Q&A: Higher-Dimensional Ego and the Transcendence of Obstacles – Part 1/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

You’re divine starlights who’ve come to the earth to share your sacred gifts with the rest of humanity, and sometimes, sharing these gifts entails using them to help others through their daily struggles and difficulties.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and in fact, we recommend pursuing the gifts you can use for the benefit of others. If you can use your abilities to help others deal with the pains and difficulties that come with existing on earth, your work will be very, very valuable.

As difficult as it might be to grasp that you can use your talents to help others in big and small ways, this is the truth from our perspective and you’re endlessly encouraged to use your talents for whatever progressive purpose resonates with you the most.

Practice Your Talents

As long as you’re willing to practice your talents every day and put them to good use once you’ve honed them, you’ll find little difficulty using them to help others. Your gifts will flow like water as you continue to diligently practice them, and in a lot of ways, you’ll have to keep your ‘eye on the prize’ so to speak if you want your creativity to remain pure and sharpened.

Simply discovering you have an ability isn’t enough – you must work very hard to hone it. Working hard might sound like something that’ll drag on your sense of enjoyment, but from our perspective, hard work can help you unlock and enjoy the flowing talents so many of you seek.

The harder you work, the more you’ll be ‘rewarded’ for your work, and when we say you’ll be rewarded, we really mean that karma will give back to you exactly what you give out. Those of you who are worried that you work too hard and receive too little are encouraged to see that spirit constantly watches and ‘rewards’ you for your work, but sometimes, your rewards might be difficult to see.

Most of your rewards will come when you’re back in a higher state of consciousness, and when this happens, we’re confident that those of you who are worried about the ‘brick walls’ you seem to meet in regards to the development of your creativity will see how pure and potent your efforts were.

You’ll see that your talents are very important, and you’ll be very glad you stuck with them; used them for positive and progressive purposes instead of letting them fizzle out by going unpracticed. However often we’ve mentioned it, practice will always be essential, and you’re encouraged to practice your talents every single day if you want them to become pure.

With this said, we’ll answer the first question that’s been provided for us on this day.

Question #1: The Ego’s Function in the Higher Realms

“What is the function of ego in higher dimensions?”

From our perspective, the function of the ego in the higher realms is to act as a pure and uninhibited conduit for the flowing expressions of the heart.

We’ve mentioned before that the ego can be used for positive purposes on the earth as well, and this is in part why we encourage all of you to work on opening your minds by refusing to give in to the influence of your otherwise overbearing, ego-driven wants and desires.

‘Ego’ in terms of something that hinders spiritual growth and progress doesn’t exist in the higher realms, but a much more advanced version of the mind exists in these realms which obeys the commands and promptings of the open heart.

As many seekers are discovering, the ego can be and is a very helpful and powerful tool for your creative work and the manifestation of your positive future, but it has to be subdued and used correctly for you to experience its benefits.

Most channeled sources, including us, routinely refer to the ego as if it’s a ‘boogeyman’ who’s influence needs eradicated for you to spiritually thrive, and while this is true in some senses, the plain truth is that the ego is a very powerful instrument; a powerful receptor for the heart.

When one’s cut off from the heart or any of their other chakras, the ego closes itself up and essentially collapses in on itself. A closed mind is never a good thing, and all of the negative and painful emotions humanity has to deal with are products of closed and fractured egos.

Your ego is so powerful that it can become destructive if it isn’t used correctly. It can inhibit spiritual progress immensely, and if it’s closed enough, it can enable you to forget about the sacred spark you carry within.

This is one of many reasons why opening your minds to the flowing energies and expressions you’re receiving from your higher selves, guides, and the rest of the Company of Heaven is important, and when you’re back in the higher realms, you’ll be awed and amazed at the extent to which that thing you once called the ‘ego’ is used to create to your heart’s content.

We use our minds, together with our hearts, to create various realms and planes of existence, and the ego, however big of an inhibitor of spiritual progress when it’s closed, becomes the greatest enabler of spirituality and creativity when it’s open.

Your ego can be your best friend, but chances are good that it won’t aid you at all when it’s closed or overbearingly influencing you.

It can be your greatest aide and companion, second only to the open and brimming heart, and you’ll find in the higher realms that it is. It might be difficult to fathom that higher-dimensional souls do indeed have ‘egos’, but they aren’t anything like the egos you possess on earth.

As some of you have noticed from channeled messages that come from the fourth dimension, ego is employed there to a similar degree as the third. Fourth-dimensional souls still deal with expressed differences in opinion, and as a few fourth-dimensional channeled sources have mentioned, some of them even critique themselves heavily.

We don’t recommend being hard on yourselves, of course, but this displays that the ego still does have a function in the higher realms.

The duality that’s kept you on your current vibration won’t influence the ego in the higher realms, however, and the only things that’ll influence it will be the drive to progress and the drive to know yourselves and our creator in a deeper, realer way.

With all of this said, we recommend you cozy up to your egos in a sense. No, we don’t recommend embracing them so heavily that you let them negatively influence you, but we absolutely recommend seeing that they aren’t the thugs many of you are convinced they are.

You need your ego to produce anything pure or helpful, but it’ll inhibit you immensely if its influence is in overdrive or, again, you haven’t opened up to the flowing energies of the heart.

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