Cannabis: Mental, Physical and Spiritual Benefits – Part 3/4


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

(Continued from part 2)

The heart even benefits when marijuana is ingested.

It swells through ‘capillary enhancement’, allows for increased oxygen in the blood and can even pump blood more sufficiently. This may be responsible for the increased heart rate experienced by many users, and it turns out that this can actually be helpful for the heart.

Tension fades when the body is able to be calm, which contributes to the euphoric state and the feelings of wellbeing that fascinate so many users.

As the body learns to live in harmony with the plant, the physical senses are even enhanced.

However, there are other ways to experience this sensory enhancement – exercise, meditation, prayer, fasting, etc. I’d encourage any cannabis user to make time for some of these activities, because they too are good for you.

Despite all of its benefits, many of which are still undiscovered, cannabis is not a cure for all of our problems.

For many users, it provides a spiritual vacation; a retreat from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pain as well as a reminder of how the next stage of existence will feel. This brings us to the next aspect of this discussion: marijuana’s spiritual benefits.

I’ve written about some of them in the past, but Benefits of Marijuana lists many, many more.

As you may know, marijuana has been used throughout history to enhance meditation.

Meditation is perceived by many as the ‘ultimate’ tool for introspection and unity with God. Some would argue that cannabis and stronger psychedelics surpass meditation and were put here to help us expand our consciousness more directly, but the latter is still a great way to connect with the spirit on a shallower level.

Cannabis will help you go deeper when paired with meditation, and even though it isn’t as powerful as psilocybin mushrooms or other natural psychedelics, it’s still transformative.

It connects you with yourself and introduces you to a more vibrant state of awareness in a way that pharmaceutical drugs can’t, because they aren’t meant to help you awaken.

They’re meant to stimulate (and in some cases, intoxicate) the mind while keeping you in line with a dysfunctional society ruled by maniacs in suits, and one of many reasons the establishment is against cannabis is because it’s a highly preferable alternative that has the opposite effect of Big Pharma’s drugs.

It doesn’t just relax you and help you get out of a negative or depressed frame of mind; it liberates you from intellectual and spiritual ignorance. The ‘elite’ don’t want people to be aware or willing to call them out on their lies, which is why they pacify us with chemicals that are a far cry from what nature intends us to use.

Everything most people do is rooted in habits and ways of being forced onto them by society, and these ways are imbedded in their subconscious, subtly ruling their lives. They follow these subconscious guidelines without even realizing their life is being programmed, and religion doesn’t offer the liberation they need.

In fact, religion enforces the programming and, unsurprisingly, most religions discourage cannabis use.

They discourage it because it makes us aware of the conditioning they’re partially responsible for, and the moment we become aware of how our thoughts and actions are being controlled, we can step outside the matrix and live uniquely.

This is exactly what cannabis helps people do.

It opens them up to a temporarily heightened state of awareness and introspection wherein they realize how many of the things they do come from a place of conditioning rather than individuality or freedom of choice, and then, they’re inspired to liberate themselves and spread the word.

They become aware of the power of the subconscious and the fact that it dictates much of their life, and many of them rebel against a society that thrives from their ignorance and mental/spiritual oppression.

(Continued in part 4 tomorrow)

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice.

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