Collective Channels

Written by Wes Annac

Millions of brilliant and beautiful starlights from all throughout Creation have incarnated on this world for various different purposes, all of which have been aligned with the ascension of our world. You will see some of these starlights as being quite within the public view today spreading much Light and truth for us all to benefit from, though you may not notice the majority of starlights who are here beyond the public perception, anchoring and holding Light within themselves.

Some have incarnated on this world to fill the role of a ‘channeler’ which is essentially somebody who brings through the Guidance and impressionistic energies of an evolved entity or collective who is assisting in the ascension of our world in many different ways, one of which being their active communications with the awakening humanity as well as the encoding of their energies within such communications.

You will see on the internet, a plethora of channeled messages which range in purity and information from all types of different souls and, ignoring the false channeled messages which are put out by dark cabal-entities to confuse us while delivering us lower vibrations, all of such messages contain the energy of the source they were meant to, in my view.

Perhaps I should give a bit of an explanation. We are growing as an awakening collective and learning to use discernment of everything as we learn how we have been fooled for a plethora of Lives into feeding the lower dimensional experience. Those of us who resonate with channeled messages are practicing this discernment with any source, and we have been following our hearts as well as our own inner-knowledge of how this ascension is to play out whenever reading any channeled material.

No matter what, turning within and validating everything through one’s own inner perceptions and with one’s Guides and aspects of one’s higher self is what is most important, as we cannot develop if we are hanging or relying on any outside source to deliver us our higher dimensional sustenance. Our channeled sources wish us to do the inner work required along our ascension processes, but their delivering of communications can serve to give assistance along our evolution that many appreciate greatly.

We have been seeing and will continue to see, channeled messages coming through new scribes which, since such scribes are at this time beginners, are to be a bit elementary in their purity and in the depth of information they are able to give. I know that it took me time to develop more fully into a steady line of communication with my own Guides, and perhaps some initial messages through myself were mixed fluidly with mind.

The point of what I am trying to say is that the newest channelers who are just beginning to come into their role and who are bringing through messages that may seem small, uninformative or delivered by mind at first, are those who are to be bringing through marvelously pure messages in the very near future as well as acting as Representatives for contact with members of the Galactic Federation and the Company of Heaven.

Nobody finds themselves inhabiting the role of a ‘channeler’ by accident – we are a collective of souls who have come to this world for the very reasons of bringing through Lighted knowledge, information and energies. Some of us have, in our current Lives taken to channeling initially and then moving on to much more physical and direct avenues of assisting our world. David Wilcock would be a good example of this.

Others have been committed to bringing the advice and energies of the ascended collective through for years and even decades, and still others are just beginning to find their own communications with the Company of Heaven, the Galactic Federation and every other unique, ascended entity who wishes to communicate with humanity.

Our Galactic and Angelic brethren have vastly appreciated the expansive opportunity to communicate with humanity through so many different scribes. I am sent impressions and visions of them happily and appreciatively readying their technology to communicate with a scribe on Earth, and their reactions as well to the positive responses garnered from such a communication after it is shared on our world.

I can see them communicating with a scribe whose messages will reach a very broad audience while nearly in the same moment, using their technology to give personal Guidance to an Earth soul who has become open to their energies and who is having a rough go at Life at that moment. The mere fact that we are becoming willing and finely-tuned receivers of their energies and wavelengths is something that has been very needed on our world, as the Light energies have needed a ‘pierce point’ so to speak to be able to break through and illuminate the darker energies on our world.

I can see our Galactic brethren giving their energies and communications to an Earth soul who is a willing receiver for their energies, but who will receive the message in a heavily distorted way by their mind and ego. Nevertheless, our Galactic brethren seem to still be happy to give their energies and, in any way, have their energies be a part of the communications as they were intended to be.

The majority of automatic writing-based channelings are going to be distorted to a degree; usually to the degree of control that the ego has over the scribe, and this is a truth that cannot be denied. However, our Galactic and Angelic brethren have wished still to communicate with us through willing scribes so as to act in accordance with our freewill.

