Conscious Oneness: Mission Statement

Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

As the creator of this website, my goal is to provide a haven where unity discussion can thrive and we can elevate ourselves to a new level with practical ideas and goals to bring it about. This site operates on the principle of respectful free expression, and you’re encouraged to contribute as much as you see fit to the discussions that take place here.

Putting unity and the idea of coming together at the forefront of people’s attention is this site’s main purpose. It’s intended to be a platform; a stepping stone to real and lasting action to bring humanity together in respect and love so that we can mend our biggest problems.

It’s intended to remind everyone that there are no real differences between us and that being divided has taken us down a bad, but fixable, road. It’s intended to remind everyone where fighting each other has gotten us, and motivate us to create change instead of putting up with things we know will hold us back.

Even though this site is focused on unity, it’s intended to bring all of the qualities of a new paradigm to the public’s attention. Unity is important, but a lot needs done if we want to enter a positive future and the most important work starts within.

Beyond hosting discussions, this site is intended to present the idea of unity to a growing audience of readers who feel like they’ve been led to change the world for the better. It’s intended to be a home for the dreamers; the motivated; the passionate; the people who recognize that it’s time to mend the division of man.

Those of you who feel inspired to throw yourselves into welcoming a new paradigm at whatever cost, knowing that the end result will be utopian paradise, are encouraged to express yourselves to no end about the best things we can do right here, right now.

Those of you who are ready for real discussion and action can see this site as a platform for the expression of your unique unity-based philosophy. We all possess a wealth of ability to bring people together, and no one person’s perspective is “better” or “righter” than another’s.

We all have a unique role to play, and if you want to start contributing, you can see this site as a welcoming conduit for your expression. Overall, this site is intended to assist the ongoing effort to raise the planetary consciousness in preparation for our building of an age of peace, harmony and prosperity.

We won’t enter such an age if we remain inactive, and for this and plenty of other reasons, it’s important for us to start really talking about what needs done to change the world. Change the world we will, but only if we show committed and concerted effort.

Thank you for visiting Conscious Oneness.

Wes Annac, 2013


6 thoughts on “Conscious Oneness: Mission Statement

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  2. Suggestions.

    1. Align yourself with Father or a very high spirit (Jesus for me) as your very first move of the day. Invite him to help with all of your decisions and releasing dark thoughts. As soon as a negative thought comes to mind, determine to fix it right then and there. Keep written notes or punch info into your iPhone or other device. Make a game of it. Treat yourself after healing something on your “things to fix list.” You know what causes your negative reactions. Aggressively, but loving, work on those issues until they are fixed. Get help from your spirit guide. Don’t stop. Ever.

    2. Looking deeply at ourselves is a very, very big cause of upset for many. We must train our minds to absolutely look past anything that causes upset when we look at ourselves or others. You must consciously and consistently tell your mind to use its “love lens” as you look at anything or it will tend to wander and make unnecessary judgments. Release ALL “evaluations” relative to a person’s looks, speech, clothes, mode of travel, job, residence, family, community status, mistakes, general preferences, volume on the cell, parking malfunctions, education, so on and so forth. Determine to see only what is good in a person everywhere you look. No exceptions. Everyday. All day.

    Every bit of dark energy that is released from the mind allows more light to flow to everything we experience; the more light that flows from each of us, the faster the marble gets healed. Stay with it until you stop breathing. Repeat in your next body. Don’t ever stop. Don’t forget to Forgive everyone for everything. Forget every negative thing that ever happened. ALL OF IT. Period.


    • Great suggestions, startechrist. If we can stop seeing the “bad” in others and focus on the divinity of each of us, we’ll take a significant step toward reducing our inner-held darkness and negativity.

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


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