This Blog Will Soon Be Shut Down; Come See Me at My New Blog!

Hey everyone! I’m working on making a new personal blog and I wanted to let you all know that the content on this blog will be moving over to it when it’s complete.

I’ve had this personal blog for a long time, but I’m ready to move to something new that, hopefully, will be even more inspiring and help you in greater ways.

I look forward to seeing you over at my new personal blog, Openhearted Rebel, and if you visit right now, keep in mind that it’s a work in progress.

Much love, and thanks for being a part of this journey with me.

Wes Annac

3 thoughts on “This Blog Will Soon Be Shut Down; Come See Me at My New Blog!

  1. I like the term spiritual rebel, for it suggest a lack of barricades and a potential trailblazing on the path of consciousness. I’m not sure about cannabis applied as a consciousness altering medium, on a daily basis. For the physical body and the human nervous system, it’s hard work to leave the body during a high and to return into the body finding a low, urging one to enter the high as soon as possible, again. The nervous system becomes frail, causing grumpiness and tiredness, instability of a general mood, a being at ease with oneself. It often leads to delusional states of awareness, for making chocolate of a world “in smoke curtains” and the world of mirrors: our 3D existence, is hard to do. The twain shall never meet, I believe.


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