Self-indulgent fitness posts: Grateful

Self-indulgent fitness post #775:

Today was arm day! I may have overtrained a smidge; I went to failure more than once, and my arms were a little sore by the end of my 90-ish minutes. It was a typical arm day – curls, chin-ups, fly delt, low row & cables. Tomorrow will be leg day #2, then Friday will be a well-earned rest day.

I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am for my gym. I know I take a lot of photos, these posts get repetitive, and it can come across as really vain. But it means the world for me to go to this place and work through the mental junk that would otherwise torture me all day long. I feel so much better after every hard workout, and I share these photos out of pride for what this lifestyle has allowed me to achieve. This is my medicine.

Much love! ✌️😊

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