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By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

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What I want is simple.

I want the world to live in peace; not die in war. I want to see people treat each other as equals; not hate and kill each other over something as silly as religious or political differences. I want us to treat each other as one human race; not multiple races in perpetual conflict over what divides us.

I want to help people understand what love really is; not the romantic notions we’ve come to associate with love, but true love. This is love for all mankind, and with it comes the understanding that we are one race. We can thrive together or fall together.

I want to live in a world where we honor this basic idea and treat each other with compassion.

I want all of this, but until now, I haven’t tried to create this kind of world through my own actions.

I haven’t been the example I intend to be, and if I don’t do it, I can’t expect anyone else to. The statement that we must “be the change we want to see in the world” is cliché and overused for a reason: It’s the best possible advice for anyone who wants to change the world.

I can’t imagine how the world around me could change if I don’t first initiate a change in myself. And yet, I never do it.

I see now that personal change is the greatest obstacle to changing the world, but strangely, it’s also the only real way to make change. I can write about this incredible new way of life all day long, but it won’t materialize if I don’t create the conditions for it in my own life.

Therefore, if I want the world to live in peace, I must live in peace. If I want people to treat each other as equals, I must treat all people as equals. If I want us to see one human race, I must see it first. I must change if I want the world to change. I must become an example of love in action if I want love to spread across the world.

How often do we talk about changes we want to see, only to resist the principles on which those changes would be founded?

For example: Most of us want to see peace in the world, and yet, most of us don’t live peaceful lives. Even those whose lives are relatively peaceful still experience some chaos now and then. Most of it is preventable, but at the time we certainly don’t want to prevent it.

We don’t realize how important what we’re doing in that moment really is. We’re sowing seeds; forming the building blocks on which future experiences will grow. We will only see peace in the world when we’re peaceful within. Otherwise, we’ll see only war and destruction.

When we go out of our way to choose peace in times of strife, we focus on it and thus notice it more in the world.

All those great things we want to see, including world peace, will become our reality. We’ll still be aware of the chaos in the world, but peaceful, sensible solutions will come to mind that we can share with others in hopes of making a change.

Personally, I’ve reached a point where I can no longer tolerate failure to create the life I want to live. I can no longer tolerate laziness or anything that takes me off my path.

Sitting at the computer and writing has become a need, because it not only helps pay the bills, but connects me with a part of myself I can’t live without. I can no longer resist the call to write and create things intended to help humanity in this bizarre, wonderful evolution.

I see how the lack of harmony in my life contributes to the chaos in the world. I see that if I can lessen the degree of control I give the ego and become an example of personal heart-centered change, I can bring something positive to the world.

I can change someone’s life, even if it’s in a small way, by sharing from the heart and being an example of change.

The most difficult part is the self-sacrifice it requires. This is where I’ve been struggling lately. Self-sacrifice is really a “sacrifice” of the ego and the control it maintains over the mind. To do this, you need only calm the mind. But as you can imagine, it isn’t easy.

As always, I recommend meditation. Calming the mind automatically eliminates ego control, and if you create for a living like me, it helps open the inner creative channel.

In this state of mind, self-sacrifice is easy. It doesn’t feel at all like a sacrifice, but like a surrender of the rigid part of you that resists change and gives into fear over love. This part of you will prevent a peaceful life (and subsequently a peaceful world) if you give it too much control, which is why mind-easing practices like meditation help so much.

What I want to see in the world is bold and some would call it naïve, but I don’t pursue these goals aimlessly.

I have a plan of action, and it starts on a personal level. It starts with me reflecting my desires for the world in the way I treat the people around me; if nothing else, my outlook on the world will brighten and I can use this new perspective to bring joy to others.

Love is my religion, and I now see that this way of life comes with a responsibility to share the good vibes with a world in need of healing. It’s one thing to proclaim your love for love, but it’s another thing altogether to do something with it. I now know what to do, and I’d encourage you to do something too.

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