How Can We Make a Difference?

Help OthersBy Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

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What can I write that will make a difference? Who am I to think I’m capable of doing so?

I often wonder what apparently special traits I possess that would lead anyone to think I’m enlightened or even worthy of support. Don’t get me wrong; I love all the support. But despite it, I know I’m just a kid with a lot to learn who loves spirituality and likes to think about how we could do things better.

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Is it narcissistic to think I have something so good to offer that people will support it?

Some people think there are only two kinds of humans in the world: intelligent and unintelligent. Only the intelligent can move the world forward, because they’re naturally better. They have better minds, better genes, and they’re better at helping our species evolve. Since the rest of us pale in comparison, the best we can do is to work for the smart people.

I disagree. Some people are undeniably more intelligent than the rest of us; but I don’t think the issue is so black and white. There are many other factors to consider, such as who can push themselves to achieve things they ordinarily wouldn’t. Regardless of their intelligence, the undedicated will always fail. Regardless of their lack of intelligence, the dedicated will always succeed.

I’m not particularly intelligent nor a hard worker. I could work harder and do better. So, what do I have that could possibly help people?

I believe that each person – smart, unsmart, rich, poor, happy, depressed – carries in them a piece of this puzzle we call life. Whether we know it or not, this puzzle piece gives us each something positive to share with the world. We all have something helpful in us. Our job is to find and pursue it if we feel called to do so.

Some of us will and some of us won’t. Some will be content to work a 9-5 and provide for their family. Their focus will be on enjoying life while it lasts, not pursuing some complicated purpose. There’s nothing wrong with this, as life is too short not to spend doing exactly what you want.

Others will be called to devote their life to service. They won’t all be the greatest, smartest, or warmest, but they’ll have something to give. They might mess up and learn some rough lessons along the way, but if they work hard, make the right connections, and stay dedicated, they can hit the same success as those who inspired them.

This is why I do what I do. I’m inspired by those who succeeded before me and shared their financial and spiritual abundance with the needy.

Humans are fascinating. One of our greatest qualities is our ability to persevere, continuously innovate, and achieve the impossible. I believe everyone of every race, religion, and level of intelligence can do this, but it takes everything you have. This is one reason most people don’t try it.

Some are smarter, richer, more enlightened, had a better childhood, or have some other advantage. The rest of us – like our ancestors who persevered through harsh conditions and laid the foundation for the innovations we enjoy today – can succeed despite our flaws or rough circumstances.

Seeing flawed yet dedicated people succeed reassures me that I can do the same. Seeing that those same people elevated the consciousness of the masses convinces me we can all do this if we can accept that there will be obstacles.

I’m flawed, and sometimes my flaws prevent me from giving it my all. I often repeat that I’m not enlightened and discourage anyone from thinking I am, because if you do, I’ll disappoint you. I understand how the things I write about could make people think I’ve tapped into ideas that are unavailable to them, but it’s untrue. You could just as easily think up this stuff.

All I have is my perspective, a love for words, and passion for the things I write about. I’m not trying to prove anything, lead anyone, or be a messiah. I just want to make things and help people. Whatever happens beyond that is out of my hands.

If I’m loud enough, my piece of the puzzle can make a difference. Yours can too. Although we all draw from the same pool of ideas, I can express them in a unique way. I can communicate ideas my readers have but don’t know how to put into words. I can make you aware of a thought drifting along the edge of your subconscious that you can’t quite formulate. You can do the same for me.

To me, the real difference is between those who work to share their puzzle piece and those who prefer not to. Again, this is too simple of a way to look at it, and again, there’s nothing wrong with preferring not to share. But this is a much healthier way to look at the world than dividing people into rich/poor, smart/dumb, etc.

There will always be people who want to help, people who want to innovate, and people who just want to live comfortably. I’m not the smartest or most enlightened, but I want to help and I’m willing to do the work. That’s enough to inspire me to give this life of service a try.

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