(New) Openhearted Rebellion Needs Your Help

The goal of Openhearted Rebellion is to push into the mainstream the idea that love and kindness can change lives and the world as a whole. It also serves to introduce readers to basic forms of spirituality and accompanying philosophies, teachers, and practices.

On that blog, I publish articles written from the heart with an openness that hopefully lets readers feel like they’re in touch with a friend rather than reading someone’s work.

Along with this, I post articles and videos from other content creators that show how our current paradigm is out of control and show evidence of a new paradigm in progress.

This work is close to my heart; I believe in love as a profound force for good that could change the world if more people were open to it.

Although an outsider looking in might think I’m another lazy kid who doesn’t want to work, the reality is that I work very hard to spread these ideas and still often feel like it’s not enough.

My articles do not go out to millions of readers. I have a small yet loyal reader base that has continued to support me even when I thought I couldn’t keep going.

Despite the hardships that come with surviving as a creator with a small audience and low income in an age of internet censorship, I’m still here.

Along with living from the heart, I believe in pursuing a meaningful life spent doing what you love – especially if your passion can help others. In the past few years, pursuing this life has required enormous personal and financial sacrifice.

It hasn’t been all bad, as there have been times when we needed help and readers were able to give.

Just a few months ago, our readers helped us replace our old, leaky roof with a new one we desperately needed. This and other examples prove that we haven’t been left to struggle with no support.

In times of emergency, our readers have been there for us. Despite how much I loathe asking for help, my appeals have always been met with compassion and an appreciation for the blog as well as the writings published to it.

I’ve said this before, but your warmth and generosity have shown us that there are compassionate people who care. With all the hate and nastiness in the world, it means a lot to know there are so many goodhearted people out there.

Because of this, and because I’d generally rather focus on making content than asking for support, I’ve held off making any more appeals. The problem is that on a practical level, I can no longer afford not to ask.

Since at least the start of 2019, our financial situation has required that I make an appeal once a month. But I haven’t. Unfortunately, now I am again forced to ask for your help to keep Openhearted Rebellion running.

Also unfortunate is that if we want to survive, I’ll have to start doing this monthly.

Big alternative sites with millions of readers are being forced to ask for support due to increasing censorship. Imagine how difficult things have become for small blogs like mine.

A monthly appeal for reader support is something I wanted to avoid, but I have a family to think about and sacrifices I just can’t keep making.

We’ve been without a working vehicle for at least a year and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. This certainly isn’t the biggest problem one could have, but a vehicle is one of many things we’ve had to sacrifice.

My wife and I have taken side jobs from family for extra money, only to not be paid all of what we were owed and ghosted (ignored) when we asked when we would be paid the rest.

That has added to the financial troubles we already regularly experience. Usually, I try to take it all in stride knowing I’m doing something that (again, hopefully) is helping people.

When we don’t know if we can pay bills or afford essentials, however, then I can no longer be so free-spirited as to refrain from asking for help. The personal expense is too high.

Apart from my eBook and one article a week written for the Weekly Awareness Guide, I prefer not to put my content behind a paywall. We have ads on Openhearted Rebellion, but the scant ad revenue is not enough to sustain us.

Our only option is to turn to readers who love these writings and ask yet again if you can help us.

My ability to continue this work hinges on whether our readers can contribute. If you’re able to support us, there are a few ways you can do so.

One is by sending a donation/contribution to us directly via PayPal. My PayPal email is wesremal@yahooo.com.

Any amount will help right now.

If you want to support us on a consistent, long-term basis, you can subscribe to Openhearted Rebellion for $5, $8, or $11.11 a month.

$5 monthly subscription
$8 monthly subscription
$11.11 monthly subscription

To subscribe means simply to support the blog with one contribution a month through PayPal (credit and debit are accepted).

With the $11.11 subscription, you’ll receive the Weekly Awareness Guide – a document with an exclusive article and other segments sent to your inbox each week. We’re currently on issue #347.

You can also purchase Enlightened Afterlife, an eBook about Spiritualism I wrote to give readers a way to support the blog while I share information about all these topics that fascinate me.

You can purchase below via PayPal or head here to get it on Kindle.

Click to purchase for $7.99 via PayPal.

Lastly, you can support us via our Patreon page.

Head here for information on how to join one of the support tiers. We haven’t had any supporters over there yet, but I’ll soon be lowering the price of the tiers to encourage more readers to sign up.

It might sound corny, but I genuinely feel that this is what I’m meant to do. This work has allowed me to connect with so many amazing, like-minded souls, and it would kill me to have to give this all up.

It’s the last thing I want.

Excluding the past few years, I never knew what it was like to have a purpose I can passionately work toward every day. Now that I’ve experienced it, I never want to let it go.

Please support us if you’d like to continue seeing these articles and don’t mind feeding the family of another “starving writer”.

I love you all, and I can’t express enough gratitude for the help you’ve given us up to this point.

Wes Annac & Family 🙂

One thought on “(New) Openhearted Rebellion Needs Your Help

  1. Wes, being more than twice your age, I can tell you I completely understand and definitely know what you’re experiencing. Many, many of us have gone through or are going through this very situation, many different times and myriad ways. We’ve agreed to 3D conditions as part of this earth plane existence, including making the most of earning income in other ways than we’d hoped to. Although each journey is unique and your passion is evident, have you deeply meditated upon, without any personality ego involvement, what the message is for this chronic speedbump? I no longer buy into the thought system of struggling; if we truly are meant/blessed/fated to fulfill anything at all and we stay ‘in the flow’, it’s a smooth, easy, joyful, graceful unfoldment. Is it possible that you’re being redirected?


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