8 Interesting and Strange Unexplained Mysteries – Part 1/3 (Weekly Awareness Guide)

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

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Unexplained mysteries are fascinating; especially when they’re centered on the paranormal. It’s fun to think there could be more to the world than the monotonous existence we put up with and secretly hope contains something more meaningful. This is the reason I’m interested in spirituality and all manner of things science can’t explain.

Even I can admit, however, that the world of the paranormal can be ridiculous. Some paranormal topics you just can’t take seriously. If you’re going to discuss those topics, I recommend doing it in the most down-to-earth way you can.

Consider all possible explanations for the unexplained before you make up your mind. Be rational in your research and reasonably reserved with what you’re willing to believe. Otherwise, all this stuff could send your head soaring into the clouds and you might not come back down.

With that said, let’s get into these 8 fascinating unexplained mysteries.

  1. The mystery of the incessant humming noise

ThoughtCo reports that some British and southwestern United States citizens have been hearing a non-stop humming noise. Its source is unknown. Strangely, some in the affected areas can’t hear it at all, while those who can are reporting that it sounds “artificial”. (1)

This is nothing new.

In 1977, ThoughtCo reports, around 800 people wrote to a British newspaper complaining that they were severely agitated by the sound, which made them lose sleep, made them unable to study or read, and made their health worse. The “Taos Hum” as it’s known in the US (named after the town in which it’s heard, Taos, New Mexico) is so well-known that in 1993, Taos citizens joined together to find its source and stop it. They found no cause. One theory, however, is that a “military communication system used to contact submarines” is causing the hum. (1)

Despite the theories and attempts to stop it, the strange hum continues to aggravate and baffle U.S. and British citizens still searching for an answer.

  1. The mystery of the meteorite that made an entire village sick

Imagine a meteorite crashing near your city, town, or village. That would be interesting enough on its own, right? Now, imagine that the crash site starts to make people sick. It even affects people from out of town who come to investigate, turning an explainable (yet still incredible) meteorite into a mystery that remains unexplained.

This is what happened in Peru in 2007.

List Verse reports that on September 15, 2007, residents in the small town of Caracas, Southern Peru noticed a fireball in the sky before hearing an explosion. It was, of course, a meteorite. The interesting thing is that boiling water and steam soon emerged from the crater formed by the meteorite’s impact as a “strange smell” filled the area. Soon, over 200 villagers became ill. Sadly, the meteorite even killed some of the animals in the town. (2)

List Verse reports that police officers and government inspectors who arrived in the area to help also mysteriously fell ill and vomited. The problem was so bad that a state of emergency was declared. Theories soon arose. (2)

Some think it was a strange reaction from rocks and groundwater in the meteorite that contained arsenic and sulfur, List Verse reports. This could have caused a “chemical soup of rapidly forming volatile chemicals” that spread through the village. Some think that because of the elevation of the impact, the atmosphere could not provide protection. (2)

This theory is plausible, but ultimately, whatever the meteor brought with it that caused such intense sickness will remain unknown.

  1. The mystery of the “ball of light” that passed through a Russian airplane

Here’s a strange story that comes from Russia.

ThoughtCo reports that according to a Russian news release, in 1984, a ball of light that was about “4 inches in diameter” entered a Russian plane. After entering, it flew above the passengers’ heads. When it reached the plane’s tail section, it divided into two glowing balls before joining back together and exiting the plane, making nearly no noise. (1)

It turns out this is a real thing that only happens occasionally.

Science cannot currently explain this natural phenomenon, ThoughtCo reports, because it’s extremely rare and can’t really be studied. Although scientists have attempted to recreate the ball of light in a laboratory, the actual phenomenon has never been captured or observed in a scientific setting. (1)

ThoughtCo reports that when the light is seen, it apparently floats for a short time before fading or “exploding with a loud pop”. Witnesses have said the light seems to move intelligently: it follows wall or furniture patterns and even avoids obstacles. As we learned, it can also pass through solid objects; sometimes without leaving a mark. This wasn’t the case for the Russian plane, which the light left holes in, but some have reported it can pass through glass and walls with no sign it ever touched them. (1)

If you ever think we live in a normal, mundane world, try to remember stuff like this.

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