Planetary Healing: Take a Break from Stress

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Everyone gets stressed out at times, and here on earth, a lot of things can bring us down and make it much harder to re-find a good vibration if we let them. Our emotions and expressions affect the vibration of the entire planet, and to heal this world, it’s essential that we situate ourselves on a good vibration as much and as often as possible.

It’s more than easy to dip into stress and frustration when circumstances in our lives allow for it, and here, I’d like to offer five things we can do when stressful situations pile on and make it harder to be in a positive space.

There are plenty of things that can bring us down here on earth if we let them, but if we make it a point to root ourselves in love as much as possible, these things won’t affect us in the ways they have for so long.

We’re divine beings who have the potential to completely transcend any and all negative emotions and circumstances, but while we’re on this planet, we’re going to face difficult and painful situations that we’re intended to triumph in the face of.

We can transmute the stressful and painful emotions that come with dealing with difficult circumstances, and hopefully, the things I’ll recommend here will help as many of you as possible be able to do so. We certainly can’t avoid stressful or painful circumstances, but we can avoid letting them bring us too far down.

With that said, let’s jump into these recommendations with an open heart and a mind that’s willing to forego pain, no matter how hard it is.

  1. Practice deep breathing/meditation

From experience, I can say that calming ourselves down and cultivating a good vibration by way of deep breathing and meditation is a very effective way to handle stressful situations. The mind and ego thrive in a state of difficulty, but when we ease into a good meditation or deep breathing exercise, its influence wanes and we’re left with pure peace and joy.

We’re able to remember that something much better and more enjoyable exists beyond the stress, and our entire outlook on life and the reality around us changes to match the higher vibration we’re welcoming by way of breathing deeply or meditating.

The benefits of meditation alone are endless, and needless to say, it benefits us physically as well as spiritually. When we let the finite stresses of the current moment bring us down, we zoom our perception into the limited reality around us and let ourselves forget that something much better exists beyond the maelstrom of the earthly experience.

Meditation and deep breathing help us zoom our perception outward and remember that in reality, there’s nothing for us to worry or be in concern about. Spirit is constantly with us, and we’re growing back into a completely unlimited perception that’s free of the pain and fear of earthly physicality.

It can be easy to forget this when we’re faced with difficult and painful circumstances, but we can transcend those circumstances and welcome a much freer and more enjoyable existence. We simply have to make an effort when it’s easier not to.

2. Remember that Source is with you

Every bit of stress, pain, and fear we experience is bred from the idea that we’re separate from our creator and the greater states of consciousness where pain and fear are things of the past.

This idea of separation from spirit and from Source exaggerates our pain and fear, and if we remember that we can’t be separate from Source because Source is in everything we see, feel, and experience, we’ll be able to handle the difficult circumstances that’d otherwise bring us down into depression, fatigue, etc.

When we realize that the stressful circumstances we face are themselves an aspect of Source, they become much easier to deal with. We’re able to enthusiastically handle them, and instead of letting the next set of painful circumstances bring us down, we’re able to handle them with equal enthusiasm.

There is no division between us and Source – our maker is always and forever with us, and He/She is giving us an endless amount of guidance and advice related to the things we’re experiencing.

Like I said above, we’re going to experience highs and lows here on earth, but remembering that we’re given all of the assistance we require by our higher selves, guides, and Source Him/Herself will fill us with a sense of strength, invigoration, and readiness/willingness to tackle anything and everything that comes our way.

Every circumstance we could possibly face, however difficult to handle, has been ordained by Source and is necessary for us to experience. We’re never left to deal with these difficulties alone, and in fact, we’re given far more advice and guidance than most of us realize.

We can consciously tap into this guidance if we make an effort, and that’ll do even more for us than simply remembering that Source is with us. We can tap into the soul-level guidance Source is giving, and when we do, the circumstances in our lives will be spiritually over-lit and we’ll handle them from a ready and willing standpoint.

3. Bless the circumstances and everyone involved

I recommend this because it’ll help us remember that we’re divine, spiritual beings and not the limited humans we’ve been conditioned to believe we are. When we can step into a higher power; a greater version of ourselves, and use our divine abilities to bless the circumstances bringing us down, they’ll stop bringing us down as easily.

Of course, it isn’t always that easy. Sometimes, we have to be willing to bless different circumstances multiple times as we continuously refine our greater perception of ourselves and the consciousness-raising mission we’re on.

Blessing the stressful circumstances we find ourselves in will help us raise the planetary vibration, and not only will we make them easier for us to handle – we’ll make them easier for everyone who’s involved in them as well. We’re here to spread our unconditional love, so why not do so when it comes to the difficult or painful things we experience?

I wonder if stressful circumstances aren’t actually catalysts that are intended to get us to understand and utilize our greater perceptions and abilities.

Think about it. Difficulty will either bring us down or force us to step into a greater and more able version of ourselves, and if the latter happens, we can recognize the difficulty as having been an essential aspect of our reclamation of our divinely ordained abilities.

In some ways, I think difficult and stressful situations are actually intended to get us to step into our greater power. We’ve convinced ourselves we’re limited, finite humans who are incapable of accessing the greater spiritual abilities we’ve been led to believe don’t exist, but when we’re really tested by difficult situations, we either sink or swim.

