Low on Funds – Please Help Keep Blog Going

Hey everyone, we’re low on funds this month and could really use some support to keep our bills paid and keep the Openhearted Rebel blog going.

If you enjoy the blog and want to help ensure we can keep running it, there are two ways you can do so: by donating, or by subscribing to the Weekly Awareness Guide for $11.11 a month (additional subscription options are available).

The Weekly Awareness Guide is a written document distributed weekly that’s focused on various aspects of society, spirituality, social/spiritual awakening, and more. I offer it for readers who want to support the blog and gain access to exclusive writings.

You can subscribe here:

$11.11 monthly subscription via credit, debit, or PayPal

You can learn more about the Weekly Awareness Guide here: https://openheartedrebel.com/9129-2/

You can donate here via PayPal (credit/debit are accepted if you have a PayPal account):

You can also donate by clicking the “donate” button on the left sidebar of the Openhearted Rebel blog. Or, you can send PayPal donations to this address: wesremal@yahoo.com

It’s never fun to ask for financial help, but the blog survives through your clicks, donations, and subscriptions. With help from our dedicated readers, we can continue to produce great content on the Openhearted Rebel blog while sharing relevant writings, videos, etc. from around the conscious community.

Thank you so much in advance for your help. We can’t do it without you.

Much love,

Wes 🙂

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