Self-indulgent fitness posts: Back to work

Self-indulgent fitness post #4,231:

First leg day of the week! My leg workouts are fairly beginner-level, but I’m working on increasing the weight for each activity. All in good time.

Today, I did the leg press (250lbs max), smith machine squats (90lbs max, working on increasing); hip abd/add (70-90lbs); crunches; and some chin-ups with my legs up, putting me in an L-shape. That last workout was just to add some abdominal and upper-body goodness to a day focused mainly on legs. For my Thursday leg workout, I’ll probably skip the hip adductor and do leg curls or extensions instead.

I’m not taking photos of my legs at the gym because it’s quite a bit weirder & more awkward than taking a regular gym selfie. 😅 I will say, though, that the pump & the vascularity in my legs were on point by the end of this workout!

I hope everyone is having a good week! After all the drama & sickness last week, I’m back to working out and writing daily. 😎 ✌️💪

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