Earth History According to Ra: More on Confederation Assistance

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

We left off from a discussion about the South American contacts made by the Confederation, which, like the visitations in Atlantis, ended in the distortions of the teachings that were offered and the civilization’s eventual downfall. As we learned, along with the Confederation entities who visited the South American civilization, Ra feels responsible for the damage they unintentionally caused and they’ve made it their responsibility to stick around (in fifth density) and help clear up the misunderstandings.

Now, we’ll learn some miscellaneous information about the history of the Confederation’s contacts. Let’s keep in mind that they’ve only made contact when they felt they could help the civilizations evolve or grasp the Law of One, and everything they do, they do out of service and the desire to help us complete our ascension cycle.

They want to help us learn, grow and evolve in a similar way that they were all helped, and they didn’t anticipate the distortion of their teachings, which the ‘rulers’ of these civilizations have been responsible for. Now that we’re nearing the end of our last cycle, more people are becoming aware of the greed and selfishness of the people in power and we’re liberating ourselves from their control.

We can now reconnect with the higher forces who are trying to help us, and as Ra tells us, there have been seldom been clear teachings about the Law of One in our recent history.

Question: “Has the Law of One been communicated within the past eighty years by any other source to [an] entity in our population?

Ra: “I am Ra. The ways of One have seldom been communicated, although there are rare instances in the previous [80] of your years, as you measure time.

“There have been many communications from fourth density due to the drawing towards the harvest to fourth density. These are the ways of universal love and understanding. The other teachings are reserved for those whose depth of understanding, if you will excuse this misnomer, recommend and attract such further communication.” (1)

People are picking up on some pretty advanced fourth density teachings these days, but few people have searched deep enough within to grasp or communicate teachings that are specifically related to the Law of One. I think this’ll change as the planetary consciousness continues to rise, and before we know it, everyone will be connected with these teachings on a deeper level.

We’ll all be able to communicate the insights we receive about our existence and the vibrant states of consciousness we’ll have connected with, and the progress we make as individuals will inspire and empower us on a collective level, leading to more inner seeking and more progress.

Ra also tells us about the assistance that was given to our planet from wanderers and advanced souls who wanted more third density experiences around the beginning of the 1800s.

Question: “Did the Confederation then step up its program of helping planet Earth (…) some time late in this last major cycle? It seems that they did from the previous data, especially with the Industrial Revolution. Can you tell me the attitudes and reasonings behind this step up? Is there any reason other than that they just wanted to produce more leisure time in the last, say, a hundred years of the cycle? Is this the total reason?

Ra: “I am Ra. This is not the total reason. Approximately [200] of your years in the past, as you measure time, there began to be a significant amount of entities who by seniority were incarnating for learn/teaching purposes rather than for the lesser of the learn/teachings of those less aware of the process. This was our signal to enable communication to take place.

“The Wanderers which came among you began to make themselves felt at approximately this time, firstly offering ideas or thoughts containing the distortion of free will. This was the prerequisite for further Wanderers which had information of a more specific nature to offer. The thought must precede the action.” (2)

The first wanderers to incarnate raised a little bit of awareness, and the ones who incarnated later built on it with teachings or musings that were more related to the Law of One and social progress. Beyond learning third density lessons, they incarnated to help the people of that time become aware of higher concepts that could speed up their advancement.

As we’ll learn, the Confederation has offered some pretty unique forms of assistance in the past. One example is the exploding of nuclear devices, where they intervened to make sure the victims experienced a safe transition to the other side.

Ra: “There are other services we may perform. Firstly, the integration of souls or spirits, if you will, in the event of use of these nuclear devices in your space/time continuum. This the Confederation has already done.

Question: “I don’t fully understand what you mean by that. Could you expand a little bit?

Ra: “I am Ra. The use of intelligent energy transforming matter into energy is of such a nature among these weapons that the transition from space/time third density to time/space third density or what you may call your heaven worlds is interrupted in many cases. “Therefore, we are offering ourselves as those who continue the integration of soul or spirit complex during transition from space/time to time/space.” (3)

Ra shares an example of how they did this.

