Openhearted Rebellion Needs Your Help (September 2019 Appeal + Good News)

The time has again come to ask our readers to support the blog another month. This appeal is slightly different, however, because this time it’s a little more of an emergency.

Our last few monthly appeals were focused on raising money to pay bills so we could keep our internet and thus keep the blog going. This time, we’re asking for your help with a property tax payment that is due early October.

A property tax is a yearly payment that homeowners must pay to the state to keep from losing their homes. As I wrote earlier this month, if a homeowner is unable to pay the full bill, then their property is open to being purchased by someone else.

If a buyer is willing to take over the taxes that are due, they could buy the property and evict the homeowners.

Usually, our tax refund provides us enough to pay the full property tax bill. But the bill has been getting higher every year, and unfortunately, we only had enough to pay a portion of it.

The rest of it is due in two separate payments at the end of this year – the first being on October 10th, and the second in December.  The October bill is $260, and we have a little over a week to come up with the money to pay it on time.

If for some reason we can’t pay both bills, then it wouldn’t be until next year or later that we’d have to worry about losing our home. We don’t want to take the risk regardless, and so we are again asking for your help.

I’ve been anticipating this bill for a while, but I didn’t want to mention it during last month’s appeal because we were focused on getting through that month.

I’ve spent September looking for a part-time job so I could make some extra money to pay this tax bill. I’m happy to report that on September 19th (9/19/19 for my fellow lovers of synchronicity), I started a cleaning job that will supply some of the extra income we’ve needed for a long time.

The hours are perfect, as they give me time to get back home and write/run the blog. If I can balance both jobs, and I’m confident I can, then you can expect more articles in the weeks and months ahead. Hopefully, in the not-to-distant future, you can expect fewer appeals as well.

The main reason I took a part-time job is that we need to pay this first tax bill asap. I also did it because you’ve all helped us countless times, and it doesn’t feel right to continue to depend on our readers to get us through emergencies like this.

It’s one thing to need a little help paying bills each month, and small blogs like mine rely on reader support to survive.

But a property tax is a much bigger deal.

If I can work for some extra money while I continue to write, then I can have some hard-earned money to contribute to these bills instead of putting it all on our readers every time.

In a few months, after the two bills are hopefully paid, I plan to keep the part-time job. My goal is to be as free as possible from the need to make any more appeals. Then, I can focus on making more content as I balance both jobs.

This would be my way of showing gratitude to everyone who’s helped us get through these past few years. Becoming financially independent enough to just write without having so many emergencies would take a lot of pressure off of me and the readers of this blog.

Some people think you should not help someone who appears uninterested in helping themselves (i.e., taking responsibility and fixing their problems). We appreciate all the help you’ve given us more than we could possibly express, and I don’t want to keep asking forever.

Even as we’re forced to ask for help yet again, I want you to know that I’m trying to help myself as opposed to, again, putting it all on our readers.

Writing is my passion, and it’s all I really want to do. Despite this, I have no problem working a side job. I can see when a situation – in this case, financial trouble – has gotten out of hand. At a certain point, I must address the problem and find a solution.

I’m prepared to work and grateful for the opportunity to write, even if a have a few less hours a day to do it. It will be worth the little bit of financial independence the part-time work will give me.

Unfortunately, my first check won’t be enough to cover the entire October property tax bill. Because of this, we’re asking for your help with what is hopefully our last big emergency.

If you can contribute via PayPal (contributions can be sent to, you’ll be supporting a blog built on a philosophy of love, creativity, and self-awareness – a blog I have big plans for.

We just need to get through another rough patch. Beyond that, I honestly think all will be well.

As always, thank you so much for the countless ways you’ve supported us. I never expected I’d be involved with such an incredibly compassionate community, and it is truly amazing to know all of you.

Thank you, and much love!

Wes Annac & Family =)

We are hoping for one-time contributions this time around so we can pay the tax bill on time. As I wrote above, we accept contributions via PayPal (; credit and debit are accepted).

For those who would rather contribute through a subscription than a one-time donation, you can subscribe to the blog below for $5, $8, or $11.11 a month. Your subscriptions help us keep the lights on.

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To subscribe means simply to support the blog with one contribution a month through PayPal (credit and debit are accepted). With the $11.11 subscription, you’ll receive the Weekly Awareness Guide – a document with an exclusive article and other segments sent to your inbox each week.

You can also purchase Enlightened Afterlife, an eBook about Spiritualism I wrote to give readers a way to support the blog while I share information about all these topics that fascinate me. You can purchase below via PayPal or head here to get it on Kindle.

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Lastly, you can support us via our Patreon page. Head here for information on how to join one of the support tiers. We haven’t had any supporters over there yet, but I’ll soon be lowering the price of the tiers to encourage more readers to sign up.


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