Was a Tiny Humanlike ET Spotted on Mars?

Mars Curiosity Rover. Credit: 3dvisionlive.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

(Photos of the potential ET are shared near the end of this report.)

The internet is abuzz with UFO sightings and claims of extraterrestrial contact, and more people than ever are interested in the idea of extraterrestrial life. With all of the planets, galaxies and universes out there, it’s nonsensical to think that we’re the only lifeforms in existence and no life can survive anywhere beyond earth.

It’s common sense that extraterrestrial life exists if you think about how miniscule our planet is in comparison to the rest of the cosmos, but according to some people, it’s closer to earth than we think.

Some people will tell you that our governments hide the existence of ETs and advanced technology that could dramatically improve life on our planet if it were disclosed and given to the public, and testimony from people involved in classified military projects confirms the existence of these technologies and the extraterrestrials responsible for them.

The idea is that the military industrial complex suppresses this technology to keep the world reliant on fossil fuels and other outdated energy sources that line the pockets of the CEOs whose companies ravage the earth for profit, and if the extraterrestrial presence were disclosed, we could put the suppressed technology to use and eradicate hunger, poverty and anything else that holds us back as a species.

Credit: ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.in

Some people are holding their breath for ET disclosure, while others approach the subject with open-minded yet cautious curiosity. While they know it’s basically impossible for extraterrestrial life not to exist, they aren’t as certain about disclosure as those who are convinced extraterrestrials are here (and even communicating with us) and their existence will soon be disclosed in an event that’d completely change life as we know it.

Among the believers and enthusiasts is ‘UFO expert’ Scott C. Waring, who thinks that one of the recent images of Mars taken by the Curiosity Rover show a three-to-four inch tall extraterrestrial who appears to be somewhat human. Jonathon Vankin at Inquisitr.com explains.

“With NASA set to announce a “major science finding” about Mars on Monday, a top online UFO expert has claimed that he recently discovered an ‘alien figure’ on the Red Planet’s surface, standing and patiently watching as the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover rolls by. In fact, the alleged alien shows remarkable calm in the photo — actually two photos — because at least according to the UFO researcher, the creature is only ‘three to four inches’ tall, meaning that this alien is lucky that the rover didn’t crush him.” (1)

Apparently, the ET’s small size is nothing new.

“But the diminutive size of the alien observer is not unusual, according to Scott C. Waring, editor of the popular UFO Sightings Daily blog.

“We found quite a few alien figures that looked human-like on Mars, that are very, very small,” the UFO researcher says in his video revealing the “find,” … ‘Are they alive? Are [they] petrified? I don’t know. One thing I do know is that it’s not statues and it’s not natural.’” (2)

Body of the humanlike ET from ‘Sirius’. Credit: aliencenter.de

Some of you might recall the body of the tiny humanlike ET featured on the popular documentary Sirius. If that body, as well as the possible ET in the photos taken by the Curiosity Rover, are indeed real, then it displays that body size can be very different on other planets.

According to Waring, he’s spotted about ten other tiny ETs in the past few years.

“[Waring] explained his finding on the well-trafficked UFO Sighting Daily blog.

“‘I was at one of the two blogs that NASA has for the rover and caught sight of something standing upright on two legs. When I made the photo 5X bigger I found that the figure seemed human-like,’ Waring wrote.

“‘I have reported about 10 figures over the last 3 years… all of them small beings like this. Some of them looked alive, others looked petrified by some cruel weapon,’ the UFO hunter continued.

“‘Why does NASA ignore these alien figures? Because finding life is not part of their public mission, but is on the rovers covert missions it performs. Publicly, the rover is there to appease the curiosity of the public… thusly they named the rover… Curiosity.’” (3)

Some people think NASA is a front that exists to cover up the US government’s real activities in space and their encounters with positive and negative ETs, but if that’s true, I wonder why they’d let a potential photo of one slip through the cracks. I’ve heard of NASA employees censoring pictures of extraterrestrials or anything else they don’t want the public to know about, so unless it was a mistake or a fluke, why would they leave something like this in the photos?

NASA Mars alien figure photo

Look toward the top right hand corner of the photo. Can you spot it? Scroll down to see it circled in the photo. Credit: ufosightingsdaily.com

Maybe they knew that UFO enthusiasts would notice and the purpose of the whole thing was to ready the public for disclosure, but if that’s true, they sure aren’t trying very hard to suppress the truth anymore.

While I’m not skeptical of UFOs or extraterrestrial life (I’ve had some interesting UFO sightings in the past few years), I couldn’t tell you if there’s an actual extraterrestrial in the photos. The photos should definitely be given some attention, especially by NASA (even though the organization would instantly debunk them), but personally, I’d need a little more verification before I could claim that they’re genuine.

We need to keep looking out for things like this, because the truth is out there, waiting to be discovered one photo and video at a time.

Here, the potential ET is circled and its picture blown up. Credit: ufosightingsdaily.com

Feel free to check out the pictures and leave a comment with your opinion on them. Do you think there’s an extraterrestrial presence on Mars? If so, do you think the photos actually captured one of these tiny humanlike ETs?

As I’m fond of saying, not knowing is half the fun because it leaves us to speculate and discuss these things with each other. It’s time for the truth to come out, and it can only do so if we actively seek it together.

UFO Alien Mars NASA Enlarged

Here, the potential ET’s picture is blown up more. Credit: ufosightingsdaily.com

Whether or not these photos are genuine, our space family is out there and I think we can eventually make contact if we clean up our mess here on earth. Maybe that’s why we haven’t been openly contacted by some benevolent ET race who wants to help us; we have to help ourselves first by creating the kind of society that can welcome them.


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3 thoughts on “Was a Tiny Humanlike ET Spotted on Mars?

  1. …alas, Dr Greer’s Sirius “ET” is a hoax, as per the Zetas from ZetaTalk Altho, there seems to be indication that tiny little martian figures and structures are actually being photographed on Mars. Keep in mind, as NASA reminded the public on Monday, that only about 4% of the surface of Mars has been explored and talks of exploring the subterranean…keeps hope alive 😉


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