Keep Going!


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

We all have days when we don’t even want to get out of bed, much less contribute to the world. Willingly getting up in the morning is difficult, and our lack of enthusiasm can carry on into the day and make us less productive.

This can deplete our self-esteem and make us feel like we aren’t doing anything significant, which can cause lowness and further lessen our willingness to do anything positive or constructive. As hard as we try to remind ourselves we’re worthy and we’re doing the best we can, we start to feel worthless or like we don’t have anything good to give to the world.

Fatigue and especially depression can make us feel like we can’t take on the day, but they only have power over us when we invite them in. Only if we let them can they make us feel incapable and unworthy, and instead, we can return to the heart, regain our vitality, embrace our limitations (while trying to exceed them) and let the world think what it will. We only need to do our best and have self-confidence regardless of whether or not others approve, and we’ll impress ourselves every day.


We need to keep going when we feel our least willing or self-confident, and we usually feel this way because we’re on the verge of a breakthrough and we don’t realize it. Miracles can happen if we keep going when we don’t want to, because we’ll confront our self-imposed limitations and move forward.

When we’re at the end of our rope, it’s usually because we’re ready for the next level. It isn’t easy to graduate from the level we’re comfortable with to something new, unexpected and challenging, but if we’re committed, we’ll find it in ourselves to take that leap and embrace what lies ahead.

We’re continuously growing, and even though we learn the same lessons over and over again so we can get something new out of them each time, we can no longer return to the level on which we were comfortable. We have to evolve no matter how challenging it is, and the alternative for many of us is a lazy, loveless and passionless life.

We’ll find wholeness by challenging ourselves and staying strong in hard times, but we’ll fail to live the way we want if we don’t and we’ll wish we’d been stronger when we look back on it. Our heads will be filled with dreams of what could’ve been, and our hearts will ache for the life we know we could’ve had. We can have this kind of life, but we’ll be challenged every step of the way and some of the challenges will seem too difficult to handle.


We can triumph if we believe in ourselves, but we’re likely to fail if we don’t.

We’ll succeed in ways we never expected if we keep going, and our achievements will surprise us and everyone around us. Nobody will expect the miracles we’ll create, least of all ourselves, and we’ll realize somewhere along the way that we have a responsibility to do this work we’re passionate about. Again, it doesn’t matter what we do in life as long as we enjoy it and we use it to inspire positive change, and if we commit to them, our passions will become our responsibilities.

You say you like music? Imagine playing and writing fulltime and achieving more with it than you thought possible. You say you have a passion for writing? Imagine having infinite inspiration to write book after book, and imagine those books uplifting millions of dedicated readers.

The same general example can be given for any potential life purpose, and giving up is the worst thing we can do at this point. We have too much to do to let ourselves off the hook or give into fatigue, laziness, or even depression, but this doesn’t mean we should push ourselves or rush things. It means we should keep on even if we move at a slow pace, because moving slowly is better than not moving at all.

We have to contribute in some way, and since many of us have already found our passion(s) and we’re willing to use them to move the world forward, the time will soon come to take them to the next level. That time has already come for a lot of dedicated world-changers who are willing to help in any way they can, and we no longer have time for laziness.


It’s time to use our voice, because the elite’s reign will only end when everyone actively participates in its destruction and the creation of something new. Things will only change if we change them, and it’ll require us to become more active than we might expect. It’s easy to forget that we’re on a mission and our participation is crucial, but the consequences of our inaction are too grave to assume that others will handle this for us.

It’s okay if we don’t have as much momentum some days as we do others, and it’s what we do with our energy (or lack of) that’s important. We can always keep moving regardless of how we feel, but most people don’t prefer to be active if they don’t have much energy. We can break this trend with a devoted, unconditional drive to be active, and we don’t have to overflow with energy to do great things.

All we need is a heart full of love and a mind full of inspiration (and the willingness to do something with these valuable tools), and we can create more positive change than we realize. We can uplift the world in ways we never thought possible if we push ourselves a little and refuse to let fatigue stop us from living passionately and purposefully, and with self-confidence, this and so many other things will be within our reach.

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