What is a New Paradigm? Part 3 – Conclusion


Concluded from Part 2

There’s another aspect of building a new paradigm I’d like to address, which falls in line with refraining from completely hinging oneself on outside sources.

The few have been able to run our world basically unchallenged, and they’ve been able to do so because, for the most part, the general public has allotted our world and the places we live to be ruled by another.

We’ve been programmed to focus on keeping ourselves and our family ahead by working away at a job that sometimes contributes very little to the running of society, as we’re taught to allow the important decisions regarding us and our planet to be made by elected officials.

The idea that the system as it stands at present is purposely broken and rigged in favor of the few with money and power isn’t picked up on in a distracted reality filled with survival, which is why we’ve been kept unaware and uncaring about how our world is run.

Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of activists and intelligent people who keep themselves actively involved in the world’s affairs, but the masses have largely been kept too distracted to care or even be aware. Because we’ve grown up in a conditioned reality that’s taught us only to survive and look out for ourselves, the decisions of another regarding parts of the world we don’t know or care about doesn’t enter our minds, for the most part.

A lot of people still look toward their elected officials; their governments; the people in power who own the media outlets telling them what to think and believe. They’ve looked up to the Bush family; the Royal families; the lawmakers and politicians who’ve been largely corrupted.

I can remember being younger and encountering two dear, unknowing people who liked George W. Bush for the sole reason that there was such heavy criticism of him going on at the time. (Of course, I didn’t know any better at the time either.)

He became an “underdog hero” of sorts to them, and the paradigm of looking up to another to run their country was employed without a second thought because of the degree of societal conditioning they’d been subjected to. I remember them telling me at the time, “he’s doing his best”.

These dear, unknowing people didn’t realize that the criticism against Bush was and is more than justified, and still today, people look up to similar corrupt “leaders” to improperly do a job we’re all meant to do. As we empower ourselves and recognize the necessity of running this world ourselves, we’ll take the reins from our perceived leaders.

Lifting the Planetary Vibration

As we act upon the principles of harmony and prosperity amongst all and begin running our Earth in accordance with those principles, so will the vibration of humanity’s collective consciousness, and of the entire Earth, rise to match the purity of the realms of consciousness the Earth is believed to be evolving into physically and spiritually.

We’ll discuss this event, which has been termed “ascension”, in Spiritual Evolution. For now, I wanted to make a note that we’ll be lightening the planetary vibration with our mere efforts to establish peace and unity on a widespread level, and a rise in consciousness and perception will naturally result for humans and for the entire Earth.

We’ll lift the Earth up with us as we lighten and refine our personal and collective vibration, and the unity we’ll establish will see us able to greet the purer states of consciousness we’re growing into and coming to understand again. Plenty of noticeable effects will take place in our physical reality as a result, and upon coming together, we’ll find that our past and our future are nothing like we’ve been told.

We’ll discover that we’ve always been meant to know and understand the brimming realms of full consciousness beyond our understanding, and that we’ve been purposely held back from perceiving such realms and kept within a lower-dimensional frame of perception.

We’ll understand that the frames of consciousness we were feeding into are purposely distorted, and that we have the grand opportunity to dissolve our otherwise-concrete perceptual barriers and brace blissful states of consciousness, the likes of which we haven’t yet seen.

We have the power and ability now, as evolving human and spiritual beings, to lift up our vibration and that of the collective and greet the purest and most blissful feelings and states of consciousness that result.

The work done in the physical to establish peace, prosperity and unity on a widespread level will largely aid the collective in being able to find such states of consciousness for themselves, and we all deserve the opportunity to activate our greater spiritual potential.


In bringing about a new paradigm, it’ll be important for us to put in the work necessary in the physical to achieve the collective states of consciousness we’ll access.

It’ll be important for us to devote ourselves to bringing about the new paradigm if we’ve committed to doing so, and it’ll be important for us to practice emergence and conversation with others in preparation for the work we’ll be doing.

As it stands at present, people from all around the world who may otherwise have nothing in common are writing about establishing a new paradigm and the principles and methods necessary for us to follow as we do so.

More people are awakening every day and finding the need to address the current unworkable situation and system our world is facing, and with time, an avalanche of awakening will take place and the basic changes needing to be made will be unavoidable.

A new paradigm is being thought up and built upon in every moment, and you’re invited to contribute to it with as much of yourself as you can. It may not be easy, but ultimately, it will be worth it!



Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

Image: http://48yo.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/paradigm.jpg

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