The Link Between Creativity and Spirituality

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I feel compelled to ask all of you what creativity means to you.

What comes to mind when you think of creativity? It is just something that entertains us or pleases our senses, or do you think it could help us spiritually evolve?

If you read my articles a lot, you probably know my stance on it. But I try to be open to new viewpoints, even if they shatter my previous understanding, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea that creative things like writing or music can form a mental barrier between us and our higher consciousness.

A lot of teachers have said that we are nothing, and getting comfortable with this nothingness will help us expand our minds and come closer to enlightenment. We existed in the space of nothingness before we came here, and nothingness is our ultimate destination.

Everything in this world that we perceive with the physical senses is impermanent and irrelevant, and even things like music and art cover up our higher reality, which we connect with through complete emptiness and meditation.

Meditation teaches us that this emptiness is actually alive, vibrant, colorful, musical and blissful, but some people think that getting there requires us to renounce the external world and almost everything that involves the senses, because they cast a cloud over our deeper perception.

I agree that this sacred emptiness is our true home and we should explore it a lot more often, but I also think we should be more open to the things that have clearly been put on this world to inspire, uplift and awaken the masses.

You don’t need me to list all of the bad things that come with living on Earth, but are things here that please the senses while simultaneously introducing us to spirituality.

I refer mostly to creative things like painting, writing and music (among others). While some spiritual seekers think these things distract us from our higher consciousness, I think that if they’re pursued with the correct intent, they can connect us with our higher consciousness while uplifting other people.


The key is to always remember why we’re doing this work, which, for most of us, is because we want to open our creative and meditative channels while helping other people open theirs, or at the very least, help them feel a little better.

I think we’re here to creatively and spiritually evolve while we help the world, and this contradicts the notion that we’re only here to return to the nothingness we came from, without trying to develop our creative talents or help people in big ways.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we can, and perhaps should, approach our creative work from an empty, open-minded, somewhat meditative perspective so we can really impart our higher consciousness into it.

If our spirituality motives us to help others, then pursuing our higher consciousness and our creative work simultaneously will increase our inspiration and our flow. A writer can meditate for a while before they write, and they can keep that higher vibe going as they express themselves.

Musicians can remember to impart the sacred silence into their music, and this will raise its vibration and its potential to positively impact the world.

There are a lot of different ways we can merge our spirituality and creativity, and regardless of what I’ve written here, I do agree that we’ve come from the emptiness we try so hard to avoid and that’s where we’ll inevitably return. How we get there is our choice.

I can lose myself playing some music or writing a good long article, and sometimes, these things uplift me more than meditation. I feel the same higher vibes flow through, and it’s a very uplifting, liberating experience.

I think everyone would benefit from it, and I don’t think our interest in our creativity will distort or cover up our higher consciousness.

To the contrary – it can strengthen our inner connection if we keep at it, and there are a lot of people who rely on meditation and creativity, which are two different yet similar experiences, for a higher vibration. They also rely on other external, earthly things to stay healthy and maintain their connection.

We have the creative power. Credit:

While the complete renunciation of the material realm works for some spiritual seekers, it just doesn’t work for others who believe that this reality, as dangerous and ‘third-dimensional’ as it is, is an intrinsic part of the greater spiritual reality we’re discovering.

If you think about it, there are a lot of things right here on earth that uplift us, keep us healthy and open us up to our greater awareness. We don’t have to utilize them if our goal is complete material transcendence, but if we do decide to use them, they’re right here waiting for us.

The earth has always provided fresh and organic fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, etc. that keep us healthy – we just have to stop ruining it with pesticides, GMOs and an array of other pollutants and environmental experiments.

There are also things like writing and music that not only stimulate the senses, but seem to expand our minds and open us up to something deep within that we were cut off from until our creativity (or someone else’s) reintroduced us to it.

Writing opens a path into the mind, which we can use to travel deep into our inner realms and bring creative gems back to the surface. Self-expression isn’t just a way to express how we feel – it’s also a way to open up to a very deep, very wise, very creative part of ourselves.

If that doesn’t expand our consciousness, then I don’t know what does.

There are multiple paths into enlightenment, and we’ll just have to accept that different people have different ways of getting there. We’ll all be there in the end, so let’s enjoy ourselves along the way – even if we take time from meditation to expand our creative channel.

It’ll be worth it when our creativity pours out of us and uplifts the mind, body and spirit, and the best thing about it is that we’ll take others along for the ride.

Share freely.

I’m a twenty-one year old spiritual writer, blogger and channel for the creative expression of the inner universe, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

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