Untangling the Knot of Fear

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

Meditation is wonderful.

By bringing your attention to your subconscious, it helps you become aware of things deep within that either help or hurt you. If you meditate for long enough, it’ll reveal the answers to your deepest questions.

Without meditation, I don’t think I could receive the guidance I’ve needed to get through countless problems in life.

Meditation was there for me each time I realized I can’t find what I need in the material world. By becoming silent, still, and willing to listen to the nothingness, I discovered a higher consciousness and the potential to plunge deeper.

Within the meditation-induced nothingness, you discover the intuitive stream of thought that leads to positive places through positive choices. If you can tune in and listen to this intuitive thought stream, it’ll help you stay on the right path.

Acknowledging and Releasing Fear

I recently discovered in meditation that I carry a lot of fear. It’s as I’ve been tangled in a knot of fear that I can now untie.

I was advised to acknowledge it, explore it if needed, and let it go. I was also advised that if necessary, I can repeat this process until I heal every bit of leftover negative energy. We don’t have to give in to it anymore. With perseverance and the intuitive wisdom received in meditation, we can finally release it.

I was relieved to find that I don’t have to resist it or let it influence my behavior. I feel free from a heavy emotional weight that’s still present but much more manageable. For the first time, I’m looking up at the mountain and feeling confident that I can climb it. We all can. But we must persevere when it stops being easy.

I was also relieved to remember I can connect with the intuitive thought stream anytime. Meditation should not be the only time you listen to the intuition, as it can constantly guide you.

People usually prefer to tune it out, but it’s here regardless. Meditation enhances it it, but sitting still and focusing on silence are not required to listen to this wise inner voice. The only requirements are that you know it’s here and trust where it leads you.

Your Struggles Don’t Define You

You won’t always struggle, so when you do, try not to let it define you. Sometimes your struggles will be worse than ever, while other times, you won’t seem to have any at all. Life is filled with highs and lows, and while they’re natural, they don’t represent you.

You are who you are regardless of the trials life puts you through. If you do your best, you’re sure to keep your head above water.

Understandably, we humans tend to worry someone will pull the rug out from underneath our feat any minute. The struggle for survival is riddled with the fear that something big will go wrong. This is often why we let our struggles discourage or define us; we fear nothing will ever change so we try to change nothing.

Life is more than a continuous struggle, so we have no reason to think this is all we’ll get out of it. Amazing things happen every day, but we won’t see them if we only focus on the negative. If we convince ourselves life is nothing but misery, this is the life we’ll create.

We’re powerful creators, but to make any positive changes, we must be open to the good and bad sides in life. Then, you can transcend and replace the “good” and “bad” duality with love.

We All Struggle

I’ll no longer let fear or adversity define me. I will untangle this knot no matter how much effort it takes, and I’ll share what I can along the way. When trying to improve yourself, it helps to know others are in the same boat and can share what they’ve learned. It helps even more to know you can do the same for them.

If you have a vision of the life you want to live but struggle to materialize it, know that there are plenty of others just like you. We all struggle, but if we listen to the intuition and take the right paths, we’ll overcome all adversity.

We’ll eventually see that evolution is all about the journey, which is endless, and not the destination. For some, the destination is universal enlightenment. But spiritual evolution goes on forever. Right now, we’re engaged in the effort to advance to higher levels. The struggle might not be as intense on those levels, but we’ll continue to learn and evolve.

Remember that your current circumstances are mere symptoms of your evolutionary journey. The intuition will help you decode the lessons in every problem, so plug in to this incredible power source. It will ensure you conquer fear with love.


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