We’re Stronger Than They Want Us to Think

Credit: betternetworker.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

As individuals, we’ve been taught to believe we’re insignificant and we could never change anything about this corrupted world. We’re programmed to accept a lifestyle where we work all day every day, regardless of whether or not we’re passionate about our job, and come home to a gluttonous or materialistic lifestyle. We think we work so we can live, but most people work to afford luxuries they’re convinced they need.

The controllers want us to think we’re too small to make a difference, and they can get away with their crimes as long as our pacified society never holds them accountable. They can continue to profit from the exploitation of the lower and middle classes (not to mention impoverished nations), and they can continue to ravage the environment and get away with it. Things would change in a heartbeat if people could wake up and demand justice, but as long as we think we’re too small, we’ll never arise or make any changes.

We’ll continue to fight amongst each other, because the people around us will be the only ones we feel ‘big’ enough to fight. People would stop fighting if they knew who the real enemy was and they knew they had what it takes to stop it, but until then, they’ll keep making enemies out of people on their own level. Most of them have a displaced sense of anger because of the way life is, and they don’t understand that our society is engineered to be this way. They could perhaps channel that angry energy into a productive form of protest or activism if they did, and they wouldn’t be alone.

The purposeful lack of self-empowerment isn’t just meant to keep us from holding the elite accountable. They also want to keep us from discovering our spirituality and our oneness with each other and the rest of the world, because then, they really won’t be able to control us. They could never control a world of socially and spiritually conscious people who are willing to work together, and they depend on our disempowerment and our carelessness about the way the world is governed.

Spirituality restores our self-confidence and our willingness to fight, in a balanced and peaceful way, for the rights we know we’re supposed to have, and this is why Big Brother targets spiritual figures, movements and communities. They know these movements are waking people up, and that’s the last thing they want. Once we’re awake, the cat will be out of the bag and they’ll no longer keep a lid on the spiritual secrets they think we aren’t good enough to know.

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Mainstream religion is partially responsible for the destruction of true spirituality, because the controllers know they can fool the masses with distorted, falsified belief systems. Everyone is spiritually hungry, even those who rebel against religion and spirituality, and since they controllers know this, they suppress true awareness with belief systems that force their followers to adhere to strict rules that keep them from growing closer with the divine.

Few things are more liberating and empowering than true spirituality, and as long as false religions siphon their followers’ sense of love, guidance and empowerment, the masses will be too blind and distracted to see what’s going on right under their noses. They’ll be too busy with their conditioned lifestyle to question what’s really going on, and the last people they’ll point the finger at are politicians and CEOs of multinational corporations.

We need to break our deeply rooted programming by understanding that we’re powerful spiritual beings who can move mountains, and the world will continue to be corrupt if we fail to tap into our individual and collective power. Our individual power is impressive enough, but our collective power would amaze us if we could come together and tap into it. Our abilities and achievements would be surprising to say the least, and the best part would be the ease with which we could uproot the controllers and set our sights on creating something new.

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Every one of us is powerful, and it’s time we give ourselves the credit we deserve. Instead of backing away or hiding in the corner, let’s emerge from our comfort zones and tell the world how we feel about spirituality, government and corporate corruption, and so many other important topics. We have no more reason to hide from the world, because it’s slowly yet surely waking up and the same people who used to think we were crazy will soon support us.

Unity is impossible without self-love and self-empowerment, but with them, it’s inevitable. Loving ourselves is the first step to empowering ourselves (and everyone else), and self-love will be the key that brings the world together. Most people still don’t love themselves enough to show anything but bitterness to the rest of the world, but we can slowly change this.

Even if it takes a while, we will restore humanity’s love and confidence. We can work on restoring our own in the meantime, with the knowledge that our personal transformation will make it easier for the rest of the world to wake up and transform when they’re ready. People will be more open to self-love (and love for the rest of humanity) when they see how easily and freely we share it, and before we know it, all of humanity will be empowered, confident and ready to eject the controllers from their self-made thrones.

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