Spiritual Guidance: You’re Energy Beings by Nature

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

The greater information and energy you’re picking up on can only be received when the seeker who strives to receive them has opened their heart to a sufficient degree. Opening the third eye and experiencing the wonderful perceptions that result is important, but maintaining a strong and active link to the heart space will help you perceive the energy you’re being given in a much greater way.

Not only will you perceive this energy in a greater way – you’ll receive it in greater and purer doses as well. Your assimilation of the energy you’re being given will become more rapid and potent when you open and root yourselves in your heart space, and we’re very happy with the progress each seeker who realizes the importance of opening this chakra is making.

As long as you understand the importance of rooting yourselves in the heart space and opening the rest of your chakras from there, you’ll open yourselves to the influx of higher-dimensional energy you’re being given in increasingly pure measures.

You’re energy beings by nature, and you’ve taken on the density of a human body and the weight of the lower vibrations you’ve incarnated under for the purpose of awakening and uplifting a planet of souls who’ve forgotten about spirit and the greater perception you each have the ability to attain.

In existing in the lower vibrations of the earth, you’re anchoring and radiating an increasingly pure vibration and making it far easier for all of your planet to awaken to the blissful realms that await them. This is all happening with your efforts to raise your vibration and find a clearer and purer state of consciousness, and when you hold yourselves back, you hold the world around you back.

A Precious Few More Experiences

The collective consciousness benefits enormously when you allow yourselves to be in a good space, and the love of the open heart will help you significantly raise your vibration and that of the planet around you.

The collective consciousness is being introduced to increasingly pure energy that’s subconsciously affecting the minds and hearts of every soul on your planet, and as we’ve said in the past, even those who don’t choose to ascend will have a precious few more experiences undergo before they’re able to.

In time, you’ll all understand the existence of spirit and seek a greater perception, and the work the conscious public does to awaken the rest of humanity will accelerate this process for every soul. The light is gaining an increasing influence in the collective consciousness, and this is due to your efforts thus far in spreading the energy and insight you’ve been able to pick up on.

You’re consciously and subconsciously connecting with the higher realms in greater and purer measures with every moment of your time that passes, and the more you work to sharpen your perception of the energy you’re being given, the more you’ll be able to feel it.

Spirit seeks to enrich your lives with love and light, and when you open up to this love, you’ll be able to feel it in ways you never expected and any pain or bitterness with life and the existence around you will fade, to be replaced with pure joy and exuberance.

Some seekers might find it naïve to believe that the realms you’re growing toward are filled with constant joy, love, and elation, but nevertheless, these are the wonderful feelings and emotions we’re blessed with constantly experiencing.

These are the emotions we seek to help you restore to your collective consciousness, because far too many earthly souls are too rooted in darkness and lower-dimensionality to feel them. Some souls on your world seem to have lost joy from their lives completely, but their sacred inner spark will be relit along with everyone else’s, thanks to the light you’re all being given.

The rigidity that’s pervaded your collective consciousness for eons is poised to be replaced with collective joy, happiness, abundance, and vibrancy, and you can expect humanity to start coming together and loving each other when the purest energy you’re being given starts making itself known.

The various celestial occurrences that are centered around certain timeframes play very important roles in the increase of the purity of energy you’re being given, and with every important celestial event that passes, humanity’s collectively adjusted to a slightly purer state of consciousness – whether or not most of your society realizes it.

Attuning to the Energetic Upgrades

The seekers who make an effort to connect with spirit during these times are able to experience the greatest benefits, and they carry these benefits with them every day of their lives, finding a greater spiritual connection because of them.

The conscious seekers who are working to find spirit are experiencing huge upgrades around these timeframes whether or not they attune to them, but attuning to them provides the greatest benefits for those among them who really want to turn up their higher-dimensional perception.

You’re being endlessly loved and assisted with your efforts thus far, and we’re attempting to communicate with each of you in every way we can. We usually use circumstances that occur in your daily lives and that we’re capable of influencing to send you certain messages, and synchronicities are a prime way we attempt to send these messages.

We’re constantly communicating with you, and you can pick up on this communication in every moment and notice the signs we’re giving.

We’re never far from you, and in fact, we’re able to watch and assist you as you go about your daily challenges and difficulties. You’re given far more help with these difficulties than you yet realize, and understanding this is essential to picking up on the signs of our assistance.

The signs will be very blatant at times, but at others, they’ll be rather cryptic and, sometimes, difficult for the seeker we’re communicating with to pick up on.

We do everything we can to send you the signals and messages that are most appropriate for your growth in any given moment, and when you discover how able to we are to influence your reality and send you messages, you’ll understand how close we truly are with you.

Everything is spirit – even the seemingly dense and hollow reality around you. Your reality of limitation and physicality is pure illusion, and beyond it lays the sacred truths of your existence that have waited to be picked back up on and understood by all of humanity.

You can pick up on these signs now if you truly desire to, and in doing so, you can work to awaken as many other as possible to their reality and the reality of spirit in general. Why not do what you can to awaken the rest of your planet, given that the goal of the Company of Heaven is to see your entire planet ascend?

