Wayshowing and Vasanas Continued


The following is a “response” or “follow-up” to Steve Beckow’s “Wayshowing and Vasanas”.

Vasana: A complex of traumatic memories that upset us, triggered by an event in the present that resembles one in the past. (1)

Throughout the past few days, the message has gradually sunk in that every bit of change we wish to see must first come from within. I’ve always known this on a mental level, though I haven’t quite applied it and I’ve instead been focused on helping galvanize the masses to Create outward change in our society.

That outward change is certainly important, but even more important is the inner-change we can each cultivate at this time. Take those things about yourself that you’d rather hide away from or keep away from others, and give them the most scrupulous examination you can.

Put them under the biggest mental microscope you can, and work through any issues that may hold you back from attaining a constant pure vibration.

I’m coming to learn that our actions are much more telling than our words. I could write a great big inspirational article about Creating planetary change, but what good does it do if I fall into lower-oriented patterns of behavior? My vibration would remain the same, and thus, the planet’s would remain the same.

It’s so easy to talk about the changes needing made to our society, but I’m coming to understand that the biggest and most important change has always been meant to come from within. In this new era, we’re learning to access the spiritual realms as we understand that we’re infinite spiritual beings, but in my opinion, we can’t grasp them in all of their purity if we’re stuck in lower oriented ways of Living and being.

I’m in the middle of a process of examining myself and my tendencies, habits, etc. Everything I’d rather keep hidden under the surface is clamoring to be acknowledged, and I’d imagine most of you out there are experiencing something similar.

Those parts of ourselves we try to hide away from can actually become instrumental in influencing our decisions if we refuse to acknowledge them, and the result can keep one trapped in a lower-dimensional state of being.

If I can give an example – my biggest “struggle” if you wish to call it that has always been lust. Without a proper view of what Love is meant to be and how it’s meant to be shared, my understanding of lust and sex in general were completely distorted. For somebody who writes about a new paradigm and spiritual evolution, that admission is much easier to keep under the rug.

But it’s the truth – I had genuine trouble discerning the difference between a healthy, Love-filled relationship and an unhealthy one based in pure physicality and carnal instinct. If I allowed it to (and if I hadn’t started to know better) that setback could’ve turned into a much bigger problem, laden with personal, unacknowledged vasanas.

In this day, it’s easier for me not to acknowledge aspects of that struggle that still Live within, but to do so is to deny an aspect of myself that’ll only strengthen its ferocity to be seen; felt; known. Until I can ultimately source the vasana(s) related to it, it’ll continue to remind me that it’s bubbling just underneath the surface, awaiting its due acknowledgment.

I see how latent vasanas can attempt to influence one’s thoughts and behavior if not properly acknowledged, and the overall conclusion I’ve come to is that our actions will forever speak louder than our words.

Knowing this, I see the necessity to really become the ideal way-shower who teaches based on actions instead of words. I’ll happily continue to give words, but at the same time I see that I have quite a road ahead of me in bringing my vibration fully and unflinchingly into the higher; the purer.

We’re all human and amidst trying to really understand ourselves and this experience we’re undergoing, we may uncover or even feed aspects of our former or lower-oriented selves we’d have long expected ourselves to be “too enlightened” to acknowledge or feed.

“Too enlightened” is perhaps a label or trick of the ego, devised to keep us from understanding that we’re meant to err so we can grow and learn from our “mistakes”.

I’m beginning to understand that spiritual enlightenment is much more important than social change or revolution (though the ladder is still important, in my opinion) and taking a serious and discerning look at ourselves and our tendencies (and what drives them) is more important, perhaps, than occupying Wall Street.

We have much to do in this new era, but this era can only be new if we lighten ourselves and our vibration sufficiently to greet anything new. Old actions will garner old results, and if I can quote Graham Dewyea, “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten”.

As always, I have more inner-searching to do but I can say that recognizing any aspect of ourselves keeping us from complete liberation is one of the most liberating things we can do.

Love yourself no matter your mistakes or what’s driven them, and know that you’re growing and learning into a position of bringing forth real change, physical and spiritual, on a planet whose citizens have unwittingly fed into lower-oriented aspects of themselves and their reality for millennia.

Wes Annac – Looking within to find change and revolution



Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia


(1)- Steve Beckow: “Wayshowing and Vasanas” at:


Image: http://blog.rikhavinfotech.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Be-the-change-you-want-to-see.jpg

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