AnnacTok: Calorie Deficit Explained

My attempt to explain what calorie deficit is and how it can help with weight loss. This method might not work for everyone (different bodies, different requirements) but it is generally among the most accepted methods for burning body fat.

I’m a total newbie to fitness who’s experimenting with making videos as a way to expand my content making capability, which is pretty low right now. In explaining calorie deficit and surplus, I hope not to come across as preachy but simply to share the methods that have worked for me.

I honestly think it is silly to care about (or try to dictate) what another person does with their body. If you’re into fitness, that’s awesome! If you’re not into it or you don’t care about reducing body fat, that’s cool too! I happen to love fitness and tend to talk (and write) a lot about the things I love.

I share this information in the spirit of non-judgment, acceptance of where you are at in life, and inspiration to climb some kind of mountain during your time on this earth – whatever that might mean for you.

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One thought on “AnnacTok: Calorie Deficit Explained

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