Self-indulgent fitness posts: Vain about my veins

I’m vain about my veins! 😅

I took the leg photo after my morning run on Monday (yes, my legs are hairy). The arm photos were taken after my Monday evening weightlifting, which consisted of bench press, dumbbell curls & core exercises. I never thought working out would make me look like this, but I’m cool with it.

2 thoughts on “Self-indulgent fitness posts: Vain about my veins

    • It’s a combination of different factors! I believe my genetics play a role. I also eat in a calorie deficit most days while eating a minimum of 160 grams of protein (mostly animal protein – white meat, eggs & whey protein powders/bars).

      Additionally, I make sure to eat enough carbohydrates but not too many.

      I lift weights 5 days a week, with different days focused on different areas of the body:

      Monday & Thursday are chest days,

      Tuesday is leg day,

      Wednesday is arm day,

      Thursday is a second leg day along with chest,

      Friday is a rest day,

      Saturday I workout whatever areas of the body I feel like,

      & Sunday is my second rest day.

      Along with this, I do cardio a minimum of 3 days a week – jogging, cycling, dancing & practicing boxing combos. I focus on different cardio workouts for different days.

      BUT… In the interest of total honesty: I believe what has pushed my vascularity to the point you see here is that I drink a pre-workout supplement that increases vascularity.

      I didn’t drink pre-workout before I went for a run and took that leg photo, but I believe the supplement has had a cumulative effect of generally increasing my vascularity to the point that my veins are pumped-up after running or lifting, even when I didn’t drink the pre-workout that day. Again, I think my genetics also play a role.

      I’ve been drinking Bucked-Up and C4 pre-workout drinks off and on for a little over a year and a half, and I love them! They are high in caffeine, though; so, the same way I count calories, I count my caffeine intake. I make sure to never get more than 300-350 milligrams of caffeine a day, which lets me drink pre-workout along with one cup of coffee per day.

      So, it is a combination of genetics, low body fat through counting calories & macronutrients every day, obsessing over weightlifting, and supplementing.

      To reiterate: I think Bucked-Up and C4 pre-workouts are what have helped me get to this level of vascularity. I restate this because I want there to be no illusions or deception in regard to how I have achieved this.

      Also: I don’t look like this all the time! These are all post-workout photos. My vascularity differs on different days, and most rest days, my arms and legs do not look like this.

      Peace! 🙂

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