Tune In Tomorrow: Wes Annac on Heightened Life Podcast

Tomorrow, I’ll be on the Heightened Life podcast with Amanda Goins. Tune in for a great conversation!

“Music, has continually been one of the most powerful, and transformative aspects of my life. My first memories are filled with song. Join me tomorrow, for the premiere of a new podcast, with special guest Wes Annac, where we will be discussing living a love-centered lifestyle, the impact that music has had in our lives, and other fun topics. It’s going to be fun!

“If you have missed any of the previous podcasts, you can check them out here: http://heightenedlife.buzzsprout.com

“Have a great Monday!” ~ Amanda

While you’re here: I also had a chat this week with Harmony Lorraine Fronterhouse on her YouTube show, Tea Time With Harmony. If you like that video, subscribe to her channel (WildcraftWellness) and check out the other awesome interviews she’s done over there.

One thought on “Tune In Tomorrow: Wes Annac on Heightened Life Podcast

  1. Hi WES, My latest Editorial– for sharing- Billions of Lightworkers & Green Civil Services Needed

    Green Medicines and Organic local foods can heal 99.99% of bacterial and viral infections and heal many emotional and physical ailments too. Big Pharma drugs originated from natural substances.
    Follow the money (our Govt subsidies) that are tied to the vaccination farms tied to 400 worldwide biological weapon facilities tied to toxic , chemical, robotic, transhuman, nuclear & AI warfare systems that can be hijacked.

    Time for legislation for green civil service jobs for edible landscaping crews with all the natural healing herbs, mushrooms, hemp, cocoa leaves, poppy seeds, edible flowers, botanical essential oils, mushrooms, fungi and Native American medicines. Grow local fruits, nuts, berries, veggies along with hydroponic facilities at every church, school and revamp old buildings with healthy growing nutrients with biophotonic water systems incorporating light and sound healing energies that are good for both plants and workers. Beekeepers and various ecosystem restoration projects are also needed.

    Legislation for new age WPA for heart and soul community services with a good basic guaranteed income with single-payer with tiny homes or apartments for all will alleviate poverty and the plethora of stress-causing diseases. Alternative body, mind spirit lightworkers and multicultural arts can heal 99.99% of the mental health issues, abuse, human trafficking, overpopulation problems, drug wars, political divides and warring systems that are no longer needed on this planet. All humans have the same basic needs, same basic emotions and now we know that; whenever ANYONE is angry or upset, their answers are within them. Create community body, mind spirit multicultural healing arts centers open 24/7 for healing and to find connections for local to worldwide jobs that resonate with each person’s own Soul purpose that is ALWAYS divine, creative God-given gifts tied to 12 basic universal natural laws for all humans and tied to our true Pledge of Allegiance to the flag for freedom and justice for all.

    Whatever we focus our intentions, jobs, monies and mass media on , we help create more of.

    It is an unlimited universe that is asking humanity to focus intentions on cocreating evolving consciousness JOBS and Green Healing Infrastructure Projects for Mother EARTH:so that, all militarizes can stand down and go green with more international space stations and interstellar travel together too.

    Propaganda for Soul-utions based legislation needed!


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