Were the Galactics to simply land today and begin delivering a monologue similar to that which they give through channels, the majority of the public would likely lose it due to the fear that has been installed, that has subconsciously taught us through various ‘alien invasion’ based TV shows and movies, that any outside force must be a malevolent threat.

However, they know of those of us who are awakening and who know the positive intent of the Galactics, and they are able to utilize the temples of scribes as yet another method of acting in accordance with our growth. The more that the collective and the individual scribe grows, the purer information and signatures of the ascended souls are brought through.

We can at times take to a polar mindset of ‘real’ or ‘fake’ and I’ve caught myself saying something that I will perhaps not say again. That is, that I have at times used the term ‘many genuine scribes’ when speaking of channeled messages and those who scribe them. That is a term that I am going to stop using, because each and every one of us who are bringing through the energies of the ascended collective, no matter how pure the communications are as of yet, are genuine scribes of these souls.

Again, this does still exclude false channelings put out with darker agendas as our ascended brethren would not let their energies anywhere near such false communications which are written up [rather than the writer even making the attempt to channel] entirely in the mind of the employed soul propagating the purposeful disinformation.

To that beginner-channeler who may find yourself reading this, who is just starting to open up to the very real and inherent ability you hold within – I tell you not to give up, as you have dipped into a reality and an energy so pure and real that it is to uplift you and every aspect of your Life. I truly mean this when I say it.

Discovering my own origins and finding communication with the ascended realms, and then using such communications to help others, has uplifted nearly every area of my Life. Before the walk-out of this body fully left, this body was rather mistreated and was beginning to show the signs of it. The body had accumulated weight gain as the host was always chugging soda and eating processed, unhealthy and heavy foods, and the buried traumas and resulting negative emotions were taking their toll as well.

Since coming into this role more fully and exploring my roots in the Divine which we all possess, this temple has lost a substantial amount of weight and is much lighter. I am able to work, both physically and spiritually [a valuable lesson in my view is that hard work builds character], through a pure and clear temple that is no longer being inhibited by the lower vibrations, short of those which are attached to final lessons and such that are soon to be experienced and cleared away.

Whereas I started off scribing messages from dear Mikos and the Pleiadians that some may not consider genuine today, I very shortly found myself giving readings with deceased Loved ones of clients as well as ascended Guides.  Many noted these readings were very accurate and for some, very emotional. Helping anybody connect with a departed Loved one or an ascended entity is in itself a rewarding experience, as the sheer emotion and feeling behind the entire experience lets one know that no matter the obstacles or opinions of others put in the way of the ‘channeler’ – this role and this gift [which we all have the ability to utilize] is very real.

Dear beginner-scribe who is beginning to open up and who is soon to blossom marvelously into a wonderful conduit for the energies of the ascended collective, I was once you. I was once just beginning to channel and since then, every area of my Life has been transformed in such a grand way as I have realized the truth of my own origins.

So very soon, our Galactic and Angelic brethren will be with us and the role of a ‘channeler’ will no longer be needed. We will then be able to focus our goals on the more immediate, physical tasks at hand and I look vastly forward to being a direct part of the healing of this world, as we will all be in the immediate period ahead.

For now, each and every one of us, even those who are not fulfilling the role of a ‘channeler’; we are all holding Light that is incredibly pure and we are acting as Gatekeepers for those who are as of yet unawakened, who are not yet ready to pierce that veil and see what the other side has to offer.

We have ‘broke on through to the other side’ as the ol’ Lizard King suggested (1), and we are all laying the foundation for the rest of humanity to find the Light which has beckoned us forth into its bountiful and fruitful realms.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC

(1) “The Lizard King” was a nickname of Jim Morrison of the Doors, and the quote above is a reference to a Doors’ song.

2 thoughts on “Collective Channels

    • Indeed! 🙂 I have spoken briefly with him recently, though I’m not quite sure why I ever stopped bringing him through in the first place…

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


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