Thank You!!! (Openhearted Rebellion Update; Regarding the Next Appeal…)

There are no words to express our gratitude for your help getting us through August, which was another difficult month. It amazes me that there are people who appreciate this digital space enough to help keep it alive, and I plan to continue making content that will hopefully be worthy of your subscriptions and contributions.

I hope for there to come a time when I no longer need to make monthly appeals. But as long as it’s a necessity and there are readers willing to support our content, I’ll do what I must to keep Openhearted Rebellion going.

I will unfortunately need to write another appeal later this month – not for our usual bills, which we mostly have covered, but for two high property tax bills due in October and December. Our appeal later this month will focus on raising funds for the October bill.

I’ve been looking for a part-time job to earn as much as I can in anticipation of these bills’ due dates, but so far, I haven’t found any work. It doesn’t help that I’m without a dependable vehicle, which forces me to look only for jobs in walking distance.

For those who may not know, a property tax is a bill that homeowners pay to the state either once a year or in segments.

I’m not sure how it works in other countries, but here in the U.S., your state imposes a yearly tax bill. The simple explanation is that if you can’t pay, your property is eventually opened to the public. Anyone who wants to assume responsibility for the unpaid taxes can buy it and force you out of your home.

For the last few years, we’ve been able to pay the bill. The problem is that the state of Illinois has been raising taxes every year, making it harder to scrounge up the funds to pay for a home and property I already own.

If I do find a part-time job, it will not mean Openhearted Rebellion is closing its doors. I’ll simply have to balance writing and blogging with working. It will be worth the trouble if we don’t lose our home.

I’ll get into this more in the appeal later this month, but I’m aware that depending on emergency requests for help to pay high bills and higher property taxes is unsustainable. It’s not the best choice for someone with a family to support.

I know part-time work could help us get out of this financial hole, and I trust that I can balance it with writing and blogging. Until I can find work close to home, however, I must ask for your help.

Again, I’ll get into all this in the September appeal in a couple weeks. I just wanted to explain the situation, let those concerned know that I am looking for work rather than relying solely on these appeals, and most importantly, thank all of you who have and continue to contribute.   

Thank you as always, and much love. =)

Wes Annac & Family

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Original August appeal:

I’m back from an unexpectedly long hiatus only to be forced to ask for support again this month to keep Openhearted Rebellion running. You may recall from my previous posts that I said I would need to make these appeals once a month to drum up the income we need.

The time has again come for me to ask anyone who enjoys this blog to donate or subscribe so I can continue to focus on building it.

My plans for the blog, which admittedly did not materialize this month due to the hiatus, include posting new, original articles on a consistent basis as well as featuring more work from contributing authors. I’ll also be working on side projects that include a possible reworking of the Karma Yoga Daily podcast.

More on that another time.

After my last appeal, we received just enough support to make it through another month. The contributions and new subscriptions not only let us stay above water, but once again showed me how many of you care about this space.

I live in an area with a lot of people who aren’t as open to the ideas discussed here. Sometimes, writing about it by myself can get lonely. I often forget there are so many others who believe in these ideas enough to support the growth of a digital space in which they can be freely expressed and expanded upon.

Since I wrote last month’s appeal, we gratefully received the support we needed but were also hit with some difficult setbacks. Unfortunately, for now, I have no option but to keep writing these appeals every month. The strain of trying to pay bills on a low income is too much, even though to me, the stress is worth it.

Since I was able to take some time this month to spend with family and recharge, I’m more than ready to get back to writing. Along with the side projects, I plan to churn out continuous articles to assure our readers that this blog is worth supporting.

Generally, the less I can stress about keeping the lights on, the more time and energy I can put into creating a body of work that will leave no doubt in our readers that supporting us is the right choice. I believe this blog can become much bigger and make a real difference in the world, but for now, it can’t survive without your help.

I’m willing to do the work. The rest is up to the Universe and any readers who can help. If the day comes when our readers can no longer help or no longer feel we are worthy of support, then I’ll accept it and retreat into the working world.

Until then, I’ll do whatever I can to keep Openhearted Rebellion afloat – even if it means coming to you every month in hopes that you can help. If you believe in this blog’s potential and don’t mind helping get it off the ground, please support us this month with a subscription or a one-time contribution.  

I say this every time, but any and all support will mean the world to us.   

How You Can Help

If you’re able to support us, there are a few ways you can do so.

One is by sending a donation/contribution to us directly via PayPal. My PayPal email is

Any amount will help right now.

If you want to support us on a consistent, long-term basis, you can subscribe to Openhearted Rebellion for $5, $8, or $11.11 a month. (Subscription options above)

To subscribe means simply to support the blog with one contribution a month through PayPal (credit and debit are accepted). With the $11.11 subscription, you’ll receive the Weekly Awareness Guide – a document with an exclusive article and other segments sent to your inbox each week.

You can also purchase Enlightened Afterlife, an eBook about Spiritualism I wrote to give readers a way to support the blog while I share information about all these topics that fascinate me. You can purchase below via PayPal or head here to get it on Kindle.


Lastly, you can support us via our Patreon page. Head here for information on how to join one of the support tiers. We haven’t had any supporters over there yet, but I’ll soon be lowering the price of the tiers to encourage more readers to sign up.

I look forward to a time when these appeals are unnecessary, but I can’t thank enough those of you who’ve supported us through the years. I have so much love for those of you who’ve been here through all the blog name changes, hiatuses, and lengthy posts detailing how much I was struggling.

I never knew compassion until I became a part of this community. If you can give once again, then I plan to give back in abundance.

Thanks, and much love.

Wes Annac & Family =)

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