Self-indulgent fitness posts: Leg & back day

Self-indulgent fitness post #800,001:

First leg day of the week! I’m happy to say that after all this time, I’ve finally started deadlifting. From now on, Tuesday will be leg & back day while Thursday will be leg & chest. Also, I managed to snap a leg photo and I still think it’s weird & awkward. 😅

Apparently my leg workout burned a bunch of calories this morning, so I’ll need to make sure to eat a little more than usual tonight. That way, I won’t have a calorie deficit as high as Willie Nelson and Snoop in a spaceship. I’m leaning away from the high deficit and more toward eating my maintenance calories, and in doing so, I’m finding that it’s hard to purposefully eat more food without eating junk. Like so many other things in life, it is a balance.

Peace! 🙂

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