Thank You For Supporting the Blog

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped us at a time when we really needed it. Because of you, we can make end’s meet and keep the blog running.

I look forward to continuing to share (what I hope to be) insightful writings on society and the evolution of mind, body, and soul. Your support ensures I can do so and still pay the bills; a feat that’s not always easy to achieve.

Look out for more writings from me on the Openhearted Rebel blog, as I’ve committed to a more rigorous writing and posting schedule. I intend to post an article of my own every day, if not nearly every day, from here on out. Again, your support helps me survive while I do this.

I can’t thank all of you enough, and I intend to pay it back with articles I hope you’ll enjoy and learn something from.

In love and gratitude,

Wes Annac & Family

If you’d like to help support the blog, contributions can be sent via PayPal to Any and all support is appreciated.

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