Question: “Could you please give me an example from, let us say, Hiroshima or Nagasaki of how this is done?

Ra: “I am Ra. Those who were destroyed, not by radiation, but by the trauma of the energy release, found not only the body/mind/spirit complex made unviable, but also a disarrangement of that unique vibratory complex you have called the spirit complex, which we understand as a mind/body/spirit complex, to be completely disarranged without possibility of re-integration.

“This would be the loss to the Creator of part of the Creator and thus we were given permission, not to stop the events, but to ensure the survival of the, shall we say, disembodied mind/body/spirit complex. This we did in those events which you mention, losing no spirit or portion or holograph or microcosm of the macrocosmic Infinite One.” (4)

The transition was still traumatic for the victims, but their disembodied consciousness remained intact.

Question: “Could you please (…) tell me just vaguely how you accomplished this?

Ra: “I am Ra. This is accomplished through our understanding of dimensional fields of energy. The higher or more dense energy field will control the less dense.

Question: “But then, in general then you’re saying that if we— you will allow earth, the population of this planet to have a nuclear war and many deaths from that war, but you will be able to create a condition where these deaths will be no more traumatic, shall I say, with respect to entrance to the heaven world or astral world or whatever we call it than death by a bullet or normal means of dying of old age. Is this correct?

Ra: “I am Ra. This is incorrect. It would be more traumatic. However, the entity would remain an entity.” (5)

I’d imagine the law of Freewill keeps Ra or other members of the Confederation from intervening in the event of nuclear attack. I know it sounds confusing, but a cosmic force intervening in our earthly affairs is definitely a violation of our freewill right not to know about their existence yet. I couldn’t tell you how the victims’ freewill didn’t stop it from happening, but at the very least, the Confederation was there to make sure their transition was smooth, even with the trauma.

These attacks were apparently so devastating that they’ve could’ve somehow disintegrated the victims’ disembodied consciousness, but the Confederation was given permission to make sure that a portion of the creator wasn’t lost. No wonder we’ve been hearing that exploding these nukes for the purpose of war is no longer allowed on our planet.

It won’t happen, because it isn’t permitted. Even the cosmic bad guys who rule over the cabal have to follow certain rules, and as badly as they’d probably like to detonate another nuclear device, they just aren’t allowed.

We’re being helped – not only by our creator, but by the cosmic forces who serve him/her and are aligned with the path of selfless service.

While the people who knowingly or unknowingly propagate disinformation about Ra would disagree, these forces (Ra and the Confederation) are not negative entities and the ‘harvest’ they’re preparing us for has nothing to do with forcing us to evolve into a false higher consciousness against our will.

Ra has spoken extensively about the negative cosmic forces who really are trying to control us and ‘harvest’ our energy in a negative way, and the forces who are known to come from Orion are the ones who dabble in mind control and want to ‘harvest’ us into a negative density.

When we lump Ra or the Confederation in with them, we spread misunderstanding and give the negative forces more credit than they deserve. Feel free to believe what you want (even if you choose to believe the Ra material is a hoax altogether), but we might want to get clear about who the ‘positive’, selfless forces are and who the ‘negative’, self-serving ones are.

The ‘negative’ forces share information that’s distorted toward serving self over others, whereas Ra states multiple times in the Law of One that they follow the path of unity and the distortion of selfless service. Some spiritual seekers will inevitably continue to lump Ra in with the bad guys, but there’s a notable difference between them.

The Confederation has been helping us at various times throughout our history, and their goal isn’t to suck away our souls; it’s to help us open up to love/light (and the Law of One as a whole) and graduate into the next stage of our existence. Our openness to their assistance will determine the help we receive, and our willingness to share their intuitive teachings will determine how many people we can help evolve.

The choice is ours, and as long as we take a path of selfless service, we don’t even need to believe in the Ra material or anything else. Inspiring unity and being there for others is all that matters, but if we want to access and share these advanced teachings, we know to search for them within.


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