Where I’ve Been

For those wondering where I’ve been or why I haven’t been writing articles and responding to emails, I’ve been struggling with a lot of things and my inspiration has been gone.
For various reasons, my plan to start writing daily articles has been continuously stalled.
When I do sit down to write, I find that I have nothing to say. Turmoil in my life has depleted my confidence and left me with nothing significant to share. But all that is (slowly) changing.
At the risk of sounding dramatic, I’ll say that I’m emerging out of one of the darkest and most difficult times in my young life so far. Struggle is a part of life, but my struggles have been intense and seemingly endless.

Now, I plan to use the turmoil as fuel to create a greater light than I ever had before. Future writings will reflect this.
My writings might take on a different flavor, as I now feel just as compelled to confront all the bad stuff in the world (and in myself) as I do to share the light. I will pour more of myself into these writings – my true self, not just the “light” or “spiritual” side – so I can give you the full picture and hopefully help you heal too.
I also have different categories of subjects I’ll be writing about, such as environment, music, paranormal topics, new age and “old-school” forms of spirituality, and much more.
Although I’ve been quiet lately, I sincerely hope you stick around to see where my writing goes from here. The key themes in my articles will always be growth, evolution, and the journey back into the light. But I’ve learned the hard way that we must confront the darkness if we want to get there.
Peace, love, and prosperity,
Wes Annac 🙂

2 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. That is awesome, this understanding is so important to share. Thank You.
    Going within and loving yourself so much that going into the dark spaces is not as frightening, because you realize it is you. When we choose to love all parts /aspects/of self then you can truly remember and clear. Violet flame and so much love to you. Thank you for sharing all of it.

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  2. Sounds like you could be talking about 19 million other people Wes, (I realize that number is ridiculously low). I would like to know who “isn’t” going through this in their own way and process/journey. A am seeing people becoming more universal if you will, .. less attached to details and dogmas and maintaining their positions and positionalities. Rather, … becoming bigger than that, and more universal. …

    Anyway, .. that’s what I’m seeing.


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