon channeling will be understood to be a transcript of a loving, long distance phone call. We’ll all be talking about “phoning home” and our conversations with our universal family. Thank you Wes!


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  4. Aren’t we ultimately all channellers anyway? If we’re to consider that nothing exist outside of our consciousness, then no matter what we hear or see, be it in any way or form are kind of a channel from within our ‘divine’ consciousness? We are the master creator whom have created all that we’re experiencing, yet we chose to believe that we are NOT. The life that we are living (as in a way I’m typing here is a form of self indulgence as I’m in truth – talking to myself) is but an illusory reflection that our divine mind have hallucinated.

    The more we are to avoid or to deny the fact that we are the creator or has anything to do with all that we see or witnessing, the further we are to push ourselves away from the divine source of ONE.

    The entire cosmos is within our consciousness, all the infinite races of ET’s (and everything else) exist within our consciousness, therefore ‘they’ are all part that we the ‘I am’ divine consciousness have created as a form of self amusement because creation can only exist outside of PERFECTION – as in this state all just IS and once outside of this all is NOT. Hence all that we experience can only exist as a form of consciousness drifting from moment to moment, always changing and nothing ever stays the same. This is the proof between what is real and what is not real and what true consciousness is.

    Consider this, we are/I AM is COMPLETE, PERFECT and WHOLE willingly to be and to play a game of unconsciousness because we can as perfection is our truest state of being.


    • I couldn’t agree more, Danny. We are all one consciousness experiencing and interpreting itself, and there is no separation or difference. Thank you for your thought-provoking comment.

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


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