We recognize that many souls could very well choose not to ascend quite yet, but our goal remains for all of your planet to do so nevertheless. We’ll honor the freewill choices of those who don’t choose ascension, because no soul is forced to enter a dimension they’re not ready for.

Exploring Our Creation

You must be allowed to experience your growth exactly the way you want to, because this entire lower-dimensional experience has been created by us for the purpose of exploring our creation in the ways that work best for each of us.

In this specific case, when we say ‘lower-dimensional experience’ we refer to our realms as well, because even they are considered lower-vibrational compared to the supremely pure realms of Source. This isn’t necessarily a ‘bad’ thing, and when you reach these realms, you’ll find that the polarity of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ doesn’t exist here like it does on earth.

We created every realm that’s more distorted than Source’s heavenly abode for the purpose of exploring and assisting each other with eventually leaving said creation, and we, having experienced and ascended from the lower vibration you’re now on, do everything we can to assist you in doing the same.

When you re-reach these realms, you’ll find yourselves helping other third-dimensional souls find the truth of their existence and ascend up the ladder of consciousness.

The goal of every higher-dimensional soul is to serve the rest of the creation around them, and the service you give to the earth is immensely important because of the extent to which its people have been lost in the darkness of lower-dimensionality.

The extent to which your society’s lost in darkness doesn’t deter us from helping everyone awaken and start changing your planet, because we can already see the power that the energy silently pervading you has already had on your collective drive to create change.

Already, a host of conscious seekers are feeling inspired to start talking about the things that need discussed if your planet is to move into the light, and needless to say, there are a lot of things happening on your planet that hold your collective back from re-finding the higher realms.

You can’t experience a higher state of consciousness if the mechanisms feeding your old world continue to be in motion, and this is why your efforts to raise awareness about the darkest things that have and continue to happen is essential.

Shining Your Light in the Darkness

Every one of you who recognizes the changes that need made and the decreasing amount of ‘time’ you have to make them are intended and encouraged to get to work shining your light on them so they can eventually be healed, and you’re given a wealth of support with doing so by your respective higher selves and guides.

We’re here to help inspire you to create and be the changes you’ve always wanted to create, and putting yourselves on a good vibration by feeling and expressing the joy of your existence will help you connect with us in the greatest sense possible.

You’re truly infinite in your ability to connect with the higher realms, and it’s simply that you have to believe in yourselves and your immense abilities to translate the higher-dimensional energy you’re being given into wonderful talents that you would’ve never expected yourselves to have.

We’ve said before and will happily say again that with the love of your open heart by your side, there’s nothing you can’t do or be.

Love will help you unlock your greatest passions and flow from there with intensely pure energy and equally pure work that’ll awaken and inspire others to start changing your planet and introducing as many souls as possible to spirit and the greater perception you have yet to feel and experience.

We’ve also said plentifully that as long as you let yourselves believe in the reality of the connections you’re making and your immense abilities to be potent forces for change, everything you seek to do to help your planet will be done from a joyful, able, and elated state of mind and heart.

Open your hearts to the greater energy and assistance you’re being given from your higher selves, because we’re here for you and we don’t intend to lessen our efforts in helping you become aware of spirit anytime soon.

Instead, our and your work will increase as much as your perception of your infinite, divine abilities, and as you discover who you are and what you’re meant to do to help awaken others, you’ll feel inspired to develop your abilities and be potent forces for individual and collective change.

Your work from here on out will become much more enjoyable if you let yourselves flow with it in an enjoyable manner, and as long as you don’t overwork or underwork yourselves, the work you do will be wonderfully pure and will help various other seekers gain a new perspective on your reality and your entrance into a higher state of consciousness that’s free from the stress and pain of your current existence.

You’ll discover the illusory, finite nature of your reality as you see that something so much better and purer exists on the horizon, and as you begin to awaken, many of you feel called to help as many others awaken as possible. This is because awakening to spirit breeds such an endless drive, and once one reaches a certain frame of consciousness and purity of being, the desire to help others reach this state grows.

Moving Beyond the Mind

We wholeheartedly encourage you to act on your desire, however difficult or impossible it may seem, because you’re far more able to connect with spirit and help others than you realize or give yourselves credit for.

You simply have to be willing to move beyond the limiting and confining mind and see that anything is possible – that you’re capable of achieving great feats. You truly are, and when you begin to really understand this, your abilities will be enabled to grow as much as your expanding hearts.

Your bodies are undergoing the sacred changeover from carbon to crystalline that’s initiating you into a state of fifth-dimensional awareness, and some souls will chose not to ascend with their bodies, leaving them behind in favor of existing as pure fifth-dimensional energy that’s free of a temple.

Every choice is honored and respected, and whether or not you choose to exist in a body, you’ll each be able to experience the fifth dimension and the joys and beauties that come with it in your own time.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication by encouraging you to challenge yourselves and expand on your abilities, as we did in our previous communication. Expansion is a process unlike any other that entails increasingly greater levels of personal challenge, and we’re confident that you’re each up for the challenges and new precedents you seek to set for yourselves.

An understanding of your divinity and your infinite abilities will help you meet the challenges you set, and we’ll always be here to support you in your individual and collective expansion.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.

Photo Credit: Deus Nexus

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