Whether or not you sink is entirely up to you, but I can say from experience that that’s the easiest option. It’s far harder to swim and even fly by utilizing your greater abilities, such as blessing, but it’s definitely more rewarding than being submerged under the metaphorical, emotional waters.

We have far more spiritual abilities than we realize, and for those of you who wonder exactly how you can bless the circumstances bringing you down, all you need to do is send your positive energy. All it takes is getting into a heart-centered space and letting your abilities flow from there, and of course, believing in such abilities is essential.

Feel free to let yourselves believe you can send positive energy to the situations bringing you or others down. Since we’re all infinite, spiritual beings, why wouldn’t you be able to? What would stop you from blessing any and every situation or person you feel is necessary, beyond your own belief that you’re unable to?

I’ve said before that with the power of love and a higher vibration, we’re infinite. Limitless. Capable of anything and everything we desire to achieve. Let’s reclaim this power now, because if we don’t, stressful situations will only continue to bring us down.

4. De-stress in whatever way works best

This general recommendation compliments the ones I’ve given so far. Whether you meditate, connect with Source, or bless the stressful circumstances, de-stressing and refusing to let the low vibrations get you down is among the best things I can recommend.

There are plenty of ways you can de-stress in the face of situations that could easily bring you down.

You can go for a walk in the park; go out to nature and meditate; go on a run, or exercise in another way you enjoy; invite some friends or family over for a lovely evening where you can all forget the stresses that are on your minds; go out for a nice (and healthy enough) dinner.

Let yourselves relax when your mind tries to convince you that you should be working; admire the beauty and perfection of the existence around you, even when it seems anything but perfect. De-stressing is obviously one of the best ways to handle stressful situations, and of course, finding balance in the face of such situations is a great way to do so.

Humans aren’t meant to feel constantly stressed. We’ll inevitably have to deal with difficult situations, but the archetypical person who’s always stressed and can’t seem to find relief are more lost than they realize and are encouraged to find some method, any method, to move beyond the pain that physically and spiritually hurts them.

Stress isn’t good for the body, and a host of negative physical effects can result from being stressed – gaining weight and aging faster being one. Even if it’s difficult or you don’t feel as if you’ll be able to, sometimes, just walking away from whatever’s stressing you out for a moment can be very helpful.

I’m not saying you should avoid addressing the situation, but if it’s stressing you out badly enough, walking away is the best thing you can do. After you find a way to de-stress, you can return to the issue, hopefully with a greater readiness to tackle it.

5. Talk with someone close to you

Our friends, family, and loved ones can provide us far more support than we realize. Sometimes, pouring your stress into a friend or relative who won’t be brought down by it is one of the best things you can do, and most people have a select few friends or family members who they know they can always talk to.

Our friends and family can be with us in our times of greatest need, and subsequently, we can be there for them when they need someone to pour their stresses into. We’re all meant to help each other emotionally survive this wild earthly ride, and we’ve never been meant to handle difficult situations on our own.

We’re one consciousness; one hive mind that’s meant to work together and help the godsparks comprising it through their most painful situations, and it only seems natural to seek someone else’s love and assistance when a particular issue really brings us down.

Those of you who don’t feel particularly close to any friends or family can perhaps seek solace in your higher self, your guides, and Source, as I mentioned above, and if you aren’t physically close with anyone, I wholeheartedly recommend becoming an outspoken part of the conscious community.

On Facebook alone, the conscious community is thriving.

I was quite surprised to see how many loving souls comprise this community who are willing to be there for each other when their love and assistance is needed the most, and even though there’s some stigma attached to having friends you’ve never met in person, the love and support you can receive is far worth it.

Those of you who feel alone can feel free to check out my Facebook page (my name on there is Wes Annac) and friend request a few of the people who are on there. You can also check out the various forums and blogs built around spirit that have a flourishing community of loving and supportive people, and when you have a problem, feel free to talk or write about it.

In a lot of cases, you’ll be given an immense amount of support with whatever’s bringing you down.

When I posted what I wrote about my brother’s recent and very untimely death on Facebook, I received over a hundred loving comments from people who offered their condolences and told me they were sending love and healing to the situation and everyone involved.

When I wrote last year about this new home I’m blessed to be writing this from, my family and I received more support – verbal, spiritual, and financial – than we would’ve ever expected. Thanks to the conscious community, I have a home of my own.

This is the kind of supportive love you’ll find in this community, and it really doesn’t matter if you’ve physically met the people comprising it. We’re all here for each other, because we’re meant to be. We’re meant to offer each other the love we each desire and deserve to feel, and it always helps to remember that we’re not alone.

Whether Source, a friend or family member, or the loving conscious community is by our side, we’ll always be given assistance with whatever’s bringing us down.

In my opinion, stress is an ugly thing that isn’t meant to keep people down as much as it has, and I hope the things I’ve offered here are able to help any of you who are going through particularly difficult trials. I know there’ll at least be a few of you out there who are, because stress unfortunately comes with the territory of being on earth.

Remember that you’re never alone, and if you need to, take some time off from whatever’s stressing you out and ease into your unfolding higher-vibrational perception. In due time, stress will cease to bring people down like it has for so long, but for now, we have to be able to be here for each other when it gets the best of us.

Stay strong, fellow seekers, because stress or no stress, our greatest work is just beginning.

This concludes this week’s planetary healing.

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