Request for Support: Help Keep Karma Yoga Daily Running

Hey everyone! The time has again come when we must request your support to help keep the blog running. I try not to make this appeal too often because I’d rather focus on creating things than asking for support. In that vein, I’ve been working on bringing more content to the blog in the form of researched articles, as well as a possible new eBook and a podcast I’ve been quietly putting together that I’ll share soon.

On a personal level, I’ve been working harder than ever to make all of this happen. I sincerely believe the Karma Yoga Daily blog can become much bigger than it currently is, and I can subsequently give a lot more. But writing and running a blog full-time comes with its share of financial hardship. Sometimes we hit a wall and are forced to ask if our readers can help.

In this case, one of our biggest expenses besides bills is a roof in need of replacement. If you’ve ever been in the same position, you’ll know that it’s not cheap. Although we would not expect solely for our readers to help us out of such a predicament, anything you can give will help ensure the future of the blog.

If you enjoy the blog and want to see more from us, there are a few ways you can support us. One is by subscribing to the Weekly Awareness Guide for $11.11 a month. The guide isn’t much in terms of content; just a few extra articles exclusively available to subscribers and compiled into a neat, readable format (sent via email). The purpose of the subscription is to support the blog, with the extra articles being a perk.

Another way you can support us is by checking out my first and (so far) only eBook: Enlightened Afterlife. I wrote it because I was fascinated with the religion known as Spiritualism and wanted to explore its history and philosophy with an open mind. I figured my friends in the spiritual community would be interested as well. Kindle owners can purchase the book here. Or, you can purchase it here and receive it via email.

Lastly, you can support us by donating via PayPal to Short of subscribing to the guide, this is the best and most direct way you can help.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who’s supported us through the years. We’re able to continue through your support alone, and we most certainly would not have come this far without it. By helping us, you are ensuring Karma Yoga Daily has a long, productive future.

Thanks, and much love.

Wes Annac & family =)

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