What Truly Matters (Intuitive Writing)

An intuitive writing by Wes Annac

This is the result of my first attempt in a few years to sit and write while in meditation. I used to practice channeling, but I stepped away from it as I began to move in different directions in my life. Now, I’m approaching the act of meditative or ‘intuitive’ writing as a mental health tool.

I make no claims about who or what the source of this message is; it is simply what I picked up on during meditation. My connection is shallow here, but I’m hoping to improve again in time. Enjoy!

The channel is always open; you need only calm your mind and let the purest expression come through. This is no practice for the shallow meditator; you must go deeper. This frequency is always here, and you can always pick up on it. But do not mistake a shallow connection for the deeper communications you could receive.

Shallow meditation creates a dense connection with the subconscious, within which lies communication with the force you may know as the higher self. This connection (1) is shallow, but can become deeper. The wording does not matter. The phrasing is irrelevant. What matters, what truly matters, is the depth of one’s connection.

Your mind will want to paint over everything you receive. The analytical ego will want it to sound pretty – worthy of publishing – but the only thing that should concern you is the depth of your connection. Go deeper. Don’t worry about aesthetics; worry only of how you can maintain and grow this connection with yourself.

The world is not suffering from a mass disinterest in health, nor even a shortage of compassion. These may seem to be problems – problems which should be solved through pretty-sounding words and phrases meant to get everyone on board with a particular cause. But, as with this connection and the words that follow, you must look deeper to find the true cause of the world’s ills. What is causing a lack of compassion or kindness? What creates the apathy which leads people to become disinterested in maintaining their physical, mental, emotional, and yes, spiritual health? What force stubbornly prevents the depth of connection with Self that this frequency is encouraging?

The answer is for you to figure out; and once you do, you may see it as your task to single-handedly replenish compassion, love, and care for one’s health in all facets. These social and personal ills you wish to heal in others – you will not. At least, not without deepening your own connection to the eternal truth which lives within you.

You can always go deeper, as there is always more to discover. Worry not for the problems you wish to solve or the social ills that keep you motivated to do the work you hope will change the world. The world and the collective consciousness within it are only your concern as much as your own inner world, and fostering a clearer connection with it, is.

This is to say: figure out what is hurting in yourself before you try to save a world full of those who have not yet looked within. Meditation and channeling are more than tools for mental health; they carry a deeper significance to one’s overall health that is yet undiscovered.

These meditative messages have become deeply misunderstood by a world that favors material reality over the dimensions that sit with, and within, each of you. Do not intuit messages from deep within if you are not serious about using it as an effective practice for your self-discovery and your betterment. If profit or popularity are your goals, you won’t get anywhere.

Believe in it or don’t; but give it a chance, and approach it with an open mind. Not one painted by the perceptions of those who have not practiced this or are committed to misunderstanding it. Yes, sharing these intuitive nudges can alienate you, because people simply don’t understand.

There is nothing wrong with them, nor you. It is simply that this is something you must do for yourself, to deepen your connection with this force to which you have attached so many labels. Stop trying to make these messages sound pretty, or to popularize them. They are not meant to ‘catch on’ in a way a piece of music or other media are meant to. These are for you, and for anyone who might use them as a path to connecting with themselves in a deeper way.

This practice is as real or unreal as you let it be; it all depends on the depth of your connection with yourself, and how willing you are to push ever deeper. Feel these messages and meditate upon them. The lone meditator gains no friends, but instead, surfs a river of insight unparalleled by anything your spiritual teachers or their books are capable of producing.

This river flows in everyone, but can only be accessed on an individual level. Don’t exhaust yourself searching for insight, as that will only push further away the revelation you seek. Trust in the process, and remember that in silence, there is depth and true connection.

Be still, be silent, and speak with a voice that is not entirely yours, yet is intrinsically connected to who you are and to All That Is.

(1) This refers to my personal connection, based on the strength of my meditation while writing. As I mentioned, my connection here is shallow compared to how deep I used to go. Throughout the message, I am repeatedly encouraged to go deeper – which I can only achieve by practicing this meditative writing more often.

Featured image by Schäferle from Pixabay

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