Karma Yoga Daily Is Circling the Drain: We Need Your Help

Karma Yoga Daily Is Circling the Drain: We Need Your Help

By Wes Annac, Editor, Karma Yoga Daily

When I created Karma Yoga Daily, I had a vision for what the blog would be. I wanted it to be a haven for anyone who’s interested in spirituality, activism, alternative news, and protecting the environment, among other things. I wanted to have a dialogue with those of you who share these interests.

For me, the new blog represented a rebirth. I’d lost the inspiration to write after some things happened in my life that sent me crashing down to Earth from the clouds my head comfortably rested in. I became a little more pessimistic, especially regarding spirituality, but maintained my belief that love is the truth at the heart of all spiritual philosophy. I still believe it is; otherwise I wouldn’t still be writing.

More than once, I’ve come close to giving this up and getting a regular job. Sometimes the stress – mainly financial stress – doesn’t seem worth the freedoms you get when you work for yourself. Sometimes I wonder if I’d be happier exchanging these freedoms for the financial security I might get from a less meaningful job.

Every time I come so close to giving up, something pulls me back in. On one occasion, that “something” was karma yoga: a lifestyle centered on serving others. The idea that I could pursue writing as a purpose and a service kept me from shutting it all down.

It reminded me that plenty of people are living their purpose, helping others, and making enough of a living to survive. I then realized that I shouldn’t do this work for selfish purposes, but I should be able to survive while I do it. The only way I can pay the bills with writing, podcasting, or running a blog is to work so incredibly hard that things can’t help but fall in line.

In the couple months since Openhearted Rebel became Karma Yoga Daily, I’ve worked more than ever. I continue to believe that if you work hard with an unselfish spirit, it’ll enable you to at least survive comfortably.

Obviously, karma yoga is not meant to make you rich or famous. I don’t expect to make millions from writing articles, eBooks, or doing podcasts. I just need to survive.

In terms of wanting to give up, I hit one of my lowest points shortly before I created Karma Yoga Daily. I was all but ready to give up but thankfully found the inspiration to keep going. Recently, I hit what might be my lowest point. I’m not throwing in the towel, but if I’m being honest, things are harder than ever.

At the time of writing this, a lot of things are piling on – bills, a lack of transportation, expensive home repairs, less income – and I need to step back and think about it all. As someone who has a family to support, I need to question if I’m doing the right thing. It’s a depressing question but one I must ask.

I’d rather create content without asking for anything in return, but I’ve been forced to ask readers for help more and more lately. I know that this is a give-and-take, and I can’t spend so much time working toward something if I’m doing it for free. But I deeply despise asking for financial help. To me, it contradicts karma yoga (selfless service) and negates everything I’m doing.

Now, with bills/expenses piling up and no end in sight, I can’t be ashamed to need help. As much as I believe in karma yoga and will continue to, I can’t work for free. I wish the world operated differently and I could write without charging a dime or asking for help at all. Some days I feel like I can, but reality is showing me that it doesn’t work this way.

I have no sponsors, and the ads on the blog generate chump-change at best. I don’t have an incredible social media following, as sites like Facebook are making it harder to reach people if you’re lucky enough that they don’t delete your page.

What little income I have comes directly from the couple hundred people or less who read my articles. I say this not to be negative, but because it’s the truth: if the blog is going to continue, we need your support. Financially, we’re circling the drain. We need help from our readers.

I could repeat that I’m working harder and making more content, and despite the lack of results from that work so far, I can promise you it’s true. I’ve never been so far out of my comfort zone in terms of working more and approaching this work in difficult yet creative ways. I’m excited to share the results if/when possible.

If I put out this and other appeals for financial assistance with no response, I’ll take it as a sign that it’s not meant to be. I won’t shut down the blog, but I certainly won’t be around as often if I’m back in the rat race. I can say that we’ll need support sooner rather than later or we’ll be without internet, making it impossible to post or be around at all.

Despite these very real threats looming, I’m hopeful about the future. I feel inspired again, and for me, that’s a big deal. I want to work harder, create more, and give you incentive to support us over these rough next few months. If that support doesn’t materialize, then I’ll have no other option.

If you can’t help financially, we could use some good vibes right now. I’m a believer in the power of positive energy, and if our spiritual/lightworker friends can send some our way, we’d love you for it.

I don’t want to draw a line in the sand; I want to keep writing and sharing informative content. If you believe in the future of Karma Yoga Daily and you can support us, it would help ensure the blog doesn’t fade away.

I’ll keep writing for now, and the universe will decide if I sink or swim. It’s out of my hands.

How you can help:

There are a few ways you can support us. One is by subscribing to the Weekly Awareness Guide for $11.11 a month. The guide isn’t much in terms of content; just a few extra articles exclusively available to subscribers and compiled into a neat, readable format (sent via email). The purpose of the subscription is to support the blog, with the extra articles being a perk.

Weekly Awareness Guide $11.11 monthly subscription

Another way you can support us is by checking out my first and (so far) only eBook: Enlightened Afterlife. I wrote it because I was fascinated with the religion known as Spiritualism and wanted to explore its history and philosophy with an open mind. I figured my friends in the spiritual community would be interested as well. Kindle owners can purchase the book here. Or, you can purchase the PDF version with the button below and receive it via email.

Buy Now With Credit Cards
PDF of Enlightened Afterlife for $7.99

Lastly, you can support us by donating via PayPal to wesremal@yahoo.com. Short of subscribing to the guide, this is the best and most direct way you can help.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who’s supported us through the years. We’re able to continue through your support alone, and we most certainly would not have come this far without it. By helping us, you are ensuring Karma Yoga Daily has a long, productive future.

Much love,

Wes Annac & family

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